Shouldn’t Have: Opened Up to The Wrong Persons

August 1st, 2016

Because every and any person can always be a jerk.

And that’s actually matter when they can always hurt you when you have opened up to them. Because you ‘thought’ they are on your side. But they are not, probably never were. When you realize this, it’s been too late.

It was a freaking cycle. You are hurt, you run away, stay back as much as you can, then you will find another one, trust them again, getting hurt again. Maybe you know the reason why. You just consciously forget that. For your own sake, so you (hope) wont get hurt again. Continue reading

[April 4th] Close, Closer



Menahan diri adalah salah satu keahlian seorang Lee Hyukjae.

Hyukjae menggigit bibir bawahnya sebelum mendengar lawan bicaranya mengakhiri percakapan mereka. Suara di ujung telepon sudah digantikan oleh nada yang monoton. Ia tak sempat mengatakan apa pun. Lagi-lagi, selalu begitu. Bibirnya terasa kelu akibat menahan sesuatu yang sudah berada di pangkal tenggorokan. Ia meletakkan kembali gagang telepon berwarna hitam ke tempatnya. Continue reading

She is There–Will Always be


Ia pernah tertawa. Ia tak jarang menangis. Ia sesekali marah. Ia sering bahagia. Layaknya sebuah lingkaran, semuanya berulang. Ia selalu melewati masa-masa yang sama bersamanya. Semua jenis perasaan, serumit apa pun itu, pernah ia rasakan bersamanya.

Berdua, mereka saling memberikan senyum. Berdua, kadang saling meluapkan amarah. Berdua, mereka merasa bahagia. Dan berdua, mereka tak terkalahkan. Continue reading

[!] Help, Help~

July 31, 2015

It’s an unusual feeling. Whether you like him, you dislike him, or even you enjoy his company, it doesn’t matter.

It’s so weird, rare thing. Whether you like her, you dislike her, or even you’re jealous at every man around her, it really doesn’t matter.

In the end, you can’t ask him…

You will never ask her, anyway…

His well-being is important so you don’t want to screw it off.

Her feeling is your priority so you can’t make her confuse.

Til very end, they still can’t ask something that probably has the answer they are afraid to hear. Continue reading