Shouldn’t Have: Opened Up to The Wrong Persons

August 1st, 2016

Because every and any person can always be a jerk.

And that’s actually matter when they can always hurt you when you have opened up to them. Because you ‘thought’ they are on your side. But they are not, probably never were. When you realize this, it’s been too late.

It was a freaking cycle. You are hurt, you run away, stay back as much as you can, then you will find another one, trust them again, getting hurt again. Maybe you know the reason why. You just consciously forget that. For your own sake, so you (hope) wont get hurt again.

You love-hate your family, yes. But you hate it most when SOME CERTAIN PEOPLE talk bad about your family. Who they think they are? Some fucking saints? Pffft… yeah right.

What right they have to look down at your family when it was them who couldn’t even put efforts, like at all?

Your family is not perfect, you are perfectly aware of that. You hate them sometime. With passion, mind you. But you will never let anyone else, let alone your so-called friends, talk bad about your family.

And no, you also wont let them make jokes about your family. Who would, right?

It was a pure intention at first, a good one, really. But in the end you can’t help but regret your decision. You were thinking how wonderful it would be if you make your family meet the people who are close to you. Well, you are stupid then. What’s new, right? You have always been stupid, Stupid!

It’s probably your biggest regret in your life.

Because you had seen how happy your parents were. And they, those people, will never understand, wont they? Because all they saw was everything but that. Pathetic, really. That’s how everything became so painful for you. Your pride is being looked down.

As much as you despise your brother, you are always proud of him.

As much as you have self-esteem about how people are going to compare you to your mother, she is your world.

Your family is everything for you; your pride, your happiness.

This is why you shouldn’t have opened up your heart to others easily. You will get hurt. Learn your lesson, shall you?

Stop getting hurt, you’re not a freaking super-hero. You can’t always heal your wounds everytime you’re hurt. Stop caring for anyone else and pretending that everything’s okay because it’s not. Don’t being hurt again…

It would be nice if some people have gratitude toward others, don’t you think? But no, some people just do not have it. How excellent! ^^


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