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 It’s about the wedding. It’s about the conflict right before the event itself. It’s about one and another. Eventually it’s just about the choice.

Should it be fixed? Or should it be a reason to give up?

In the end, the question will be;

How’d we fix it? Or how’d we feel when we lose each other?

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I Really Need Ur Help~


B.A.P is nominated in MTV EMA for worldwide act final phase, I’m wondering if you guys can bookmark this page and vote whenever you have time. It’s really important for us (okay I just lied, it’s important for ME. ^^;;) Their happiness are like my own, so perhaps even if you don’t like or don’t care about B.A.P, can you considerate me at least? *i’m asking too much. yea? sorry, can’t help it. Hihihi*

This is what you have to do:

Go to page (bookmark it too, if you don’t mind)


Then you will see:


That means you’ve voted, so you can press ‘esc’ on your keyboard then vote again, and again. We only have like 10 days before its closed. Please help me~ pleeeeaseee… /.\

I don’t know but I’m sure you guys will lend your hand *or fingers* since we’re K-pop fans fellow. I’m really thankful if you could spend your five, no one minute for voting. ^^



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You said, “Don’t go, don’t stay either…”

You don’t hate me, you love me. You really do.

But if you were me, what’d you do?

Will you stay, or will you go instead?

Pernikahan. Perpaduan dua keluarga besar menjadi satu. Choi Jiyoo memikirkan banyak cara yang mungkin dapat ia gunakan untuk melakukan perpaduan itu. Selama empat tahun, ia terus membayangkan usaha yang tepat untuk menggabungkan keluarganya dan keluarga Lee Hyukjae. Ia bukannya tak mendapat restu –atau izin dari keluarganya ataupun keluarga Hyukjae- sama sekali tak seperti itu. Orang tuanya menyukai Hyukjae, terlalu menyukainya –nah, itu kasus yang berbeda. Calon mertuanya, orang tua Hyukjae, juga menerima Jiyoo. Bukan masalah restu yang dipusingkan oleh gadis 22 tahun itu. Read the rest of this entry

Jelang Rekaman ‘MTV Sessions’, B.A.P Bicara Soal Musik, Kebiasaan Member & Indonesia


[140814] Blablabla…


She wants to go home, she needs to. But what if nobody’s in home? What if nobody’s welcoming her?

And she needs to cry. The loud one, the most painful one. But what if she didn’t know how to do so? What if she doesn’t have tears anymore yet her head’s still gonna be exploded?

She wants to be heard, too. Not just by anyone. She wants to be heard by people, few people whom she relies a lot. But what if she gets no one? No one wants to hear, no one puts effort to even care.

She barely does anything. Not even one thing from that list. She’s just too stupid as let herself suffer alone.

She is me.

And no, I’m not asking for attention. I do not expect anything from this entry. Ignore it, careless about it. The only thing I can do is write. The only thing I really wanna do right now is write.

I’m not gonna lie, too. I have no one. I’ve been rejected.

Is it, really, not easy to just ask ‘Are you okay?’ ‘What happened there?’ or maybe say ‘You’ll be doing well. You’re always doing good.’

She’s alone, but she’s more alone than she’s ever been. She’s lonely, too. She’s always weak eventho she always likes a tough cheerful character in movies.

She needs someone, but she’s not needed.

I am not needed.

[260614] Always You…


Idk why I make this entry lol


I’m sorry for stop caring, staring and watching you. I’m sorry for not knowing anything about you, too. Dari semua hari dalam setaun, kenapa mesti hari ini? Kenapa mesti malem ini~? W-why? Eventho Yoon is not even real, she’s still my precious little princess, so why must today?

Eventually, I’m very happy today. I smile a lot. Idk its perhaps nothing to do with Yoon’s birthday tho. I’m just truly relieved because today was so special, at least for me. But then… YOU! Yes, you, my precious one!

I think every little thing, every single piece of joy that I cherised past days are slowly coming to me… and turning into you. Seriously. Really. How to avoid you today? I have no idea!

This is really the climax tho. It hasnt even been a year yet. I didnt want to make this, but really… really… how to avoid you?! I’ve tried, always try and still trying. I’m not even making it obvious. Read the rest of this entry

Tell Me~


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Hi! Holaaa… \o/ *omg its so nice for being here again T^T sobs*

Just mau sekedar bertanya, ada yang punya tema/konsep/gambaran soal cerita? Anything boleh, apa aja yang jadi inspirasi tapi gak bisa dituangkan jadi cerita. I’ll write for you! Seriously. Saya lagi butuh ide fresh, gak mesti JiHyuk, pake tokoh yang kalian pikirin juga gak papa. Bebaaaaass! Merdeka! Read the rest of this entry