Hi, You!


Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb~ Hi, hello, hola!

This is the new page for my introduction, so if you visit this page maybe you can say hello to me. \o/

Well, my name is… Arselia, but you can call me Shela. This blog will be contained by my story, anything I wanna tell the world, anything which I enjoy enough to be shared in here. As you know, I’m a fangirl but I’m also just an another girl. I have problem with my rollercoster-like mood, so… please bear with it. Lol.

I’m currently in Malang, traveling in this jungle-like college life and hopefully I can change my whereabouts very soon. /.\ Eh and I’m from Pamekasan, Madura btw. If you wanna find it please look for East Java, you’ll see an island called Madura Island. My hometown is an island, so you also can find many beaches and ofc SEAFOOD! OMG I love seafood!!

Oh! Anyway, I’m studying about Food Science and Technology (Food Biotechnology). If you wonder whether it’s hard, well… you’re right. Lol. It’s hard but I’m still working on it so lets hope I’m doing well.


And about my fangirling stuff… I’ve been on it since 2009 (probably). I began like Super Junior in 2009 eventho I’ve known them since 2008. I like Eunhyuk or Lee Hyukjae or Spencer Lee. My life had been about Super Junior and general KPop for 3 years or more when I’ve known B.A.P in 2012. I’ve never known I’ll be able to like another group but SJ tho, but it happened anyway. Lol.









>>Um… I like Daehyun or Jung Daehyun in B.A.P but honestly my feeling is equal for each member. And since I’ve been in this KPop thing a long time ago, B.A.P is just like… what could I say? like my children? Lol. I love them. I love watching them growing up in every aspect; musicality, personality, habit. It’s just really like watching your own children.


For Hyukjae… Idk… I’ve faced many things, lot of events with him. I also experienced every-first-thing I’ve never felt nor done before, so he’s like my vague partner of life. He’s special (enuff said).

And I also like some girlgroup. Apink, f(x). I enjoy some K-Indie bands, too. I like a lot of things in KPop (should I say South Korean?) but I don’t really think so, because DAMN I LOVE INDONESIA. \o/

So, this is it! This is me, there are you. Each of us is special for some people, so be yourself and always proud! ❤

You can find me on Twitter (@DeathBerry28) or FB Shela Harjono (I have IG account but I’m not really into photography or selca or anything. I made account to follow B.A.P members anyway. Lol). And perhaps you wanna chat me on Line, my ID is DeathBerry28. ^^

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.


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