[131115] Stop and Take a Breath


“If I don’t give up on one thing, I can keep going and it will never end.”

I love-yet-hate that quote. It taught me to be more passionate toward something I working on. It taught me to still survive and try. I’d done that, I’ve tried (I really do) but then it’s just like that. Somehow the thing is not going to work no matter how much you put effort onto it.

Perhaps it’s the timing? Perhaps I’m still not good enough? Perhaps… I don’t know, everything seemed too dark for me to understand.

Living with idealism has never been easy. You take one certain wise quote and keep holding onto that so you can remember you only need to live in your quote and everything becomes alright. I believe -believed- that, back then. But no, I forget some important things; that I need to learn how to let go, to understand that life isn’t there to be my wishes-come-true field, to know that I really need to look back and realize my own incompetent self.

The one and really important thing is: I should know when to stop.

Not giving up on something needs to be followed by the right timing to stop.

Stop and take a breath.

Stop for your own sanity sake.

Take a breath for reminding yourself that life still goes on and on.

So, whatever you’re working on right now, put your best effort onto it! Effort still wont betray, but the right timing is still there to give you the right result. Cheer up!! (for me, for all of you too!)


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