[131015] Unavoidable Day

I… seriously don’t know what should I write here. Few days before, many things happened; mostly bad things, some good things. However, in the end those all just went by.

And when today comes, it’ll pass just like another ordinary day. Except, it’s not an ordinary day for some people. Honestly, I don’t know how to greet this day; in fact, I don’t even want this day to come. I have so many unanswered questions today. How could I answer them, from where I should start, and how to be not affected by them… I honestly don’t know.

original (3)

My feelings… um… it’s blurry, gray, undefined well.

I should send you with a smile as reminding myself that you’ll be alright by your own.

I should watch your back til very last moment so I can remember how you looked like.

I should… make sure you will serve well, healthy and happy.

Those thinking-train honestly has haunted so much. I’d love to try them since they are probably the last things I could do for you. One thing I really want is keeping your well-being and happiness more than anything. Who cares what I would feel, it’s you who really matter.

So, serve well, Active-soldier Lee Hyukjae!! See you again! I’ll live well, so it’d be nice if you will too.


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