Rage of Me a.k.a so-called ‘Supportive’ Fan(s)

Sunday || March 29, 2015

Current Mood: Full of anger and bored

Before you just continue to read this long essay (?), I’d like to warn you that it will be full of curse and offensive words so bear with it or leave. Thanks. ^^

As a fan of some groups, I’m wondering what kind of support I could give to them. And the easiest answer is buy their merch (i.e. album). What’s wrong with that? Sure I understand the concept of hak-orang-sih-mau-beli-ato-gak, it’s just my way to show my support. Except you’d done something else that as supportive or even more than what I did, you free to talk. BUT you do not, so you can take a seat and shut up.

Honestly I feel so offended by some certain people who asked me, “Why you don’t go to their concert? You’re a supportive fan after all..” Hm, firstly that’s none of your business? So you can gtfo from that argument. Yes, I bought some albums of groups I love and what I wanna do next is still none of your business, you don’t have any right to ask me with your bitter ‘supportive fan‘ words.

I haven’t went to Super Junior Super Show nor B.A.P Live on Earth but how does it make me less-supportive?

I wanted to go, I repeat wanted, so that’s not my priority right now and you still do not have any right to put me down like that. Yet you likely love to bring this supportive term right on my face. Sure. In fact, I really wanna ask what have you done to Big Bang, Beast or Exo as your supportive way toward them? At least I have my albums here. And as far as I know, you don’t even download their songs on iTunes, do you?

And lemme start with your anger toward Sungmin. You’re not a fan of Super Junior but you do love Kyumin. I see… So your so called disappointment at him make you can freely curse him and his wife, right?

I said, “Gak usahlah sok ngerasa paling tersakiti cuma gara-gara Sungmin gak pro-fans. Plus, jangan sekali-sekali mengatasnamakan Super Junior di tiap usahamu jatohin Sungmin. You aren’t thinking them as a whole team anyway. So why would your anger really matters this moment?”

Basically what I’m saying is Sungmin doesn’t have any debt that he must pay you back. Stop. He can do whatever he wants, but so do you. Stop playing victim.

Friendly reminder, you don’t even download SJ songs on iTunes anyway.

Please don’t start with ‘It’s because your bias is Hyukjae’ argument because *sigh* I’m tired. Even if I’m another member’s fan, it still doesn’t change my opinion how cruel you and your fellow shipper toward Sungmin. What angered me more is the fact that you’re not even his true fan. You’re exist because of Kyumin. Nothing more.

I have no problem at your favorite gay-thingy, I simply don’t care. But don’t ever think you can put me down by say some sarcastic words “Why don’t you______ You’re their supportive fan after all.”

I see you’re kinda offended when I said I’m buying their albums because that’s the way I can show my support, then you just suddenly upset and admit that you’d never ever bought any merch of them. Why, you already know that you don’t have any right to feel betrayed except for your one and only shipping soul, yes?

And honestly I don’t even understand how all of these can be related to each other. Pffft. But you did it anyway.

The one that make me feel so proud is at least I gave my money to Oppar while you just complain at everything they’d done or even feel so unfair when Oppar *accidentally* hurt and/or disappoint you. You are just an average person for Oppar, so am I. Yet your problem is…what? Betrayed? But because of what? You didn’t even give him anything to-be-called-your-support, so in my personal opinion you can’t claim that he had betrayed you. I fully understand give my money to Oppar does not make me suddenly in a whole different level than you, but still, that’s nothing to do with you (where and to whom I spent my money), I believe?

So shut up, calm yourself and please just continue your so called support in your own way.

This is it! I’ve been wanting to write this couple month ago, but I’m afraid it’ll bring many people take my words differently. But I’m so done with this matter, so I’ll just put it here. ^^

Thanks. 😀

p.s. I’m not generalizing all of Kyumin shipper nor any fan of group(s) mentioned above.


6 thoughts on “Rage of Me a.k.a so-called ‘Supportive’ Fan(s)

    • keyakinan apa? bahwa oppar mereka gay? *geli*
      ato keyakinan bahwa mereka nyadar mereka gak cukup supportive tapi tetep demen nyinyirin oppar or fans lain? *sama-sama bener sih hahaha*

      • entahlah unn yg pasti bisa dibilang itu masih dalam tahap ababis(L) kan *ups , percaya bnget ama yg istilahnya apa sekarang cowok sixp***k nyarinya yg kek gitu juga halllaaaaaa gg habis mikir aq *hahhaahaha sok kurang kerjaan nih* biarkan aja yg kebanyakan menyandang filosofi kek gituan gg tau juga bentuk supportx mereka kek gimn gtuuuu, mungkin yakin aja bahwa dngn bgtu mereka adalh fan yg sesungghx juga 🙂

      • waduh agak gak paham deh sama ketikan kamu -.-
        and no, agak gak setuju sama “mungkin yakin aja bahwa dngn bgtu mereka adalh fan yg sesungghx juga” mungkin saya juga bukan orang yang bisa mendefinisikan spt apa sih fan yang sesungguhnya, tapi kalo yang namanya memuja (?) sesuatu yg jelas2 menyalahi aturan *mau itu agama ato norma sosial* tetep aja itu salah. menurut saya. ._.

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