I Choose…


Cuma sekedar kepingan gagasan pagi buta (it’s 3AM btw), have you ever wondered how amazing it is when someone’s words can affect you instantly? Like you believe whatever he/she said, it’s unexpectedly giving you faith. Kita percaya bukan karena kata-kata orang itu bener, tapi karena kita yang memilih buat percaya sama kata-katanya.

And that’s when you know that person is just… important to you.

He said, “Everything’s gonna be alright…” and actually I went ‘How’d you say that? It’s not alright! Not at all.’ But I believed him. I’ve chosen to. In fact, it’s so much easier if I believed him (gak baik buat terlalu khawatir atau overthinking segala hal, terutama hal yang kamu tau gak bakal baik-baik aja), sometime it’s just easier to tell yourself that everything’s okay and will be okay.

What kind of power that he has?

He always has that power after all. He knows what he’s doing, what he wants to do and all of its risks. Maybe he already knows how to handle the risks, maybe he doesn’t–But he’s just ready to figure it out. It’s how he is… in my eyes. If something isn’t gonna work out, he’ll find a way to make it works. If what he’s been doing nearly failed, he’s just gonna… fix it, he would try again til it works.

It’s actually pretty funny… how his words are like a magic words, a spell that can change people around him. In this case, especially to me. With his ‘Everything’s gonna be alright’ I was like… yeah, everything’s gonna be alright. I feel safe and actually gain some faith to stand still only by his words; that everything is really, really gonna be alright.

And I suddenly remember why I always feel that way.

He never fails me. Ever. So I just let myself believe him again and again. Because when I do so, somehow I feel stronger and realize that I’m not alone. I wonder if he also thinks like the way I do. I wonder if perhaps he’s not sure about everything (it’s not like he always knows what’s gonna happen tho). I wonder if perhaps in fact he just comforts himself with his words, hopes that people around him agree with him, stand by him and never let him being alone. Because I know one thing for sure, eventho everything’s not okay I’m not gonna down since I’m not alone.

Together in believe something… probably that’s what necessary, what we need.

And I choose to let myself affected by anything you said. So you’re not gonna be alone. As I said, it’s so much easier after all. 🙂


3 thoughts on “I Choose…

  1. shela mungkin berharap rena ngga nongol di sini hahaha tapi rena sudah kepalang baca dan pengen komen. entah mau komen apa hahahaa

    I do have one, shel~ and It’s her haha
    mata aku kebuka (?) setelah baca ini, apa yang kamu tulis, bener banget heuheu
    seperti biasa aku suka banget gaya tulisan kamu~~ <33

    • Bukan berharap gak nongol sih, tepatnya gak nyangka bakal nongol disini. Kirain cuma mau say hi via fb HAHAHAHAHA
      Its her…? whooo? Hihihi I do hv one too irl. :’)

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