I Really Need Ur Help~

B.A.P is nominated in MTV EMA for worldwide act final phase, I’m wondering if you guys can bookmark this page and vote whenever you have time. It’s really important for us (okay I just lied, it’s important for ME. ^^;;) Their happiness are like my own, so perhaps even if you don’t like or don’t care about B.A.P, can you considerate me at least? *i’m asking too much. yea? sorry, can’t help it. Hihihi*

This is what you have to do:

Go to page http://kr.mtvema.com/vote?category#cat=worldwide-act (bookmark it too, if you don’t mind)


Then you will see:


That means you’ve voted, so you can press ‘esc’ on your keyboard then vote again, and again. We only have like 10 days before its closed. Please help me~ pleeeeaseee… /.\

I don’t know but I’m sure you guys will lend your hand *or fingers* since we’re K-pop fans fellow. I’m really thankful if you could spend your five, no one minute for voting. ^^




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