[140814] Blablabla…

She wants to go home, she needs to. But what if nobody’s in home? What if nobody’s welcoming her?

And she needs to cry. The loud one, the most painful one. But what if she didn’t know how to do so? What if she doesn’t have tears anymore yet her head’s still gonna be exploded?

She wants to be heard, too. Not just by anyone. She wants to be heard by people, few people whom she relies a lot. But what if she gets no one? No one wants to hear, no one puts effort to even care.

She barely does anything. Not even one thing from that list. She’s just too stupid as let herself suffer alone.

She is me.

And no, I’m not asking for attention. I do not expect anything from this entry. Ignore it, careless about it. The only thing I can do is write. The only thing I really wanna do right now is write.

I’m not gonna lie, too. I have no one. I’ve been rejected.

Is it, really, not easy to just ask ‘Are you okay?’ ‘What happened there?’ or maybe say ‘You’ll be doing well. You’re always doing good.’

She’s alone, but she’s more alone than she’s ever been. She’s lonely, too. She’s always weak eventho she always likes a tough cheerful character in movies.

She needs someone, but she’s not needed.

I am not needed.


4 thoughts on “[140814] Blablabla…

  1. just want to tell you sth.. God made you for a purpose. He’s always be there for you everytime. cheer up, dear. God loves you

  2. just remember what taecyeon said in ‘Without you’ everything happens for reason. but I know how you feel tho, I’m in the same condition as you too, they all relies on me, but I’ve no one to rely on. btw aaaaa I miss you kaaaakkk

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