Two Best-Absolutely-Perfect Years!


Finally! Finally another year! \o/




1609659_582546415164192_291434950_nRemember all those old times and realized how much time fly and left me alone, watch those rabbits (?) grow up (still growing up and will always be).

Thank you for the past 2 year, babies! I’ll be here waiting your next story.

As the pic said ‘to be continued’ please keep going and keep growing because I AM watching you guys.

Another year(s) will come for sure, so lets growing up together! \o/

Cr: temtem992013; Almight3toki; Zelo Blossom; TS Ent.


16 thoughts on “Two Best-Absolutely-Perfect Years!

  1. aku nangisss gara-gara foto ke 4 Shela~~~ hahahahaaaahaha mereka udah dua tahun, aduh ngga tau aku harus bilang apa… aku susah mengungkapkan dengan kata-kataa ~ TT__TT

    • huhuhu… sama kok ren. Pas ts upload foto history itu aku jadi langsung melow. ;3;
      dua taun cepet ya ternyata.. ibarat bayi (?) *mereka emang bayi sih* dua taun itu suda bisa jalan dikit2, ngomong dikit2 aduh… jiwa ke-emak-an saya muncul. :”<

  2. iya.. aku inget pas Jamannya warrior, ini kayaknya lagu beraliran agak keras pertama yang rena bisa terima T_T iya banget shel~ jiwa emak2mu, kayaknya uda dari pertama b.a.p muncul haha

    • Masih inget banget dulu pertama liat warrior itu langsung nganga. ‘Gila ini grup amajing (?) beuds (??)’ Terus liat live performance-nya makin bikin teranu-anu (?)
      HAHAHAHA… saya memang emak2 sejati. xD

    • RENAAAA AKU TEREAK TAU NONTON ITU.. Yongguknya bikin senyum2 gila. Tp awkwardnya itu loh gemeeees. ><
      Terus yg youngjae tereak2 gak jelas, himchan kaya orang patah hati. HAHAHADUHCAPEK…

  3. iya gak kuat liatnya aduh~~~ akusenyum-senyum sendiri u.u iya ngga bagus banget actingnya yongguk ckck ituuu youngjae di belakangnya guling-guling HAHAHA harus gimana ckck himchan hahahahahaha pukupuk

    • aku liat itu kemaren di kantor, nahan ngakak banget. Huhuhuhu…
      Yongguk loh nyebelin banget aktingnya minta digampar pake cinta (?) Youngjae sama daehyun tereak2 gak jelas itu apa-apaan coba. =_= Terus himchannya kasian… HAHAHAHAHA

  4. finally main ke sini lagi ;-; setelah sekian lama, dan pas buka….jjan~~ isinya mostly bap :’D i know it’s late…very late to comment this post but…..AAAAA i’m still happy for their 2nd anniversary, and now i’m more more happier everytime i watch them on stage~~ and YES IT’S FULL ALBUM! i’ve been waiting for this full album like since no mercy era. and gosh…..every song in this album is very good to hear ;-;especially b.a.b.y i always smile everytime i hear that song my feels ;-; dan btw aaaaa kangen sama kak shela {}

    • HALOOOO~ HUHUHUHU.. kangen juga deh sama kamu. Kangen bangets~ ;;____;;
      YES AND YES AND YES… this album is perfect i mean b.a.p itself already perfect but really this album is really worth it. You can especially hear how much they work hard in every song, how they perfectly bravely try various music. ; – ;
      B.a.b.y is such a sweet song, desribing how their feeling about their fans im just…….T^T and :’>
      My fave (besides 1004) is with you (it really gives me strength tbh) and body&soul (the lyric ASDGAJSGHSJAGAJBADJA), and s.n.s (ITS PERFECT), and bangx2 (ROCKNROLLBABYYYYY) and…. well all. /.\ (im so done i hate b.a.p)

      • lol body and soul. my friend forbid me to buy the album because she says it’s rated! lol just because of body and soul, and when I read the lyrics I was like O.O. i can’t imagine if they sing it live………….yeah! bang2x is such a song for releasing stress

      • YES YES YES IT WAS ACTUALY RATED based on lyric alone. I mean first i was listening to it i was like ‘Waw the melody is nice, oh oh jongups high note, daehyuns screaming omg bye” but then i read the actual lyric i was like ‘WHY DID YOU LET JONGUP SING THAT PART!?’ and silently relieve it wasnt daehyun bcs IF it were him i think im so done wif my life bye bye byeee.. And i heard they will perform b&s in loe2014 tho, im curious~ xD
        Bang2x really really is my stress reliever! \o/

    • me too me too! at least daehyun doesnt sing the ‘rated’ part. lol. seriously? what will they do while perform body & soul? gosh….and doesn’t the writer know that our Junhong is still underage? our precious innocent junhong…..bcs of the lyrics everytime i listen to that song my mind is wandering wildly o.o

      • but daehyun’s screaming tho its enuff to make me faint bye
        idk but that song is my fave, too. And… well when yongguks whispering its so ASADGJAHJGFAFHVADAJDAVJD IM SO READY TO GO TO THE SPACEEEEEE

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