[Interview] 5 Leaders from the Year of Horse

I just take the Yongguk’s part since I’m not really into the other 4 fandom tho. ;;; Wanna take Hakyeon’s too, but… ^^;


Q1) When do you feel like “I’m someone from the year of the horse”?

Yongguk: “Hm… When I come back to the dorms after finishing practice or schedules, and look at my naked body after showering? Haha, truthfully my skin is a little dark and I have small muscles here and there, so I feel like my body is similar to that of a horse, haha.”

Q2) If you were to introduce yourself like “I’m different from other leaders because of this”, how would it be?

Yongguk: “I receive positive stimulation in thinking that there are many things to learn from people my age recently. I never thought of something to differentiate myself from other leaders. I thought that it’s something that shouldn’t be judged by one’s own self. In 2014, I want to go towards the world by trying my best in music with my style and how I want it to sound. Just like I have done till now. Rather than say it in words, I will make people feel ‘Bang Yongguk is different because of this’ through my actions. I’m already curious as to how I’ll be remembered in December of 2014.

Q3) “To feel that you’ve lived halfway through your twenties…”

Yongguk: “I feel like my feelings are always somewhat similar when I welcome the new year. Rather than something specific, I personally give myself the goals and responsibilities of needing to take one step farther to my dreams. Although it may be seen as something heavy, my good feelings are larger. Although I’ve lived halfway into my twenties, I also feel that I have much to go if I want to be a true adult. Haha! Rather than simply think of my age in 2014, I hope it will be remembered where I personally felt self-respect. I’m anticipating the ‘Bang Yongguk of 2014’.

Q4) “2013: Our Groups’ BEST vs WORST”

Yongguk: “Best: Finishing our first concert tour was a very meaningful step for us. If it was only me, then it would have been something that would have not been accomplished. While making stages that were just for B.A.P, we grew a step more. I gained a new dream of wanting to play our music to more nations and converse together with them as we pass through the walls of different cultures. I will never be able to forget my time during the world tour. vs Worst: I still haven’t been able to release many of the songs I’ve written. I was always together with music during 2013. I simply spent time fully divulged in music. My sincerity was fully poured into each and every song I made, and I also placed my thoughts into them. So I’m a bit sad that I wasn’t able to release it for others to listen to. I will promise to display more songs with completeness.

Q5) If you were to talk about how “Our group will be going forth like this in 2014”?

Yongguk: “A Bang Yongguk without B.A.P would not exist. This thought does not change even in this year as well. In 2014, I want to hold a world tour with a more upgraded B.A.P. In order for it to be a project with much meaning instead of a simple performance, we’re currently planning in various areas. We, B.A.P, wish to share a connection with people and cultures of various nations through a world tour. Through that, I also hope to grow as a Bang Yongguk who grasps onto larger thoughts, larger dreams, and a larger mindset.

trans. cr; akdongs @ tumblr | source cr; nate ; take out with full credits


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