My Music & B.A.P

love music***

I just found an interesting question:

For the music only, which group you like most?

If the question is: which group you stan, I guess I’ll go wif SJ, B.A.P, f(x) and Apink. The reason? Simple though. They have song(s) that make me cry either their performances make me shed tears. I’m easily touched tbh. HAHAHA…

*I will never say I’m attracted to their “personality” because I do not even know them personally so I don’t think I have some right to judge them by their personality. And not to mention I was really tired to judge idols from personality which it’s not 100% right and I was disappointed. .__.v

Personality of idols are sometime just about fanservice-y so I’m thinking all the idols are on the same personality level. We see wut we wanna see, we believe wut we wanna believe, too. And lets say all the tears on stage are the part of “personality”, well I don’t have anything against that since I’ve already stanned them. HAHA… (even so, yes, I was a bit disappointed sometime)

By the way, the question is about music though. From all the groups, not only the 4 I stan, I must say I love B.A.P music. Since the very beginning… since Warrior and Power. Their music, or should I say the lyric, are kinda like my support injection; giving motivation, make me nodding, smiling, crying and the lyrics sometime become my motto or some just a quote of life. And don’t forget the hip-hop, rap in their song(s). I love it like so much you can’t even imagine.

If I ever love some music/song from certain singers/groups/etc, I will just love it. Listening to it like waaaay every single day without getting tired of it.

And to be very very honest, I’m doing it with B.A.P songs. I’m listening to all of their songs. Every day every time I can in every trip I’ve done. Can you see my problem here? ;___;

If I talked about their personality… GODDAMN THEY’RE A GROUP WIF THE VERY LEAST FANSERVICE I’VE EVER KNOWN I HATE THEM *whispers no I can’t hate them I LOVE THEM!* Hahahaha… They all looked so shy (some of them not ofc for the sake of the group *SIDEEYEING Himchan-Daehyun-Youngjae*). And they were even rarely smiling in such an occasion. -..-

Then I was talking to ma self, WHY DO I EVEN LOVE THOSE MOODY-KIDS?

Because I’ve been falling in love wif their music, songs, music, and songs again. That’s explaining why I even stan them and didn’t get bored wif them I guess. And… sometime because of them, I didn’t anticipate any song from another groups. I mean I am following Kpop but then the groups came out wif typical Kpop song which I… don’t really like it.

B.A.P is kinda influencing my taste of music like SOOOO MUCH. If a song doesn’t have any meaning or sometime wif the rhythm that doesn’t catchy (at least for me), I will… definitely lose my interest. Its bad… since I used to like listening all the type of music in Kpop. HAHAHAHA…

But in the very first reason, I love their hard-core music. Such as Warrior, Power, No Mercy, One Shot and Badman (and all the hard-core songs in their  album(s), like… ALL! ;3;). And when they did Crash and Stop It, typical cute love song… well I was ended by love them too so I think I’M REALLY DONE WIF B.A.P!

For ballad, I know some people love ballad and will only like a group with a good ballad song, well… B.A.P can’t do ballad! Kidding. :p They have some ballad songs. And not to add that I love their ballad as well. Its perhaps a ballad wif some swag (?), it has rap actually, but I must say, THOSE ARE THE BALLADS THAT ONLY CAN BE DONE BY B.A.P. The lyric… sometime too meaningful, exceeding my expectation from Ballad B.A.P though. ;;___;;

And they are trying another genre. Jazz even jamming (like a house-club idk. xD). The important is… they mind to try. And again, its exceeding my expectation *wuts new? xD* Ha!

And BYG wrote the lyrics, maybe only for the rap but that’s why I found the rap lyric is so……….. wut should I say? Straight to the point and… sincere. I guess. Don’t mind me, its just my feeling though. xD

Again… the reason why I’m crazy for them is their music. Done. Bye.

No, no, I mean I like their albums, everything they released not because they are a certain group, not because their name. But simply just because I love listening their songs with never get tired or bored of it. And it’s the first time for me, to be honest.

I never listening SJ songs over and over every single day because I’m bored. Yes, I’m bored. Their music is not really my style (not to mention the lyric. Sometime it’s just pretty annoying for me, except some songs. My fave is Haru. ;3;). Don’t judge me you don’t even know me. :p

Same goes for f(x), the auto-tone is failed for me. Sowwy baby girls~

For Apink, I love their music, but definitely not the every-single-day-I-listening-to type I think. Still love them.

For another groups… well, I like Block B’s hip-hop but not really into it, the others… I don’t have any names in my playlist, so… ^^;

So… if you guys already found a group like B.A.P-for-me, CONGRATS! You will be listening to their song everytime every single day, like B.A.P’s song(s) in my playlist everytime I’m on a trip. It’s just like a habit I guess.

Look at this entry……………….. WHY SO LONG!? .___.

Okay, bye! xD

p.s.: B.A.P had had a lot of problems now, eh? Hmm… and, so wut? Problems happen, dude. xD Well… I just trust them and will never ever mind the negative side in their still-so-long-road here.

Because you know wut, I have some problems wif them too (COMPLICATED ONES!): like which one Himchan’s tumblr account is or why Daehyun loves food more than he loves me or are you sure Zelo isn’t coming from manga or why Youngjae gets hotter every single day *I’m gonna cry!* or can I have smiling habit like Jongup orwill Yongguk ever love me like he loves Tigger. I have my priorities guys, you will never understand! *SOBS* T^T

B.A.P said: “It’s too early for failure, you’re still young..” and “Challenge yourself, spread your small self out, just do it..” and my fave “Even if the world turns away from you, protect yourself, that’s the right attitude..

For my babies: “Turn your face to the rough world and clash and fight! Even if the high walls try to block you, jump over it all!” Hihihi~ ^-^9


10 thoughts on “My Music & B.A.P

  1. oh sama !! aku juga jarang. jarang banget dengerin lagu sujuu sampe beralbum album. emm and yes, karna bosen. paling ya baru beberapa lagu udah bosen, trus ganti lagi, lagu belum kelar, passeu ganti lagu lain -_- kamu suka lagu B.A.P ? aku sukanya lagu lagu anak BTOB hihi enak banget lagunya. aku suka dengerin album nya tanpa pass pass gitu~ kekeke

    • Btob juga lumayan suka sih lagunya, masih suka diputer tapi mirip apink, gak tiap hari. Hihihi…
      Tapi kalo dipikir sih rookie fave 2012 ya b.a.p sama btob, dua2nya keren. :”>
      Balik ke style musik, aku b.a.p. Hehehe…

  2. SETUJU BANGET KAK! Bahkan aku sampe nge quote lirik no mercy one shot unbreakable sama punch terus ditulis dinding. why? because it’s so motivating me! kok kita sama ya kak :/ jujur aku juga mulai udah bosen sm lagu sj, yg ga pernah bikin bosen cuma it’s you. kalo urusan fanservice menurut aku exo lebih maju, aku smp sedih pas kai nulis surat ke fans nyuruh fans nya buat lebih mentingin sekolah drpd mereka karena itu lebih penting. itu sedih banget 😥 dan masalah bap, i think it’s not their fault at all, i mean it’s their composer’s fault. why did he make song such excuse me? i mean yap, it’s a great song. but the lyrics….dan masalah mereka sm shinhwa juga ga ngerti lagi knp ts ngeluarin statement kayak gitu. but i still love bap especially that busan boy, kenapa kamu comeback ada ubannya ;-;

    • Bener kan.. Lagu-lagu mereka itu semacam jadi motivator banget. ;3; Yah emang sih jarang ada orang liat (ato denger? xD) lagu dari liriknya, tapi menurut aku pribadi, justru liriknya bikin lagu itu punya nilai plus. Buat lagu suju, yah pasti ada beberapa yang aku suka, tapi yang bikin bosen juga ada. Istilahnya, pasti ada saat dimana dengerin lagu mereka pake skip track tertentu.
      Sebenernya juga jarang aja ada idol macem b.a.p yang bener-bener pake message di lagunya karna mereka sadar mereka idola, mereka jadi panutan/ikon buat remaja yang musiknya didenger, jadi ya… agak… kagum. Dan baru kali ini liat idol jadi donatur tetap UNICEF, ngebiayain anak asuh di negeri nan jauh di sana (dua anak sepertinya), jadi itu… semacam nilai +++ (lagi)
      Aku malah suka lagu Excuse Me, bener-bener style b.a.p menurutku. Emangnya ada yang kesindir? Apa yang mesti disindirin? Gak bakal ada yang kesindir kalo gak ngerasa disindir, kan? Jadi… not a big deal lah. :3
      Terus plagiat itu… aku sudah denger dan belum bisa bilang itu plagiat sih. Entahlah. HAHAHAHA..

      • ohiya mereka juga donatur unicef!! iya padahal aku juga suka lagu excuse me, tp jadi banyak yang nganggep mereka sombong gitu jadinya. ditambah statement ts yang menurut aku wajar kalo fans lain kesel-_- aku belom denger lagu yang ‘katanya’ diplagiatin sih kak, jadi aku juga gabisa bilang itu plagiat wk. syudahlah yang penting terus dukung merekaa~~~

      • Yongguk doang sih yang donatur. .__.
        Satu2nya alasan dianggep sombong itu sebenernya cuma gara2 excuse me satu jenis sama hip-hop underground, tempat yongguk dulu. Kalo underground kan memang lirik2nya bener2 kuat, mau nyindir ya terang2an aja. Yang ngerasa kesindir aja yang gampang ge-er, fansnya terutama. Statement ts kurang cerdas, tapi itu juga bukan gara2 excuse me kan…

  3. Aku suka sama lagu buatan Lee Jonghyun-nya CN BLUE, eonni.
    Karena aku suka hujan, aku jadi suka sama love in the rain, teardrops in the rain, i will forget you juga..
    Aku juga sama senmua OST yg suamiku nyanyiin.. *tunjuk2 kyuhyun
    Ini bukan KKN ya, eon, tapi aku emang selalu ngerasa pas sama lagu-lagunya kyuhyun..
    Dan terakhir, aku juga suka lagu SJ. Gak semuanya, tapi dari setiap album pasti ada perwakilannya. Aku suka Good Person, Bittersweet, Thank You, She’s Gone, terus banyak lagi deh..
    Kalo B.A.P, aku suka Rain Sound sama Happy Birhtday-nya. Hehe..
    Begitulah curhatanku.. *dan saya pun kabur

    • SAMAAA! Jonghyun kalo bikin lagu liriknya suka ngena.. ;3;
      Hahahaha… kalo lagu SJ masih ada sih tiap album yang pasti jadi fave, tapi kalo suka album keseluruhan itu di 3jib Sorry sorry sepertinya. Satu2nya album SJ yang tanpa skip dan suka semuanya. :”>
      Terima kasih curhatannya *ikut kabur*

  4. Aduh Betty telat ngga sih komen lagi? Hehehe :3
    Yap bener eonnie… Aku suka tiap eonnie ngomong maksudnya nulis kek gini, gimana ya? Keren aja gitu. Walopun ada aja ya harapan2 disitu :3 tapi bener deh aku suka banget! 😀 .
    Eonnie masih Babyz kan sekarang? Ato malah nambah fandom? Haha jadi kepo ini xD
    Hmm buat Oppadeul B.A.P semuuuuuuuuaaaaa yang eonnie tulis (y) aku ngga bisa bilang ngga deh ya…
    Lagu mereka, liriknya… Semuanya itu bener2 ngebuat semangat dan ada juga yang ngebuat airmata ini selalu keluar /tunjuk with u nd Definitely today entahlah betty nangis aja tiap denger lagu itu :3 Eh tapi banyak juga sih yang ngbuat terharu… Cuma 2 lagu itu paling besar pengaruhnya ke mata Betty ini eonnie :v
    Ah di atas yang komen Excuse Me? Hehe menurut aku nih ya Oppadeul emang gitu dari Debut lagunya emang pada songong(?) dan menjabarkan ke-LAKI-an B.A.P Banget :3 jadi buat yang kesindir, gimana ya… Menurut aku sih gini, kok PD banget sih kalian? Ngapain coba B.A.P susah2 bikin lagu dan cuma buat kalian? Haha hell yeah. Mereka buat lagu ya buat mereka dan buat panutan kita malah. Ya walopun kadang nyindir banget tapi emang bener kan? Hoho
    Buat nyumbang2nya Oppadeul mah ngga usah ditanya lagi :’) selalu bangga dengan apa yang mereka lakuin. Mereka hatinya suci :’ lebih milih Babyz ngasih ke yang lebih membutuhkan daripada ngasih kado ke mereka kurang apa coba oppadeul? T.T
    Mereka bener2 Idola dan ICON itu yang terpenting sih.
    Dan hal ini juga pengaruh banget ke Babyz, liat kan sekarang? Babyz pada nyumbang, ada acara apa nyumbang ada acara apa nyumbang. Huah pengaruh positif banget :D. (kenapa nyumbang sih? Donasi kek biar lebih enak bacanya :v )
    Betty ngga akan pernah nyesel jadi Fans mereka. Masuk ke fandom dengan idola sehebat mereka :’) itu udah mengharukan banget!!!
    Mereka tetep aja konser, comeback, konser comeback. Capek pastinya. Tapi ini emang maunya Oppadeul gimana lagi? Hehe… Kita mah dukung aja :).
    Oh ya eonnie, udah tau kan Eo Di Ni? Mwo Ha Ni?-nya? Keren banget yak? Eh bukan keren sih SOMPLAK abis tu 6 curut xD mereka ih arti lagunya nyesek eh MVnya kek gitu penuh dengan senyuman dan ke-stress-an Oppadeul :3.
    Haaaaaaaaah kalo ngomongin Oppadeul mah bisa sepanjang bengawan solo dan seluas samudra/?
    Gitu aja deh eonnie ya? Maaf udah nyamph disini 😦 hehe
    Ps : Oppadeul makin kinclong masa O.O aku ngga sanggup ;A;
    Appa dengan keseksiannya pake rambut begitu, Himchannie Oppa sekarang memelihara(?) rambutnya sampe panjang xD, Daehyunnie Oppa dengan muka yang makin hari makin pengen di tabok itu. Plis itu keren banget :v. Youngjae Oppa… Aduh ni orang Ganteng, Cantik mendominasi, dia makin makin makin sekarang /ah ma feels. Jonguppie Oppa OurMoon~ tetep bersinar sih sebersinar senyumnya -_-)/ Tapi rambutnya sekarang, plis ganti gaya rambut plis ;). Junhongie Oppa… Dia makin hari makin muda aja, oooooouuuuuhhhhh Cuteness overload!!! I can’t handle this anymore!!!
    B.A.P jus PERFECT!

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