[Kyutoria] Aqua-serious #3


The meeting room had been filled by at least 10 people, including Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk and Victoria. They started the meeting calmly –pretty calm and quite. However, there none seemed like actor. The only actress in this room was Victoria.

They had no idea about the male main cast in the movie.

In the other half, Victoria still amazed at how Kyuhyun invited to dinner in his house. But yet she couldn’t decide whether she would come or not. An actress, who had been chosen for about 24 hours less, would come to CEO’s house to have dinner. Victoria almost could smell the strange atmosphere from media if she really came.

“I hope Kyuhyun is nice to you,” Eunhyuk said calmly.

Victoria nodded her head and smiled. “He is.” She gave him a glance. “Eunhyuk,” she called. Eunhyuk turned and stared at her with curious. “Do you think it’s alright if I come to his house… I mean, I have to deliver my thankful to Mrs. Cho and… she invited me to dinner and…”

“I think it’s a good thing to do,” he answered. “Mrs. Cho is pretty nice and it’d be good if you could meet her personally.”

“You think so?”

Eunhyuk smiled and gently nodded. “Perhaps you also choose your own partner as well.” Victoria was confused, amused Eunhyuk with her no-idea-face. “It hasn’t been announced who will become the actor in this movie. I heard Mr. Cho, I mean CEO and not Kyuhyun, will choose the actor by himself. Maybe it’ll be decided tonight.”

Blinking Victoria stared at Eunhyuk before Kyuhyun gave deathly gaze to them. She didn’t know anything about this; about her partner in this movie, about how the CEO would choose him. But perhaps she didn’t have to know anyway.

Victoria just had to be a good, no, she needed to be the best then everything should be gonna be alright.

6:22 PM

The house was big. Victoria thought at herself. A large and green garden surrounded by white gate, gave the house a classical feeling. She wouldn’t forget to mention the house itself. The mostly white big house made her eyes wider. Wooden big door greeted her, she suddenly felt smaller.

She wondered if inside the house could surprise her more.

“You stare at my house like you want to eat it,” Kyuhyun said arrogantly. Victoria wanted to kick that guy and gave him a shot glare. “What?”

She took a breath, released it heavily. “No. My fault.”

Kyuhyun smirked then went inside his house. “Mom, your guest is here… staring amazingly at our house.”

Victoria watched his back angrily. In the end, she held her desire to kick Kyuhyun. If only she had a chance, she would like to…

“Victoria Song?” Victoria quickly turned her head. Her eyes met another pair of eyes.

That old woman was beautiful. Victoria couldn’t express it but that old woman gave her a comfortable look. Victoria was too amused, didn’t realize the woman was sitting in wheel-chair. Kyuhyun pulled the wheel-chair and looked at Victoria, wanted to know how she would judge his mother.

“Hello, Madam. I believe you’re Mrs. Cho. Am I… right?” Victoria smiled, walked slowly at Mrs. Cho.

“You are.” Mrs. Cho gave her hand and Victoria reached for it. “Let’s go inside. The dinner is waiting.”

Victoria nodded as walked through living room that fully decorated with silver and sky-blue color. Once again she knew Kyuhyun would tease her if she showed her amusing face. But she didn’t give a damn care. Victoria felt this house was nice.

And she suddenly cursed herself. When Mrs. Cho said the dinner had been waiting, Victoria should know not only the dinner that waiting for her but Mr. Cho as well. She forgot to prepare herself to face that old man.

Suddenly she felt sick with an endless nervousness.

“Good evening, Sir,” she greeted as bowed. The man smiled to greet her back. Victoria could let her relieve sigh.

“Take a seat, Miss Song,” Mr. Cho said. He gave a glance at his son, asked him to pull a chair for Victoria.

Kyuhyun sighed, got no option but did what his father asked. He let his father took his mother wheel-chair. As let another sigh out from his mouth, he pulled chair for Victoria, beside his mother. “Take a seat.”

That was pretty gentle for a guy like Kyuhyun. Victoria assumed. She smiled as sat in the chair which been prepared. “Thank you.”

“So you’ve been in Seoul for about… 7 years?” Mrs. Cho asked.

Victoria nodded and gave the old woman a small smile. “Yes. And I think I love this country as much as I love China.”

Mrs. Cho smiled as watched Victoria cut the meat in her plate. She was glad that girl finally came to meet her. As time passed, Mrs. Cho couldn’t help but adore this girl more. And she was pretty sure her decision to make Victoria joined in this movie had been her best decision so far.

Kyuhyun glanced at his mother then sighed. His mother looked happy and he silently hoped it wasn’t because this girl. Victoria Song was indeed beautiful and stunning for sure, but Kyuhyun didn’t really like how Victoria ignored to being polite to him. As everyone knew, Kyuhyun was the one whom she would work with, yet she didn’t seem care.

And of course Kyuhyun wouldn’t forget the difference of Victoria’s attitude toward him and Eunhyuk.

“How was the meeting?” Mr. Cho lifted his chin, faced his son. “Kyuhyun?”

Kyuhyun suddenly turned then blinked as confused. “Yes, Dad?”

“The meeting… how was it?”

“Oh, fine. It’s just… your employees wanted to know when you can choose the male main cast since we should arrange another meeting date,” he explained. Kyuhyun realized Victoria’s eyes were staring at his. “Dad, are you–“

“I’m done choose the male cast,” Mr. Cho cut as smiled gently.

Kyuhyun couldn’t hide his expression. Of course he was surprised, oh well, what else he supposed to feel? His father didn’t say anything about male cast. Yet. “Really? Who is he?”

“You know him well. He was supposed to be here, having dinner with us together. Victoria is here as well so it’d be nice if he could greet his partner. But as always, he is late… perhaps.” Mr. Cho calmly said.

Kyuhyun was puzzled. He got no idea with what his father was talking about, or in his case, who. He tried to figure it out through his mind but ended with blank thought.

Yet he still tried when footsteps took all of the attention in this dining room. Kyuhyun turned his head before suddenly his eyes got wide. The man was walking toward him. That man had a slightly good-looking face, pretty eyes and cheesy smile.

“Good evening, everyone,” he greeted.

Kyuhyun stared at him as talked to his father. “I don’t think we invited this guy.”

“Oh well… I’m still here anyway,” that man said and gave Victoria Song a gentle smile. “Miss Song? Hi, I’m Lee Donghae.”

Victoria nodded, tried to recognize the name and couldn’t help but felt so helpless. She blinked once, twice then smiled. “I think I saw you in some… well… magazine?”

“Probably,” he answered as laughed and took seat beside Kyuhyun. Donghae completely ignored the deathly gaze from Kyuhyun anyway. “And we’ll become a partner. I believe I can take it as a superb news. Don’t you think so, Miss Song?”

“Victoria,” she said. “I’d like you to call me so if we’re meant to be a partner, Donghae-ssi, right?”

Donghae shook his head as showed a cheesy smile. “You can call me Oppa.”

“Oppa my ass,” Kyuhyun commented.

Victoria could feel she was unsure how two people –two adult man to be exact- behaved like this in the first time they met. She almost gave a little peek to check the reaction of elders. But even Mr. Cho kept eating like nothing was happen.

Donghae didn’t feel annoyed yet he still smiled. “You mind, dear cousin?”

“Whatever. You won’t join this movie,” he said. “Just because you nagging or beg or whatever you’ve done, you can’t consider yourself as part of this movie. Just… don’t ever think about that, Lee Donghae.”

Here she was. Victoria almost choked up. She couldn’t help herself to not staring at Kyuhyun and Donghae. “Cousin?”

“Well, well… someone needs explanation here,” Donghae smiled as cheesy as before. “True, my lady. We are cousin.”

The next day

The day was warm, just as the other spring day. Victoria could feel the wind blew her hair, gave her cheek a warm peck. She needed an extra energy for today. Another meeting would give her another tension.

“Morning,” Eunhyuk greeted and Victoria must try not to grin. He seemed nice and handsome and gorgeous and… well, Victoria could fill with another and-and nice words with pleasure but she knew she should wait. She waited so she could greet him back.

“Hi,” she said. “I wonder if you have heard something…”


Victoria suddenly sighed. “Lee Donghae… as the male cast.”

“Well… yeps. The rumor is spreading now. Last night I got order from his manager to re-schedule the meeting and everything.” Eunhyuk pressed the lift button as let Victoria in. “So, how was the dinner?”

“I met Lee Donghae there and I just knew he is Cho Kyuhyun’s cousin.”

Eunhyuk raised his eyebrow. “You don’t know?”

“I know now. Should I be happy or not?”

Then he laughed and Victoria didn’t know his laugh was so adorable. “Depend on how you will see it. I heard Lee Donghae is pretty nice, but he’s cheesy sometime.” Victoria set a check sign on her mind. “And he got a lot of criticizes in his recent movie. Some magazine made fun of him and honestly I kinda surprised he would take a new role as fast as lightning.”

“Magazine? Oh great,” she almost slapped her own face. Last night she remembered she definitely had said one or something about magazine and Lee Donghae. Now she wondered if he felt bad and pissed because of her.

“Morning date, eh?” Victoria didn’t have to turn her back to know who the owner of that voice was. Kyuhyun walked toward her and Eunhyuk. “I need you to briefing the meeting today.”

Eunhyuk nodded as stared at Victoria with sympathy look. “I’m on my way.”

Then here she was again. Like a de javu. Victoria ended standing next by Cho Kyuhyun. And once again, she knew she should hold herself to not punch this guy or something.

“You and Lee Donghae… such a great combination. I wonder if you two are trying to push my limit over. Honestly, I have a same wish. It’ll be good if you can give up on this movie, Song. I’m not really interested to pretend that I’m kind of a nice CEO so… you can leave anytime.”

Victoria, with a great self-maintain, still didn’t understand why she couldn’t punch his face. “Anytime? Great. I’ll leave when I’m finish here then.”

“Too much confident will make you looked pathetic, Song.”

“Yea? What should I call you then? You’re more than pathetic for me.” Victoria could feel her heart beat so fast. She was confronted. And she wanted to win no matter what. “Just take a seat and see, Mr. Cho. You will never know what will happen next.”

Kyuhyun took one step closer as saw Victoria’s face clearer. Her face was totally stunning, amazingly beautiful. Victoria had a V-line on her chin, bright soft-look-like skin and the most top on that was her scent. Kyuhyun didn’t know what kind of perfume she used but surely that scent mesmerized him.

“Sure,” he said. As he breathed her scent was so into him. He almost closed his eyes to enjoy her sweet scent. “We’ll see.”

Lee Donghae was sitting next to Victoria. He peeked and for no reason felt that girl was nervous. Donghae didn’t remember Victoria was like this before, in his uncle’s house. So perhaps that girl already knew what kind of actor he was. Or what kind of jerk he was.

“You’re so silent today,” he whispered.

Victoria couldn’t hide her surprise. “Nervous.”

Donghae nodded his head as smiled to greet Kyuhyun’s glare. “He likes glaring me to die.”

“He likes glaring to everyone, wish everyone to die, I believe.”

Donghae burst into laughter and apologizing right after. He got everyone’s attention now. And once again, he got the deathly glare from his cousin.

“You’re so funny!” Donghae whispered.

Victoria giggled as glanced at Donghae. “I’m sorry.”

“For what? For giving me that kind of joke? That Kyuhyun joke is the best one I’ve heard, so go on with the other joke. I’ll be waiting.”

“Nope. I don’t know if you remember, but–“

“Well, I don’t remember so…” Donghae smiled. “Just forget it then.”

Victoria gulped her saliva. She’d like to gulp her guilty feeling as well but unfortunately that was impossible. “At least I’ve said sorry.”

“Sure!” he said childishly.

Once again Victoria played back what Eunhyuk had said this morning. Lee Donghae got some hate-speech from everyone. But Victoria was questioning herself; how did people hate this kind of adorable guy?

Oh well, people always and had hated anyway.

Cho Kyuhyun stared at two people who busy talked with each other. Donghae laughed and Victoria smiled, almost grinned. He couldn’t help but annoyed. That Victoria Song was kind toward everyone but him. She was nice to everyone around him but not him!

And what people saw from that Chinese girl!?

Everyone liked her. His mom, Eunhyuk and now Donghae. It was just time matter to see his father would like her too. Kyuhyun sighed. In the end he would be surrounded by people who liked Victoria Song and Victoria Song herself.

He should kick her out from this movie. It wasn’t he had problem with her. Kyuhyun just thought everyone was being bias toward Victoria.

However, he realized there would be brunch of actresses that could take this role. An actresses who better than Victoria. Prettier and even nicer was gladly appreciated.

The media play was starting. Kyuhyun saw the media promotion for this movie. His father was thee one who did that and he knew his father had a ton of idea for media play. Soon, he would see Victoria Song profile on every headline and perhaps with his cousin –Lee Donghae- profile as well.

But then once again, he reminded himself he should move as soon as possible. His first determination: kick Victoria Song out from the list!

Kyuhyun was about to leave the office when he saw Victoria sat in coach. He thought she had left as the other went as well. Even that Lee Donghae left without sound with his manager. That jerk was surely had another party.

He stepped closer. So close that he could hear she sighed. Kyuhyun was sure Eunhyuk had said something about this girl before. Well, about problem with her agency or something.

“Need a ride?” he asked.

Victoria looked at him and sincerely turned her face away. “No. Thanks.”

“I’m not even intended to give you one anyway.”

“Then go.”

“I’m the one who decide where I want to be.”

Victoria couldn’t help but sighed. “I’m the one who should go then.”

“You really…” he almost swore. “I’ll give you a ride!”

“I thought I’d said that I do NOT need your ride, Cho Kyuhyun.”

“Well, yes you did and I did say that I’m not intended to give you one, but I think I change my mind. And it’s not really an offer, it’s like… well, an order that you must obey.”

Victoria kicked his leg, made Kyuhyun groaned in pain. “I have no one to order me around.”

“Hey! I’ll make you–“

“What? Make me out from this movie? Go on. Try me.”

Kyuhyun grabbed her arm as pulled her body closer to his. “Perhaps. Which I really want to do so. But then I’ll get nothing if I do it now. You’ll see.”

“Victoria!” Victoria pushed Kyuhyun as turned her face to see her manager came. Park Kyung –his name- was staring at Kyuhyun. “Let’s go.”

She made face at Kyuhyun. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay then,” he said. When Victoria walked and got further from him, Kyuhyun realized something new. Not that new but still amazed him.

Her eyes were dark-brown.

“Your contract is getting expended, Victoria.”

Victoria didn’t look happy at all. “And what was that for? I thought I can quit whenever I want.”

“Why? I think it’s good for you. If you quit and leave, I’m afraid you won’t get into any movie or drama.” Her manager insisted. He really thought this extending contract thing would make Victoria glad. But no, he didn’t know how to read this girl at all. Not even damn a single clue.

“Oppa, I’d like to tell you the truth,” she said. “They –agency- just want to get some advantages as me joined this movie. Like the old time, they will use me then when everything’s done, who knows they won’t kick me out?

“Honestly I just want to quit. Even if I do this by myself, I think it’ll be better, a hundred times better than I stay in there.”

Park Kyung shook his head. “You don’t understand, Victoria. It’s not the way working.”

“Then, how!?” she let go a deep breath. “I still quit. I’m not going to sign any contract.”

“What!?” Kyuhyun raised his eyebrow, full of disbelieve. “Mom…”

His mother smiled. “What?”

Kyuhyun sighed as put down his spoon. “You want to invite Victoria Song –again- to our family party? What is she, an adoption daughter of yours?”

Mrs. Cho was totally unhappy with his words choice. She pinched Kyuhyun arm as he groaned. “How was it?”

“You used violence to your own son. I’m  not happy,” he said as wiped his arm.

“Really? My pleasure then,” his mother laughed. “So am I. I’m nowhere to like your words, son.”

Kyuhyun spouted his mouth. Once again he questioned himself. What was with this Victoria Song anyway!? His mother totally liked her like there was no tomorrow.

“Isn’t she pretty?”

“She is,” he said.

“Isn’t she nice?”

“Well… perhaps.”

His mother smiled. “So isn’t it nice if I can bring her and introduce her to everyone?”

Kyuhyun startled. “Whoooa… Mom, I think it’s over the line. Why, once again why, she should be introduced to everyone?”

“Cho Kyuhyun, the party will be attended by your father business partner as well and Victoria will be our main female cast for the next movie. Introducing her will be a nice media play. Well, that was your dad telling me,” his mother laughed as remembered all what her husband told. “However, I know Victoria got trouble in her agency. She wanted to end the contract.”

“And?” Kyuhyun didn’t seem so care.

“With your dad’s work-line, I’d like to know if one or two of them want take Victoria as their actress.”

Kyuhyun sighed as looked at his mother. “Is it a must for us? We never did something like this before. If an actress had problem with her agency, shouldn’t we kick her out?”

“Well… yes. It should be on that way.”

“That’s right! We just have to kick–“

“But I have declined it.” His mother talked proudly. “Kick people who had been casted and chosen like her will embarrassed your dad, don’t you think?”

Kyuhyun lost his word. “True, but if we get trouble with her agency–“

“If.” His mother corrected. “Just an ‘If’, son.”

Then suddenly Kyuhyun could feel the universe tried to beat him down.


So here we are! With the new poster! Thank you! ^-^

I still have a looooong way to make Kyutoria somehow fall for each other but it will happen, people, so………please keep waiting. *kicked*

Then this is it: Kyuhyun just want her to quit from his movie soooo badly and Victoria just wanna stay soooo badly. And Donghae, I just wanna add him so here he is! xD Eunhyuk… I dunno, you decice, wut do you want from him? .__.

Peace! See ya around! ^-^


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  1. Am I first?? Kyaakyaa, I like story line. Actually, I’m not KyuToria biased but I like this story. I like how arrogant kyuhyun is, aaahhh jhoaaa. Vic eonni cayo!! Let’s beat cho kyuhyun hahaha *joking*
    And lee donghae, here you go again XD a man w/ an adorable character but some ppl pissed off kkekeke
    Ahh really anticipating abt the next part..gidarilkkeyo eonni 😀

  2. haha, kyu n hae are childish cousins
    really love how ur story goes

    how about the third party between kyu and vic?
    vic seems get attract to hyuk’s charm

    anyway, thanks for updating :))

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    eniweiiii….tadinya aku mikir song jongki yg jadi partner Vic, tyt donghae hihihihi, seru juga.
    ada rencana bikin Vic direbutin ama hae en kyu ga?
    trus park bong ama hyuk gitu flirting2an hihihihihi..

    demi apa coba kakak masih bayangin gaya hyuk disini dengan rambut sisir belakang en jidat nampak dengan sangat jelas hahahaha >_< -_-''

  4. yeiye…lanjut…cuz baca…
    dan…jeng…jeng…muncullah lee donghae…

    makin seru…makin geregetan.,

    tapi ada sesuatu yg bikin penasaran,krn kemampuan inggrisku yg ala kadarnya knp berasa aura victoria yg cerah ceria itu belum keluar ya..
    atw emg krn jln ceritanya dia jd sosok merana makanya yg kluar sisi nelangsanya dulu biar dapet feel’nya
    *yoo,maafin reader babo ini*

    teruslah berkarya,ditunggu hasilnya !!!

  5. ooohhh daebakkk !!!
    si kyu dah mulai keliatan cemburu n menyadari kecantikan vic.. Vic d antara 3 namja, kyu hae hyuk.. Kkkk
    great story yooooo 🙂
    lets wait the next part

  6. Lee Donghae ? aaaaaa yesseuu ~~` male cast nya lee donghae. aaaa akyu bahagia, aku suka aja liat interaksi haetoria tuh *dipelototinkyu* akankah ada cinta bersegi segi disini natinya ? ckckc btw mereka cousin ? cousin ? oh tuhan ~~ trus si kyu kayak nya kagak demen banget sama hae hihihi

    suka adalah waktu vic lagi ngobrol sama hyuk, dan kyu bilang “morning date eh?” ahahaha kyuuuuu cemburu kyuuu ? lol lol lol
    terus ya kyuuu, lo tuh kenapa sih kok kek nya kesel banget sama mbak qian, yaampunn nyokap lo aja demen banget liat qian kan sampe mau diundang lagi loh. konyola adalah ketika kyu bilang “You want to invite Victoria Song –again- to our family party? What is she, an adoption daughter of yours?” ahahaha si kyuuu kek nya merasa teraniaya secara batiniah. bener bener yee ~
    daaan good , vic udeh keluar aja dari agensi yang lama. itu si calon mertua *nyokap kyu* siapa menampungmu kok hehehe aaaaaa kyutoria saranghaeee :* , cepet baikan kek ih hahaha

  7. “Her eyes were dark-brown.” damn i’m giggling in this part >,<
    #its complicated.at first, i thought u will use changmin #ignore me.i'm chang bias#
    still waiting the third girl cast who distrub kyutoria then.
    I'll waiting a looooong way till u make Kyutoria somehow fall for each other^^
    #make it more romance,drama and beautiful way please~#
    i think u need to give more conflict and romance #do u like to write yadong ff? #plakkk~i'm yadongers.sorry#

    anyway,thanks for the honor to use the pict^^ #bow#

  8. Well.. and here is he: Lee Donghae as new cast,,kkeke.. Firstly, I think there will triangle love between EunKyuToria.. haha.. I just want Eunhyuk has alot part in this story,,even the main cast is absolutely Kyutoria..ehee,,forgive me for so bias ^^ Btw,thanks so much for pw.. I don’t why you suddenly lock this part..sorry for my curious,,but I appreciate your decision… Fighting for next part and another story… ~~^^

  9. kak, bisa bisa ini jdi eunhae ff kalau mereka berdua dicast berengan di ff kakak XD
    si cho kyuhyun minta di damprat kaaak serius deh hahaha
    tpi qiannya jngan dibuat suka sama kyu di awal awal kak biar si gaemgyu ngerasa one-sided love dulu XDDD

  10. Oh, I’m really sorry for my lateness to comment it 😦 I’m on my exam now.. so, yeah..in the middle of stress.. hehehe
    Well, like yesterday, such a nice story…
    I really had a big laugh a second after I read this line….
    “He likes glaring to everyone, wish everyone to die, I believe.”
    seem that Victoria hate Kyu sooooo badly.. Hahahaha XD
    I thought that Kyu is already have ‘something’ toward Vic.. bu still.. yeah his prestige as high as Tokyo Tower.. or maybe more than that… hahahaha
    And Lee Donghae.. he truly matched with his role in this story.. I like it :3
    Then, Hyuk. As well asusuall, he always look perfect even just as cameo-maybe-
    Well, yeahh… I will keep patient to wait the next part, and keep fight to write chingu-ya~ ^o^

    • Oh Hi! xD
      Pfftt… Vic isnt really impressed wif chokyuhyun. Well, thats good. xD xD
      His prestige is as high as Tokyo Tower. OMG I LAUGHED!!
      Fighting! And thank you!! ^-^

  11. Shelaaaaa….. Akhirnya ada donghae jugaaaaa ❤❤❤❤ seneng ada kyuhyukhae nya :p ditunggu part selanjutnya yaaaa

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