[040413] Happy Birthday to You!

April 4, 2013.


Hello~ its your 3rd or perhaps 4th birthday that I celebrate here. ^-^

I cant say nothing’s change with me; toward you, toward everything. Something did change. Maybe I am the one who let something change. I’m sorry.



As always I feel so grateful that you can be who you really are today. Lemme say thank you to your parent for having you as their son. Kekeke~

As always too… thank you for being born into this world. Thank you for being Lee Hyukjae who I really treasure. Thank you for… idk… for everything! xD

Be happy today!

Sometime if you think you can’t do something, please do remember if it were you, everything is just gonna be alright. Everything will be going well, so it’s okay to less your weary. Because its Lee Hyukjae, because its you, right?

But if something really wouldn’t go like what it should to be, rather than blame yourself, you need to believe in yourself once again and try to fix them. ^-^

Whatever… I’ll just still trust you. I’ll trust Lee Hyukjae who always doing his best for everything.

Please continue to work hard, show us how deserve you are for this awesome love. Bearing all the pain and curse words, change those into the cheering and anticipation atmosphere! Be tough, more than yesterday! Hehe~

Maybe I’m not that supportive toward you. Maybe I’m also not that good for you. Maybe I’m lacking.

But I do guarantee I can give my loudest voice to cheer for you!

Happy birthday! Have an awesome day! Everyone loves you for sure… ^-^

Enjoy today with everyone you love too. Cherish all the moments you got today. I do always wish the bestest for you, so don’t worry. Keke~

Twenty-seven years ago you were born. You, who are really special, were coming to this world. That time you still unsure, you even didn’t know you would become everyone’s special people.

I’m one of those people who feel thankful because you’re here. Still thankful and will always be so thankful. ^-^

And suddenly you got 28 for your age this year, ne? Ha-ha. Congrats! For being 28-years old-man! xD

Thank you for still being here. Thank you for smiling. Thank you for being happy. Wish all the happiness will surround you all the time. Hehe…

I’m sure as time goes by, as your birthday passes, and as everyone wishes in today, you will be a better person. A better Super Junior Eunhyuk. A better Lee Hyukjae. A much better you. 😉






22 thoughts on “[040413] Happy Birthday to You!

  1. yooooooooooo :)) ahhh sooooo sweet,,kenapa q malah terharu baca nya yaaaa XD betapa besarnya cinta muuu XD and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE HYUKJAE :* still jihyuk forever in this home :))
    makasii shela :*

    • Ah, ini yang bikin juga terharu kok #eh xD
      Kenapa makasih? Aku yang makasih soalnya suda mau ikutan ngucapin buat si hyukjae. Muucih ea~ ^-^

    you were so in love with him sincerely shel :3
    ah <3333
    i love ALL of your words !! 😀
    and i'm still being a JiHyuk hardcore shipper who anticipating "other" words from you mhahaha xD

      Aishh… your conclusion make me like……………..AGDAHVAUKHFVKVAFAHUAGHUA!

      Dont worry~ tonite. I guess. xD

  3. ef ef ef ef ef ef ef ef ef ef ef ef ef ef ef !!!
    mana ff spesial ultah nih ? mau ngeliat jihyuk balikan, boleh gak ? :3

    happy 28 lee hyukjae~
    mature enough to get married ye ye ye \O/
    eunhyuk Oppaaaa~~~ jjaaaaang~~~~ *aegyo maksimal*

    • Apa siiiihh~ author yang berintelektual tinggi itu kalo ngepost ff setaun sekali.
      Gak boleh. Author jihyuk lagi ogah bikin mereka balikan. :’)

      Pfft~ yang kita obrolin kejadian tau. Lee Hyukjae barengan ama Uee masa mom. xD xD xD
      Aegyo gagal………………………………

      • Di vietnam rasanya. xD Barengan di bandara juja. HA HA HA~
        Oh… kalow begitu saya tak lagi terhitung sebagai author intelek. Saya syuka yang gantung2. :’3

  4. AH HAPPY BIRTHDAY POO-nya YOO. Semoga Hyukjae sehat selalu, makin eksis, dan semakin tampan ….. Suka sama kalimat ini eon -> Thank you for being born into this world, thank you for being Lee Hyukjae who i really treasure. Thank you for… idk… for everything! xD

  5. Kak yoo your words so asdfghjkl hahaha =) I have teary eyes huhuhu :’) sweet sekaliii suka sekali lahhh hihihi :$ and best wishes for you ahjussi<3

  6. eonni..so sweet bangeettttss..
    Oiya, aku jg mw bilang “HAPPY BIRTHDAY EUNHYUK OPPA” ^^
    wish you all the best..(y)

    eonni, keep writing, and make a good fanfic.
    I will support you and eunhyuk oppa together forever..;) Fighting!! 🙂

  7. Yoo, I think you forgot his birthday yesterday. Forget not the right word anyway ..hehehe,,, but thank you for writing great hope and encouraged like this one. I love to see Yoo in good mood like this..it’s really you I think,,haha..
    Keep supporting him yaa.. and I’m support you as well to write another Jihyuk moment..
    Fighting Yoo…
    Ps. Most of readers being teary with thiqa,,and for the truth,, me too.. I’m teary..a happy teary I mean..hahaha ^^

      • Eooo…<3,,,
        It's been more than ten days Yoo,, and there iad a new post…т.т
        Are you really busy nowadays?
        Arraseo… I'll understand… but,hihihi.. please,, post a new one.. I waiting for Kyutoria, MY and of course… Jihyuk's moment.. XD.
        Waiting you Yoo.. 🙂

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