[160313] Just A Note


I miss home… so much. Idk. It just feels so hard. Well… I know nothing’s gonna be easy in any way, but I just suddenly miss my comfort zone.

I’m not saying I have a bad life here. Rather than bad life, I just miss my own old life. Which is being so much impossible since we are human being and we just should walk away, go ahead and never stop. Basically, we should keep walking through this way.

But… being this gloomy isnt even forbidden, right?

I know sometime I just keep my feeling to my own self. I’d rather keeping it than show it then got misunderstanding or something. It’d be the last row in my list.

Honestly… I’ve got nothing but this empty feeling. I wanna turn the time back, stop it in there and just live my life forever like that. Kinda childish, kinda unacceptable too. Its just… I dont like in here. I dont like everything.

Again. I’d rather being alone than crowded by people.

Addition; people that rarely understand or even caring.

I’m tired. Exhausted also. But maybe an encouraging-thingy-wish is very difficult so I wont ask anything then. 🙂


4 thoughts on “[160313] Just A Note

  1. what to do ?…… aku ngga bisa bilang kita sama haha. but in this case… hey! this note is really described my feelings~ what to do haha,- asa pengen nangis pas baca ini soalnya sama banget. pengen pulang…. tempat ini bener2 bukan menjadi tempat yang bisa diharapkan lagi.. orang-orang di sini pun… hahaha maap shela, nyampah di sini T~T

    • Sabar yah… aku juga lagi sabar-sabarin disini. :’)
      Aku juga pingin pulang banget, tapi gak pake balik lagi. Capek…
      Gak papah nyampah, banyakin juga gak papa. Kan berbagii.. ^-^

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