……. WTH is this!? Please.

You surely remember I’d posted another JiHyukism: Promise today. And I dunno wut happen and how. I dunno either I should be happy or even desperate toward LHJ tho.

He tweeted.


I know he went to Teuk’s musical, The Promise, but why didnt he just put The Promise instead? I feel weird with this kind of thing now. It makes me feel guilty somehow. These arent even new for me and everyone in my surrounding know how this things could happen anytime.

Wut I just wanna say is… he drives me crazy.

I dont say JiHyuk has some fate-string, but these just happen. Maybe I used to be happy yet surprise if something like this had happened, somehow it makes me know we got some connection (?) for each other. But this… isn’t it too much?

Dont mind this. I’m just bit frustrated.


11 thoughts on “……. WTH is this!? Please.

  1. omg ! true ! lol
    i’ll mind it if u even not happy nor frustated :p
    hihi sorry , but this’s just so cool !! :3
    btw happy birthdaay shel ! keep going on jihyuk juseyoooong~ *mello eyes*

    • Sure. Ikr. You can imagine wut kind of feeling that fill me. T^T
      Its too much to be cool. Its freezing.
      Thank you, dear! :* Will work on it. Lets see.. :’)

  2. Maybe it’s a fate. I don’t think it isn’t just a coincidence. Maybe it’s a way to help you, eonni.
    Eonni, fighting!

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