[Kyutoria] Aqua-Serious #2

Aqua-Serious #2


“Me? Rejected?” Victoria surely turned into a deaf one against Cho Kyuhyun. “Can I ask why?”

Kyuhyun sighed heavily and looked at her eyes. “Do you think you good enough to ask the reason?”

This wasn’t a right time, but Victoria liked those eyes. Big, sharp and dark. She believed those eyes were every woman’s favorite. Not forgot to mention his thick yet long eyebrow. This Cho Kyuhyun, Victoria thought, surely had a great luck by being so good-looking.

Victoria had to remind herself that now wasn’t a right time. Not at all.

Thanks to his jerk attitude that had erased all of those nice first impressions. Thanks God. Victoria didn’t want to admit Cho Kyuhyun was perfectly handsome.

Almost swearing Victoria tried to explain herself. “I… I believe I do.”

There was intense yet awkward atmosphere. Victoria realized the rest of participants were looking at her as she went crazy. No one but stupid person who wanted to ask such question to the judges. Victoria couldn’t let it go easily though. She needed reason or at least what kind of standard from Cho Kyuhyun she didn’t match at.

Hyukjae watched Kyuhyun before turned his eyes to Victoria Song as well. Maybe it was nowhere to his business but he believed this Miss Song actually could be a great actress in this movie. At least he tried to believe so.

“Kyuhyun,” he called. Kyuhyun stared back at him annoyingly. “I think she is good enough to get this role. I don’t say that the rest are not good but she is the best so far. Should we ask to Mr. Cho?”

“I am Mr. Cho,” Kyuhyun said. He gave a look to the handycam that connected to his father. “I’m Mr. Cho Kyuhyun. You can check my ID if you don’t believe.”

Hyukjae laughed. “Don’t be so childish.”


“Miss Song,” Hyukjae turned his face to stare at Victoria. She wondered if the guy who talked to her had a higher position. “I believe we should listen to CEO’s opinion as well. But we can’t do it now, at least we must wait until this audition is done. So would you like to wait?”

Victoria nodded as answered and left the stage. The guy who stopped Cho Kyuhyun had helped her. She didn’t know why but maybe it could be her another chance. She was so sure that she could get this role though.

“You just called me ‘childish’. Can I know why?” Kyuhyun whispered yet held his anger back.

Hyukjae blinked as let out a breath. He was frustrated to Kyuhyun. Even if that guy weren’t willing to join into this project, he shouldn’t be that careless toward everything. Kyuhyun didn’t come to preparation meeting yet ignored all of the staffs. He should know that many people depended on him in this project.

Of course Hyukjae would be pleased if he was holding Kyuhyun’s role but it wasn’t supposed to in any way.

“Because you kicked all of the participants. Not one or two but 66 participants had been kicked out because they didn’t satisfied you. Can I know why it was like that?” Hyukjae shot back. As he saw Kyuhyun’s face changing, Hyukjae bit his lips. “Listen, I know you aren’t even interested but please at least give a damn care on this. People, or I should call your staffs, are working on this project without even complaining. Just watch over their hard-working wont kill you, will it?”

Kyuhyun still held back his anger inside. He didn’t know Hyukjae would give him such a lecture. Hyukjae had no idea how miserable his life was now. That was nothing miserable but doing your-not-supposed-to-do job.

But perhaps Hyukjae didn’t have to know. In case he wouldn’t understand at all.

Victoria grabbed her coat as watched the rest of participants. Even when many people had failed as well, that guy who had helped her didn’t bother to interrupt Cho Kyuhyun anymore. Somehow Victoria felt touched and proud inside. Someone had trusted her acting talent and nobody would know how great her feeling was.

That guy was cute. He had a sharp jawline, beautiful eyes and nice nose. Perhaps he was only one of Cho Kyuhyun’s staffs but who care?

“Miss Song?” that guy turned into reality now. Victoria just wanted to keep in her imaginary area though. He stared at her. “I believe CEO had decided to use you as main role in this movie.”

Victoria went blank. She could do nothing but blinked and breathed. Even if she was looked damn stupid, she wouldn’t mind at all.

“Are you… listening?” he asked her and Victoria couldn’t answer.

“Be thankful. My mother saw you through that damn video and want you to play this role,” Victoria surely knew this voice was Kyuhyun’s. Kyuhyun stood next to her guardian angel. One more thing had been added to her dislike list for Cho Kyuhyun; the way he stood was like he was the most perfect creature in this world.

“S-sure. I’m listening, so… I get that role?” Victoria repeated.

Kyuhyun sighed annoyingly. “Don’t you hear us? We said–“

“Thank you so much,” Victoria grabbed Hyukjae’s hand as let out her relieve sigh. “Thank you, it’s all because of you… um…”

“Oh, I’m Hyukjae. Lee Hyukjae.”

Lee Hyukjae. Hyukjae. Victoria had kept that name in her mind. With all what had happened here, she surely wouldn’t forget this Lee Hyukjae.

Kyuhyun stared at her as turned to Hyukjae. He felt somewhat being ignored here. Last time he knew, he was the one who had a control to all of these audition thing. So shouldn’t this girl say thank you to him instead of Lee Hyukjae?

“Excuse me, but… I don’t know if I’m being rude…”

“You had been rude toward me, thank you.” Kyuhyun cut.

Victoria sighed as smiled lightly to Hyukjae. Well… ignored Cho Kyuhyun didn’t seem difficult at all though. “I… want to meet Mrs. Cho to send my thankful.”

“Well… I think you should talk to Mr. Cho Kyuhyun at first,” Hyukjae said as gave a look to Kyuhyun. He didn’t want Kyuhyun to make another problem with this girl but surely met the CEO’s wife was nowhere to his job anyway.

Kyuhyun cleared his throat loudly. “Firstly, I haven’t been received your thankful.”

“I believe I don’t have to,” Victoria spoke as smiled politely. “But since you are the type who loves being respected, I’d like to say thank you then.”

“W-what!? Love being respected? Is that how you think of me?” Kyuhyun stared at Victoria with disbelieve look. He was freaking annoyed enough with this girl.

Hyukjae was the one who feel somewhat frustrated. These two persons would work together in one place for a long time later. And Hyukjae found very soon that these two persons couldn’t even try to hold their own anger.

Maybe Hyukjae would understand the anger from Victoria’s side. But still, Cho Kyuhyun couldn’t be ignored. That guy was childish in some ways so Hyukjae believed he should take care of Kyuhyun first.

“Look,” he started. “I think all of us are tired so let’s stop this argument until the time we will meet again.”

“No, I wont.” Kyuhyun shot back. “This Miss Song should learn how to thankful toward someone who hires her.” His eyes stared at hers. It was not his first time to look into girl’s eyes but Victoria surely had a beautiful one. He could see her mind, feeling and heart. “Don’t you think you should at least apologize, Miss Song?”

Victoria refused to turn her sight. She fully realized that she had started to hate this man. Somehow this wasn’t she wanted. First project ever; she couldn’t ruin it right before everything got started.

“I’m… sorry, Mr. Cho,” her voice tone was low. She could feel Hyukjae stared at her admiringly. Perhaps that guy was amused to her emotion management. Well… perhaps.

Kyuhyun once again made sound of clearing throat. “It’s okay as long as you being a good girl.”

“Let’s stop it here, Kyuhyun,” Hyukjae said. “We have to go.”

5:23 PM – Cho’s

“I have no idea about how Mom chose that rude girl!” Kyuhyun complained as soon as he reached his parents’ room.

His mother blinked a while in surprised. She found nothing but the annoyed Kyuhyun. “Well… good evening too, son.”

Kyuhyun didn’t look his father anywhere so it should be a right time to persuade his mother. He didn’t like Victoria Song and couldn’t even imagine to work with her as well. Maybe that girl had a nice look, beautiful eyes and amazingly stunning but still… Kyuhyun didn’t want to work with her.

“Can I know why you rejected her? And why you had rejected mostly all of the participants?” His mother pushed her wheel-chair. She made a smile when Kyuhyun gave his hands to help her.

Kyuhyun mumbled. “To mock Dad?”

“It’s so you,” his mother commented. She simply laughed with her mans competition. “But that girl was good. I watched her movie last year and it has given me a good energy. You should watch it sometime.”

“Thank you, but I don’t need any energy,” he spoke.

“Well… just give her a chance then. It wont make you lose anything, Kyuhyun.”

Kyuhyun bit his lips as looked down at his mother. She was being old and her broken legs didn’t even help. Perhaps this was how he should listen to his mother.

“I… am trying to kick her off from this project.” He confessed. And he was ready to get some advices.

“But you wont do that, will you?”

Kyuhyun nodded in his silence. “How did Mom know?”

“Because… there weren’t a single prank you made with any confession. If you had confessed, it means you will never do that.” His mom answered proudly. Kyuhyun knew it. She was his mother after all. She knew him better than anyone and sometime better than himself.

At first Kyuhyun had many ways to kick Victoria off. He even thought to make scandal so Victoria would give her own self up. But his mother had said what she wanted for this Victoria Song.

His mother wanted a chance for Victoria. Kyuhyun couldn’t help but promise to fulfill that.

“Mom,” he said softly. “Do you want to choose the male main cast too?”

His mother laughed. “Why? It must be too old for me to choose any male star. You go take care of this. I don’t have any preference so it should be easy for you.”

“So basically Mom just wants Victoria Song for the female lead star?”

“Let’s say so.” His mother smiled.

She was 55 years old but remembering clearly how she had felt. She loved to watch movie. Last year in the theatre nearest from her house, she watched this movie. The movie called Hope. She didn’t know any lead stars because her attention was only in Victoria Song, or the character had been played by her.

She learnt that name toward internet. Victoria Song, as well as her character in the movie, was tough. She was inspired by Victoria’s character actually, but she found that Victoria also had no difference with the role she played. She had been monitoring this girl since then.

But when the accident happened, she stopped looking Victoria’s article.

She had no intention to watch the audition. She was busy enough to regret her life anyway. But her husband asked her to company him so she didn’t have choice.

Then she found that girl. Victoria Song. As she thought, Victoria was talented. But Kyuhyun rejected her. She couldn’t help but feel want to beat her own and only son.

“She wants to meet Mom,” Kyuhyun spoke as her mind went away.

She blinked. “Who?”

“That Victoria Song. She knows Mom chose her and wants to say thank you. She didn’t even say thankful to me but to Hyukjae instead. Don’t you think that girl was crazy?”

“You are the crazy one!” His mother beat Kyuhyun’s hand slowly. “Who wants to be thankful to the one who had rejected her?” Kyuhyun went silence. “You can invite her then.”

Kyuhyun raised his voice in disbelieve. “What!? Why!?”

“You said she wants to meet me.”

“But… but I don’t want you to invite her!”

His mother shot back. “But I want to invite her. As well as Hyukjae. I think it’d be comfortable to her if Hyukjae is here. I saw Hyukjae was nice to her so they could befriend. You can join them as friend as well since you have no one in this business.”

“Mom…” Kyuhyun didn’t want to be heard nagging but his voice just turned into so.

“Oh I don’t want to hear any complaint, Cho Kyuhyun,” his mother said. “Just get preparing your first meeting with your female lead actress. Better prepare this well.”

The next day

Today was colder than yesterday. People believed in that way but Victoria didn’t seem to be disturbed with the cold day. She smiled at every person she met. She smiled as she thought today was the beginning of autumn day.

The warm autumn wind had come toward her. Victoria couldn’t help but always smile.

“You should treat me, Song,” Boyoung reminded her. She wore a white fluffy coat, jeans and casual sweater. In short way, Park Boyoung was looked gorgeous. “You got that role, our company don’t have any chance to change that. Good job!”

Victoria smiled at her friend. “I believe it was also because of you.”

“Well… if you want to think it that way,” Boyoung happily smiled. “But you said the CEO is a jerk?”

“More than that. He is the worst person I’ve ever met.”

Boyoung nodded in agreement. “But you also said you met someone who became into your guardian angel.”

“More than that. He is the best person I’ve ever met.”

“So you met the worst and best person in your life yesterday,” she commented. “What’s his name?”

“Cho Kyuhyun.” Victoria felt angry even by mentioned that name. Honestly she didn’t have any schedule in her life to meet him twice but her fate didn’t tell so. Since he was the one who hire her, she should meet him at least non-stop until the movie got its premiere.

Park Boyoung nooded once again. “Sounds cute.”

“Not at all. He is a jerk.”

“Oh, I thought you talk about your best person.” Her friend confused but then she teased. “Well… can I know why you mention that name first?”

Victoria couldn’t help but set her mind to playback everything about Cho Kyuhyun. His beautiful eyes, thick eyebrows and his voice. Everything about him was perfect.

“You think about him more than your guardian angel, Song,” Boyoung teased again.

“Well… maybe I do. Since he was so much annoying.”

Actually Boyoung wanted to tease more but Victoria wouldn’t please. So she was nodding and walking following her friend. She was sure Victoria felt something toward those two guys.

Either her worst man or her best one.

“Miss Song!”

Victoria turned her back. As she found Hyukjae running toward her, a smile climbed her face. She even stared at him. He didn’t wear any suit but jeans and polo t-shirt. Victoria wondered if this guy ever thought that he was perfectly nice with anything he wore.

“Just… Victoria, please.” Victoria smiled.

Hyukjae nodded. “So, Victoria, I think we should go upstairs since we have a meeting, shall we?”

She nodded as walked beside Hyukjae. She just realized this guy was tall, at least taller than her. Everytime she took a breath, she would smell Hyukjae’s perfume. Suddenly Victoria felt nervous by his masculinity in her side.

“You’re alone?” he asked. As Victoria was nodding, Hyukjae asked again, “How about your manager?”

Victoria gulped her saliva. She didn’t give any call to her manager. Though she knew her manager would know about her audition. She bit her bottom lips. “He is… well…”

“I heard it though.”


Hyukjae was looked somehow sympathy to her. Victoria could feel she was annoying by that kind of expression. “I know you have problem with your company. Someone called last night. He asked me to take care of you until this project end. I hope you wont mind if I’ll bother you with that.”

“Sure. Since someone already gave me into your care.”

“It’s nothing like that, Victoria. You’re not a thing that can be given or taken,” he said. Somehow it felt so relieved for Victoria if Hyukjae thought her in that way. “Or… you can ignore me at all. I don’t want to…”

“I… don’t want to be burden for you, Hyukjae. I believe you don’t have to really take care of me.” Victoria cut as smiled. This guy was a nice one.

“Oh well… there here you two!” Once again Victoria felt annoyed with this voice. Cho Kyuhyun walked toward them with a smirk in his face. “What are you doing?”

Hyukjae looked at Victoria for a moment before turned his face to Kyuhyun. “Just talking. I’ll prepare the meeting.”

Then Hyukjae left and suddenly Victoria wanted to run away. Far and far away from this Cho Kyuhyun. She believed she shouldn’t get into any business with this guy except for movie.

“I’ll come to the meeting room soon,” she said as walked but Kyuhyun had blocked her way. “Sorry, but could you…”

“No, I couldn’t.” Kyuhyun said as wondered why this girl talked so sweetly toward Hyukjae while she didn’t bother to talk to him.

Victoria sighed. She looked around and found none in surrounding. Great. “I don’t want to talk to you but in meeting, so please excuse…”

“My Mom invites you to dinner.”

“Pardon me?”

Kyuhyun stared at Victoria in disbelieve. Why’d this girl make he say everything twice!?

“You wanted meet her, didn’t you? She wants to meet you as well. Clear enough?”

Victoria blinked as stared back at Kyuhyun. She found this guy had said the truth. “Really?”

“Do you, perhaps, find any reason for me to lie? I don’t have any interest to play words with you right now.” Was all that Kyuhyun could say. Pretty jerk maybe but Victoria somehow had been entertained by this guy.

Surely Cho Kyuhyun was a jerk, but seemed like he was also a lovely son for his mother.


This is the #2! ^-^

I really really wanna make some Hyuktoria here so please lemme~ ><

I have a question, who is the best to become the male lead star in that movie? I think about Lee Donghae, but someone think about Song Joongki. If you have another option, just tell me! Thanks! ^-^

ps: thank you for Erna Istiqamah for the poster. I love it! ❤


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    • Pfftt.. I kindly love to make hyuktoria by myself since there’s no-hyuktoria in real life. xD
      Anw, dear, I’d decided to use Donghae for male cast. >< Sowwwyy~~

  6. I like this..
    Hyukjae the guardian angel, Kyuhyun as the devil and Victoria who will be the next cinderella. Hmmm,… No matter Donghae or Song Joongki, both are really fit her. So, it’s okay…

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      • Hi, I just found this fanfict and I really like it! ^^ Btw, I want to read the third part, but I forgot my twitter password. So, I can’t ask by twitter. Would you mind to send the password via email?

      • oh, hi! im so sorry for my late respond. Yes, ofc. I’ll send the pw to your email address that shown in your id then. ^-^

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