Wut’s Wrong with WordPress? [4W]

It has been almost a week. I hardly can access my own blog. Why it seems like wordpress doesn’t allow me to log in to my account? Not only to my own account, but another blog in wordpress as well.

I believe it’s not because of the connection; my connection is fine for me. It’s just getting bad when I wanna access wordpress.

And I believe too it’s not because my browser; whatever the browser I use didn’t work either to wordpress.

It makes me frustrated! I mean, I have many things, many story to be shared and I love writing in my wordpress account.

And when I try to figure it out, it’s like just me who can’t access wordpress well. ;~;

I’ve tried everything that probably could make my wordpress get better; restart the browser and laptop, clear all the histories and cookies also restart the modem. And nothing worked. TT^TT

What I wanna say is I feel comfortable in my own house, this wordpress account. I’ve used it almost 3 years and this account means so much for me. I just kindly hope this trouble thing can be fixed and everything come back like what it should to be.

Please at least be kind whenever I wanna post something in here.


A wordpress lover.


8 thoughts on “Wut’s Wrong with WordPress? [4W]

  1. Aq tidak terlalu mngerti bahasa inggris tapi rasanya sedikit menangkap maksud eonni.
    Mungkin emg ada msalah eon dgn wp’nya..tman aq juga katanya susah akses akunnya. Malah nanya ke aq yg ga paham pula. -_-
    Aq ga tau seperti apa susahnya..tpi ikut berharap semoga cepat diperbaiki. *amiiin* -/\-

  2. Yea, i hv same problem as yours ..
    it’s for about 2 weeks for me difficult to access wp ..
    I thnk it’s d’ server problem ..
    i’ve tried so many way to resolved it since iam an IT departement student but it doesn’t work to repair it,.

    be patient yoo ..
    I hope d’ maintenance service will be sooner held .. 😀

    • Really? ;;___;;
      I’m barely can access my blog, its frustrating. TT^TT
      Yea, i hope i can be better very very soon. Its too long for wp has been being bijji like this though.
      Thank you. ^-^
      Well… lets hope our patience will result something. :’)

  3. wah sama… setiap aku buka wordpress akunku atau wp lain selalu lemot, padaal disaat yang bersamaan aku buka youtube, tapi youtube lancar aja tuh
    nggak nyangka ternyata nggak cuma aku yang ngalamin 😦

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