[Kyutoria] Aqua-Serious #1



Both are Aquarians. Both are serious. Both are crazy for perfection.

And both soon will fall for each other.

Victoria Song is a 3rd-level actress with bad luck. She has talent, skill or whatever movie industry needs. She, in another word, is perfect as an actress. Her company decides to use her as bait for the other actress above her. She’s Chinese so it surely will be difficult path to make her way in Korean movie business. In conclusion, her company wont make Victoria shown on the big screen.

Cho Kyuhyun is the only son of CEO of Universe Movies, the biggest movie production company. He has sharp-mouth, lack in sociality and anything that business world would dislike. His father still works on movie industry but soon he surely will give his company to Kyuhyun. The first movie project he handles will be out of his father’s hand so Kyuhyun has no choice but to make this movie succeed, of course in his own standard.

A story about lies, life and love.


Aqua-Serious #1

People said Apgujeong-dong was the biggest, crowded and loudest street in Seoul. It had to be like it used to be in Victoria Song’s old days. But today she couldn’t feel anything. Everything could be different since now on.

Sighed heavily Victoria walked straight without mind to even looked around. Another job flew away from her hand again. If she calculated, it had been 3 month she got nothing to do. No movies, no CF and even no dramas. Perhaps in the earlier it wouldn’t be a big problem. Victoria didn’t like to complain about her jobless.

But it was before her family torn apart and she lived with her mother. Addition, her step-mother who scolded her everytime since Victoria got nothing to do. It was frustrating, Victoria thought, she needed a support, nice and wise words anyway.

And with reality that she didn’t get any job just made her upset in the first place.

“According to your face, you lost it again, don’t you?” Park Boyoung, Victoria’s friend in same company, unsurprisingly walked toward her.

Victoria smiled desperately. “Wrong time. I think my manager forget about the time changing in that audition. It’s okay, he said he will try again for me next time.”

“He told you the exactly same words last time,” said Boyoung. Her eyebrow lifted up. “I told you this company will never appreciate you. I’ll help you to find another company, okay? I don’t like they mistreated you like this. It’s not like they would mind to remember your first debut and grabbed all the newcomer awards one year ago!”

Here she went again. Victoria couldn’t do anything but smile weakly. Park Boyoung always had her hypothesis for a long time about how the company forgot Victoria and always gone with another actress. Victoria realized the reason though. She’s Chinese. If she had been in this industry, it could be counted as miracle.

“Don’t you want to complain?” Boyoung asked.


“You,” she said solidly, “to Representative, to this company’s CEO, to your manager, to everyone.”

Victoria blinked her eyes. “Finally… you go crazy.”

“I am serious, Victoria Song. I’ll try my best to help you,” Boyoung said again. “Listen, it’s no use for you become an actress without any single movie to be added to your profile. Also, I don’t even forget all of the compliments for you last year. You were born to be the one of shining star.”

“That’s very supporting, thank you.” Victoria smiled and once again to be thankful to her only friend in company. “But I don’t wanna listen about this complain matter anymore, at least for 2 years later.”

Park Boyoung pouted. “That’s very no fun of you.”

Victoria laughed before Park Boyoung left for another movie project. When she was alone, Victoria would feel lonelier than ever. She was 24 this year yet she only got 2 movies titles in her profile. It wasn’t like she could be complaining but she had been in this industry for damn 5 years. Maybe Boyoung was right. This company couldn’t appreciate her for everything; for talent and skill she had.

Perhaps… her friend had been right since the very beginning.

Cho Kyuhyun stared at his father blankly. Whatever his father had said, Kyuhyun surely heard it wrong. He had no desire to become the next CEO of Universe Movies. No when he was very serious in majoring instruments. He wanted to make a big music studio which could show any kind of music events, not a movie with the lack of musicality.

He was frozen. His ability to talk back was disappeared. Kyuhyun believed it was one of his father’s superpower.

“You know your mother needs extra-care, Kyuhyun,” he said.

Oh yea, who wouldn’t know about that? Kyuhyun thought.

An accident that occurred 3 month ago made Kyuhyun’s mother couldn’t walk anymore. It was a big storm in Cho’s. Mrs. Cho was a sunshine in her house. She controlled both Mr. Cho and their only one son, Kyuhyun. Their small family is the happiest ever.

When everything changed, one by one in that house also changed. Her mother became introvert, refused to show herself, and even barely found to be smiling. Kyuhyun would never imagine her mother was that frustrated with her current condition. He didn’t blame her though. Kyuhyun just knew everything was difficult for her mother.

His father also frustrated toward his wife. He needed to take care of her yet couldn’t leave his company. He thought he wouldn’t ask Kyuhyun for replacing him in the company ever since he knew his son didn’t give a damn heart for movie industry. Kyuhyun also knew about that. His father didn’t have any option.

“We have a project, it’s 10 billion won if you mind to care,” his father said. Kyuhyun could see wrinkles around his eyes. Maybe this was ridiculous but Kyuhyun realized how old his father was now. “Casting, shooting, and everything will be on your handle.”

Kyuhyun couldn’t even answer. His mind went blank. He knew nothing about movie production and his father wanted him to take care this project. He could make any kind of mistake and give a big loss of company anyway.

So it was only time matter to his father for kicking Kyuhyun out from the house.

“Don’t ruin this,” his father read his mind. How scary. “Or I wont even give you a damn of my money.”

“Listen, Dad,” Kyuhyun started. He watched his father, alarmed with anything that his father brought to fly over his face. “I… I don’t want to disappoint you, but–“

“Then don’t.”

Kyuhyun sighed and stared at his father in disbelieve. “Dad…”

“You get Secretary Lee to help you with anything. I’ll still give my eyes on you so don’t think you can do any silly thing in this project.” His father disliked to be refused. Especially by his own son. “It just for about 3 month. You will lose nothing, Kyuhyun.”

Except for my freedom, yes I will lose nothing. Kyuhyun bit his tongue to avoid those words.

“Sure.” Kyuhyun had given up. “Would you mind to tell Secretary Lee about this?”

Secretary Lee was 2 years older than Kyuhyun. He was shorter than Kyuhyun but his charisma was unbeaten. Kyuhyun could see from his way of standing, talking or even just staring. Secretary Lee got name Lee Hyukjae so Kyuhyun didn’t bother to call him Secretary. He called Hyukjae instead.

Lee Hyukjae wore a gray suit which fit to his body. Kyuhyun thought this guy was a gym-mad. One person who helped him in this project was Lee Hyukjae so Kyuhyun couldn’t do anything but relied on him.

“I’ve sent the announcement of audition to the all of companies, Sir.” Hyukjae said with a pen and paper in his hand.

“Call me Kyuhyun. I’m not that older to get ‘Sir’ nickname,” he said. Kyuhyun didn’t have any idea about this audition thing. He just wanted this to finish very very soon. If he wanted, he could ask the actress he wanted actually. Kyuhyun had a lot of favorite actress anyway.

But once again, his father really gave him eyes.

His father wanted a fresh actress. Didn’t mean to be newcomer but her image should fit to this movie. And to be honest, Kyuhyun didn’t even understand what his father had said.

“K-kyuhyun,” Hyukjae tried and found that had satisfied Kyuhyun. “The audition will be held next Friday. Your father will watch it as well so I think you can learn about this movie script before.”

Kyuhyun breathed with a deep sigh. Of course he should learn. This was the only way to meet his father’s expectation.

“Sure.” Finally he said. It wouldn’t be long, Kyuhyun was sure. The script probably was not hard to be read. “Where is it?”

Hyukjae turned his back and took a thick looked book with green cover. Kyuhyun told himself to die right after. He reminded himself to get an extra pay from his father as well. Extra for spending his precious time with reading and had no fun in here.

It would be his longest hell ever.

Victoria was in a theatre, in Park Boyoung’s movie premiere. She couldn’t help but watched her friend silently. Park Boyoung was a great friend but also a great actress. Victoria had to admit that. For addition, Park Boyoung had everything included big luck and support from their company.

This crowded made Victoria went deaf. She was longing her old days when she stood at the theatre. Everyone stared at her admiringly. Victoria loved to be adored since then.

Boyoung always said to Victoria that she was one of those shining stars. It was only the time-matter.

Victoria would be like to believe Boyoung. But the reality didn’t go through her effort in any way. She was tired and keep remember her glory day as rookie. As Boyoung said, Victoria also didn’t forget those days.

Victoria Song, Best Newcomer Actress 2012.

She should be the next star soon.

Her acting was great.

I didn’t see anyone but her in that movie.

She was nice in person too.

Her Korean was not bad, cute.

Her sight became blur with those moments. Victoria didn’t know when everything changed. It might something when wrong in her back. She believed the fact that she was Chinese wouldn’t give a damn big impact like this. At least that what her manager said over and over again.

Victoria should trust him but everytime he said so, she found she didn’t trust him anymore.

That trust word became blur as well. Victoria knew it would be hard to walk in this path. Became an actress in Seoul wouldn’t be as easy as became one in Taiwan or Beijing or even in Hongkong. Victoria was upset now.

“I know what you are thinking, Victoria Song,” Boyoung had left the crowded to see Victoria. Once again she felt touched yet ashamed. Boyoung didn’t have to being like this toward her anyway. “Let’s watch together! I’ll sit next to you.”

Victoria gulped her saliva and tried to smile. “Everyone is waiting for you, you little girl. Just go, I have to go now.”

“Why?” Boyoung couldn’t hide her disappointment.

“It’s… my mother told me to be home very soon,” Victoria lied. Boyoung knew that expression. Her friend was very upset and she couldn’t do anything about that. When she tried to comfort Victoria, more upset Victoria would get. “Sure. Go ahead. Let’s meet tomorrow at company, okay?”

Victoria nodded before walked through the exit door. She couldn’t hold this feeling anymore. She needed project, movie project to be exact, soon. People should stop looking down on her.

When she stood waiting for her car, her phone rang. Victoria looked at the screen, found her manager was calling her. She was upset so her manager better shouldn’t talk about nonsense anymore.

“Yes, Oppa?” Victoria greeted. Her smile climbed over her face slowly. “Audition? UM you mean Universe!? Sure, I’ll come to company tomorrow. Thank you very much!”

Victoria let a satisfaction sigh. An audition of Universe Movies production. This was she want and she need. If she got this, everything would be different and of course be better.

The one and only thing she should do was join to that audition. Most importantly of course grabbed the role.

The house was dark. Victoria looked around and almost no sound from inside of her house. She wondered if her mother couldn’t catch up the train. Her mother said she would visit her uncle in Gwangju. Victoria thought this visit trip would make her mother stopped to complain about her actress career.

Victoria took out the golden key and put it to the white wooden door. This house was given by her father before he left to China. Victoria ever thought it might be the right decision if she followed him. But somewhat she felt stay in Seoul could bring her to another glory.

But at that time she had no idea that she would stuck in her career.

Surely it was too soon to say her career stuck but Victoria couldn’t think anything else. In her old days, her company had helped her with everything. She trusted them like family, that none family wanted to see its member to fall.

Perhaps it was just her who thought that way. She was told that she was too positive thinking so couldn’t alarm if other person tried to use her. Well… that was none told Victoria but Boyoung.

Victoria turned on the light. Her eyes went around and found she was really alone tonight. She let out a heavy sigh and smiled weakly. She realized her chance was coming again. The audition would open her way like it had used to be. She wished to grab this role, this movie, this project. Maybe it would be difficult but at least Victoria knew she should try. She wasn’t a bad actress, her acting was great as people complimented her.

And she was proud of her acting.

She smiled lightly before found a sheet of paper in dining table. Victoria knew this was her mother’s handwriting. The one thing she didn’t know was what kind of letter that written to her who lived in the same roof?

That letter was short. Victoria could read it in 30 seconds. But as the result she felt her body as soft as feather. Victoria tried her best to find a better explanation than this one; her mother left her with a lot of zero in her debts. So this was the reason why her mother kindly prepared breakfast.

She had left Victoria alone. Oh maybe not really alone since her mother also gave her debts behind.

Victoria suddenly felt dizzy. So her mother left, okay she could handle that fact. But debts? Victoria didn’t even know what her mother debts for. Stared blankly at the letter and Victoria thought she could go crazy. Her mother’s debt was impossible to be paid!

In this moment, she knew it would be useless to think positively but well… she did. Victoria calmed herself down. She could go through this, she thought.

For a beginning step, Victoria must be sure she could get that role.

The next day

Cho Kyuhyun was lost. At least he felt so in this audition preparation. He just stared at Hyukjae who made every single move to make sure this event would be perfect. Kyuhyun sighed. So typical to his father. He realized his father hired this kind of guy around him.

For the very first time Kyuhyun blessed to know he was his father’s son. Without that fact maybe Kyuhyun had been kicked out a thousand years ago.

“Is something wrong?” Hyukjae asked. He put his papers away and watched Kyuhyun as he had kept stare at him.

“Nothing,” he said flatly. Somehow he felt useless for standing and keeping eyes on the working Hyukjae. Kyuhyun knew at least he should do something but he had nothing to do. This movie business blinded him.

Hyukjae silently nodded as stared back at his paper. Honestly he perhaps knew a bit about Cho Kyuhyun but he chose not to ask anything. CEO Cho had been ordered to watch over his son and gave him any kind of help that maybe he needed. Hyukjae couldn’t refuse nor ask. This was how his job had been going anyway.

“So what should I do is only attend to this event, scoring and choosing?” Kyuhyun looked up at the mini stage in front of him. That stage was decorated with colorful ribbon and big poster written Universe Movies Audition.

Hyukjae smiled and nodded. “Basically that’s all what you have to do, but–“

“Let’s take this in basic only,” Kyuhyun cut. So his job would like a normal judge and sure it wouldn’t be difficult at all. “Can I go now?”

“Well… since I’ll be here until all the preparations ready, you can–“

“Go. Thank you!” he cut again and left without even tried to look back at Hyukjae.

Hyukjae let out a sigh. “I mean you can help me here with minor thing.” He watched Kyuhyun’s back as it went further. “Sure, go.”

“You said I can’t join that audition!?” Victoria raised her voice. This was her first time to almost scream at her manager.

“Victoria, I know I didn’t tell you like this last night–“

“Yea! That’s the point.” Victoria sighed as held her anger inside. “Last night, you told me I can join that audition, you said it was Universe Movies production so it would be a golden ticket for me. Last night, you told that you would help me to get this role no matter what. And last night, you even told me to give my best into this one. What happen to the last night talk?”

Her manager learnt the changing of Victoria’s face. It was his first time to face her anger like this. “It’s an order.”

Order. Victoria sighed once again as made a fist. Everything those happened in her life were an order after all. She was being a puppet since she had joined to this company. At least she had been a nice puppet til last night.

Last night she had her hope went to the sky. Last night she had been left by her step mother with debts as bonus. And last night she had decided to fight and gave no damn care to the people who had controlled her.

“I… I have to get this role,” she said. “Even if I can’t make any appearance in this industry, I still have to get this one. Please… I need this.”

“I know what happened to your mother,” her manager gave Victoria a sympathy look, the very last thing Victoria wanted. “This role is supposed to be Boyoung’s.”

Victoria glared in disbelieve. “She just got a movie premiere last night if you don’t remember.”

“I told you it’s an order, Victoria.” Her manager saw Victoria boiling her blood. “I’d like you to know that I give you my fully permission to take this audition. You can try but I’d also like to remind you that it would be pretty impossible since our CEO keep an eye on this.”

So this could be a nice try. Victoria thought by herself. It should be enough if she had her manager’s permission or whatever. The only thing she should do was trying now.

Perhaps she would lose this chance. Perhaps she couldn’t even get a damn chance of this. And perhaps she could lose her company as well.

But she at least needed to try. She would get this role and shut that damn CEO’s mouth up.

Audition’s day

This wasn’t her first time to attend an audition. Victoria calmed herself down. It wasn’t her first time so no needed to feel nervous like this. But she remembered this was her first time join in audition by fighting over her company.

“I will no care,” she mumbled.

If something bad would be going on, she just had to go back to her hometown. She wouldn’t even care to her mother’s debt since she knew nothing damn about it. Her father would be glad if finally Victoria gave up on her dream. She could help her father in his business anyway.

That was her plan to live her life.

“You’ll do this great, Victoria,” Park Boyoung watched her and smiled as giving encourage. She wanted to take Victoria to the audition place. Victoria knew Boyoung had refused the order to join this audition and she felt guilty somehow. “What are you thinking?”

Victoria smiled back. “You. I think I have to succeed in this for you too.”

“Well… that’s pretty nice of you, Song,” Boyoung laughed lightly. She put her hand in Victoria’s shoulder as gave pats. “Sure.”

For the last time in Boyoung’s car Victoria let out a heavy sigh. She left the car and smiled awkwardly to Boyoung before her friend waved her hand. Victoria walked through the door as passed her profile.

Victoria had learnt about the character of this movie. Han Soobin, a woman who worked as radio DJ and soon falling in love with a man named Kim Jungwoo. After they were falling in love each other Han Soobin realized that Kim Jungwoo was her biological brother. This was a family melodrama movie.

Not really Victoria Song’s style but still she needed this one.

Looking around Victoria found she was the only one actress who attended without manager. She felt so small suddenly. Maybe she had to give her manager a call but she knew her manager wouldn’t care.

Or perhaps he care but couldn’t show it at all.

Victoria didn’t use to think people were bad. Especially her manager. He had been taking care of her with everything she needed. So the thought about her manager would like to watch her fall didn’t match Victoria’s thought at all.

In fact, he was helping her by gave his permission. Nothing so much nor big but surely meaningful for her.

As time went by, Victoria watched all the participants failed one by one. It was no joke. Victoria gulped. The judges were not easy to be satisfied. Or… no. Victoria had been observing and found that one of the judges was surely a jerk.

She heard people recognized him as the CEO but some people knew he was the son of the real CEO. Victoria couldn’t help but feel annoyed. That son of CEO surely had a damn nice luck in his life.

“Number 67, Victoria Song,” As she was called, Victoria left her coat and stood in stage.

Victoria stared at the judges and finally found that Cho Kyuhyun guy. He was wearing a nice suit, well… black nice suit. Cho Kyuhyun was handsome and she felt no surprise. Rich people were barely shown as an ugly one.

“I believe you have read the script that sent to your company,” Kyuhyun started.

Victoria nodded as was reminded Boyoung had been given the script to her. “Yes, I have.”

“Scene 45,” he said without even wanted to give Victoria a look. Handsome jerk. Victoria thought.

This was not difficult at all. Scene 45 was when Han Soobin held her tears in front of Jungwoo. Victoria always gained praises for her tears act anyway. She did it very well.


“Disqualified,” Kyuhyun made everyone stared at him as he went crazy. Hyukjae felt surprise a bit since Victoria Song was the best one til now. Kyuhyun titled his face. “Miss Song, right?”

Victoria nodded silently. Later she said, “Yes.”

“I told, you have been rejected,” he said again. So much jerk and less handsome now. “You heard me, didn’t you?”


Heol~ people are having less interest to this Kyutoria, eh? xD

Forgive my bad engrish. ><



I wish you can get everything you want, fulfill your dreams and get more love from everyone! I’ve been loving you and still have love left for you everyday. ❤

ps: The script was based on Ilana Tan’s Autumn in Paris if you guys realize. xD


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      • Yuhuu~ I made it to publish on feb 2nd. ;~;
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      • Sure he did. xD I make him as childish one in here. Hope it’ll work. xD
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