[Kyutoria] Aqua-Serious -Prolog-



Both are Aquarians. Both are serious. Both are crazy for perfection.

And both soon will fall for each other.

Victoria Song is a 3rd-level actress with bad luck. She has talent, skill or whatever movie industry needs. She, in another word, is perfect as an actress. Her company decides to use her as bait for the other actress above her. She’s Chinese so it surely will be difficult path to make her way in Korean movie business. In conclusion, her company wont make Victoria shown on the big screen.

Cho Kyuhyun is the only son of CEO of Universe Movies, the biggest movie production company. He has sharp-mouth, lack in sociality and anything that business world would dislike. His father still works on movie industry but soon he surely will give his company to Kyuhyun. The first movie project he handles will be out of his father’s hand so Kyuhyun has no choice but to make this movie succeed, of course in his own standard.

A story about lies, life and love.


Another Kyutoria fanfiction… and in engrish. It’s been a long time and idea popped up everytime Victoria’s bday comes by. ><

I promise it’ll be fast. ^-^;


23 thoughts on “[Kyutoria] Aqua-Serious -Prolog-

  1. Nice to see you will write on about them again :* and in english too.
    By the way, may I know who is the 3rd person in their affair ? Or there’s no 3rd person ?
    I have some photos of them that I edited with photoshop, so I would like to send them to you hehe, where I can send them ?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Its nice to know you glad too. ^-^ I think I should write the english one since I stopped the first. xD
      Ah, I thought about Donghae or Siwon, but I think I’ll ask to you who should be their 3rd?
      Waw! Really? I’d be glad if you make Aqua-serious poster anw. :’)
      You can send to my email (arselia93(@)gmail(.)com) or gimme the link through twitter in @ShelaHarjono. Thank you so much! ^-^

      • how about joongki ? joongki as angel, and kyuhyun as evil hehe.do u like song joongki ?
        but, its up to you, cause i love the way you ‘share’ your story, whoever main casts.
        i think i can send some photos of kyutoria on sunday, im lil busy now 🙂 im sorry .

      • Song Joongki is nice~ xD Well let see wut I get for Victoria here.. :’)
        Sure sure.. whenever you want dear. Its up to you tho.. ^-^

      • Ok. Maybe you wanna request bout poster for your fanfic ? Just describe me that concept, I will edit some for you 🙂 for example,kyu and vic in black, or with their sad/happy face . But I’m just amateur, so I’m so sorry if its not as good as you wish hehe. I’ll send you some photos now 🙂

      • Well basically i just want you to put the title Aqua-Serious. The rest is up to you dear. ^-^ I’m thankful enough to get poster from you anyway. :’)
        If I have to add, I want some Aquarius sign *again related to the title* Thats it. And thank you so much~ ^-^
        I’ll post the 1st chapter now. 😉

  2. annyeonghaseyo, joneun putri imnida, eader baru disini..
    eonni, i’ll be waiting for this fanfic, and another fanfic that you post here..

  3. aaaaa yoo ~~~ suka suka suka. aaa okey they both are serious, and both will fall for each other. ahh another kyutoria ff, ash kemaren baru ada moment di SMA, and yeaah cant wait yoo! asap! hahaha

  4. i didn’t used to be kyutoria shipper , since i hvn’t shipping them as couple~ xD
    well that’d be a nice try since i love both kyu and vic :3
    and bet this story would be nice to read~ 😀
    will wait for upcoming chap(s) 😀
    and gotta read ur kyutoria fanfic(s) here 🙂
    kkkk~ xD

    • Hehehe~ well.. i cant help but force you to try. xD
      I hope this story is nice too since its been a long time i write in engrish. T^T
      See ya soon then! ^-^

  5. I just started to read this fanfic, I’m too late T^T hahaha awkay I’ll read Aqua Serious til last fict -.-
    but can I get the password pweaseeee ;;;;;;
    I’ll mention u at twitter unnir *winks* lelelel

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