7 Years of Super Journey

Happy Anniversary, My Superman! :’)

Time does fly fast, doesn’t it?

7 years and we’re still here together. Just Super Junior and ELF. Both of us. We never need anyone else who doesn’t understand our love. Yes, we’re that arrogant.

Because everyone keep looking down at us, still underestimate us. They never know what we’ve been through and what we have just this love.

I’m proud of you, boys. All of you, no exception, for being a cool superman. ^-^

7 years and still going! Super Junior, the Superman, the last man standing!

I’ll make sure I’ll still be here for you. Make sure leader come back happily. Make sure Kim Heechul join the team soon. Make sure Kim Kibum come back to his ‘home’. And make sure Hangeng get succeed in every his way. 🙂

7 years… I’ve been loving you, not being the former part, but I know I will love you for the next next year that will come. I’ll love you forever. ^^

For all Everlasting Friends too, let’s being part of this everlasting love forever together. *kisses and big hugs*

Happy anniversary, once again, Super Junior! ^-^

ps: Ah, I miss Park Jungsoo even more. ;~;



8 thoughts on “7 Years of Super Journey

  1. #슈퍼주니어7주년
    together forever… like our name, “Everlasting Friend”, Super Junior will be everlasting too with us… above all of this, the important thing is they always healthy whenever they are… ❤

  2. Ini tahun ke 2 aq merayakan anniv. Mereka.
    They are my lovely, my oxygen, my spirit, my fuel.
    Love them so damn.
    Love my 13+2 angles.
    Miss they all be One.
    Chukkaeyo oppadeul^^.
    Keep ur health, keep ur smile, keep ur spirit.. Love u oppa.

  3. wooooow .. good talkiiing~~ :3
    aaang~ agreed 100% !! we’re that arrogant xD
    rilly proud and glad to be one of the most arrogant ppl in this world then x”D

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