[021012] POOrple~

New family member!

Call him (him or her? xD) POOrple~ Poor, my friends said he’s ugly. But he’s cute though… for me. Hehehe~

I found Poorple when I went to Matos. And my friend told me that Poorple is extremely ugly. I don’t think so~ Poorple is cute. He’s a monkey, with a long tail, and… he is PURPLE! For God sake! He’s purple and he’s monkey! How could I not love him? ;~;

Hah! I know perhaps I’m not an expert in found a good thing, but Poorple found me. Just think about Poo… and JJAN! Poorple came to my eyes. xD

Isn’t he cute? :’3

Or is he ugly? Say what you want. I’m in love with this thing tho. Kekeke~

Ah! The padlock… purple and t-shirt shaped. Isn’t that cool? xD I found it when I shopped with my mother. Padlock with 3 number combination as password! Can’t help but buy it immediately. :3

Anyway, I dunno what the padlock I’ll use for. HA HA HA! Maybe I will use it in my bag. xD I used it as my ring-keeper now. The number combination is… ***. I wont change it forevaaaa~

The picture… :’) Well… it’s not a picture, it’s the PC I got from SFS album. ^^

I was expecting to get Hyuk or Yeye (this one for Yara if she want), but I got 10-members PC instead. Yara was shocked and suddenly her Kyu PC had become nothing. Kyu in my PC is more handsome. Hyuk too. All of them are handsome anyway! Kekeke~

If the member PC is small, my 10-members PC is like a postcard! I love it~ I can even put it in my purple frame. J There they are… my 10 angels with their precious smile. ;____;

And of course it has 10 signatures too, behind this pic. ^^ Ah, surely Hyuk wrote Yoo JiHyuk. ;~;

I’m like show-off. HA HA HA! Sooooowwwrrryy~ :*

Ah, 1004… our angel. Cheonsa-nim… I miss him. So much. And Poo too. I miss him. I miss them all. My favorite boys. :’3

ps: sorry again. I blocked Young-woon oppa’s face here~ So did Kyu’s. Ah, Yeye too… *bow*


6 thoughts on “[021012] POOrple~

  1. everybody has a thing that he/she love right..??? *bener gk tuh inggrisnya..??? 😀
    your POOrple is cute .. like me ^^ 🙂

  2. hahahha… that poorple is so jihyuk… you know that, no wonder is you love your poorple so much.. xD & about the the combination numb for your padlock, i know that 3 digit number without you tell it to me.. so easy to be guess… xD
    about the pc.. WOAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! did you see that my OT3 are made a triangle there??? >< with hyuk as the center… asdfghjkl~ i want it so bad!!!! gimme shel… T^T

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