Only U

My heart only has you, your heart only has me.

Leader-nim, it’s obviously like you. You who understand very clearly about our heart. You who always appreciate even a small gesture from us. You who always know our love very well.

It’s so heart-breaking just by imagining you’ll leave for awhile. It’s not because we wont support anything what you’ve deciced, it’s just we can’t let you go easily.

To be honest, I’m always afraid.

What if you leave and wont comeback? What if you stay in your invisible place and leave us in this bright place? And so many what if(s) blurred my mind.

I can’t lose you. I need you. I need you to lead those 12 boys and 2 family-members. I need you for not only being Super Junior Leeteuk, I need you… as Park Jeong-soo too.

This song… I personally will say thank you. You remember our love like this, that you’re always proud of our love. Me too, we are too. We’re so proud that you love us like this.

It’s okay if we’re lacking. It’s okay even if we’re left behind. Anything is okay when I know I have a big love and you have a bigger one for us.

I’m a grateful person. It’s such a greatest happiness that I’m able to know you. The best luck to get know all of you. It’s so amazing thing to know all of you also love us as big as we love you all. Thank you.

Let’s not say sorry each other. Let’s build a sweetest memories that we can proud of. Let’s… being together forever. ^-^

We’re growing together, being old together, and I’m not bored. I want forever like this. Having you guys as my boys. Just like what you said, it’s true that nothing’s long last forever. But in that long last period, I know I still wanna be with you.

I want to be your Everlasting Friend… for the rest of my life.

In my big world, with a sincere heart, I can say, it’s Only U. Only U who have a warm heart. Only U whom I want to give my shoulder on. Only U who give me many precious memories.

Thank U. Thank U. Thank U.

I love U. I love U. I love only U.

Remember this love, remember this happiness, remember those joyful tears and I’m happy. I… will remember it. I will remember and wait for you, so comeback soon. ^-^

Let’s fighting together! Our Park Jeong-soo can do well, always so, isn’t it?

Our Park Jeong-soo wont let us down, rite? So please keep cheering for him, support him, love him as much as you can. Wait for him. He who always waits and bows in very end stage. Don’t you know it, he always becomes a very last person who leave. Just only we can become like him too. Still waiting, still say thank you whenever have a chance.

That’s our Park Jeong-soo. ^-^

Lots of love,

Everlasting Friend.


3 thoughts on “Only U

  1. aaah, tak bs berkata apa2…
    nangis plus nyesek bc’y.. T.T
    ngebayangin suju tanpa leader, tanpa penopang n penuntun mereka.. tp smg mereka bs bertahan n melewati’y, onnie yakin itu… 🙂

    tetap support, tetap nunggu mereka…
    suju 13+2+elf selalu bersama…^^

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