[040412] His Day, My Day


Hey! +1 for you, my Poo~ ^-^

Happy birthday! Getting old, eh? Don’t worry, you will always be my lucky8 boy! :*

I just love how day by day passed and finally arrived in this day. Somehow, the feeling of waiting your birthday is really nice. I feel blessed, happy, and yea, happy. Lol.

Another birthday, another wish(es), another happiness for you! ^-^

Happy birthday, dear Lee Hyukjae. Have a great day, dear Super Junior Eunhyuk. Enjoy your day, dear Spencer Lee. I love you everyday, but getting more in this day, so… yea, I love you, dear Poo. :*

Wish… you will never feel alone, always show me your-stupid-yet-my-favourite-gummy-smile, and of course I wish you can get all of what you wanted. But please remember not all of those can be reached. Eventho I know you will try your best, give your best effort, and pull yourself too much sometime, but please do remember you will still have a chance.

Chance is not happen, chance is made. ^-^

So make your own chance(s) and try again and try again to reach all your dreams, Hyukjae-ssi.

Don’t pull yourself too much, sometime you have to enjoy your life and let everything flows like it has to be. Don’t get stressed, your job is to entertain your audience, your jewel(s), and your Yoo *slapped* So, I think you also have to entertain yourself. xD

Take care yourself, take care Choco too~ I sincerely hope you can celebrate your birthday with not-only-Choco, mom-dad-sister in law (?) or your members, you can celebrate it also with… a girl, maybe?

Last year you got a fireworks party in Taiwan, didn’t you? How about a kisses-and-hugs party this year from meh? *smirk*

Anyway, whatever the party that you got this year, I just hope you can enjoy your day, Lee Hyukjae. ^-^

The reason I love your birthday and its simple number is…

Because I feel blessed to let you in to my flat-life. I’m blessed to have you as my imaginary-boy. I’m blessed to know you as Lee Hyukjae or Eunhyuk or whoever you are.

Because… if I don’t know someone special was born in this day, I surely don’t know what kind of life that I can get.

Because… I know when I meet you, it’s a fate. My good fate, maybe the best one.

Because… I knew I love you when you were born as Lee Hyukjae, the special person in my world. ^-^

Are those reasons enough?

Nope, I still have a thousand reasons why I love your birthday date, why I love and getting more and more in love with you. >//< Eventho I couldn’t tell you, you can feel it, ne? :’3

As you celebrate your birthday in there, I also enjoy today too! It’ll be great if I can give this cute cakes to you, eh? :’3 But don’t worry, I’ll share it with my friends so they can wish the best for you too~ ^-^

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

Happy birthday…

I love you… :*

The best dance machine ever, Lee Hyukjae, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
The most handsome rapper, Lee Hyukjae, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The most precious person in this world, Lee Hyukjae, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
The most beautiful oases in every dry hearts, Lee Hyukjae, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
And the most important oxygen to be inhaled, Lee Hyukjae, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Everyone still remember the meaning of Poo, right? ^-^


16 thoughts on “[040412] His Day, My Day

  1. Entah udah bilang ini keberapa kalinya, selalu suka kata-katanya Shela.. (•ˆ⌣ˆ•) Buat Yoo~ Just keep your heart for him, your imaginary boy. But, remember.. You have to get your real boy in your real life, maybe not now, but someday you will… Cmiiiiw 😉 Buat Poo~ lelaki yang sudah menjadi sahabat my precious one sejak sama2 jadi trainee, terimakasih.. ~^^ terimakasih sudah menjadi sahabat 이성민 ku, terimakasih sudah menjadi Poo-nya Choi Ji Yoo, dan terimakasih sudah menjadi seorang Super Junior Eunhyuk ~^-^

  2. terima kasih krn sudah terlahir ke dunia ini. Hppy bday, hyukiiee 😀

    kata2 nya bagus bangetttt

    suju jjang! elf jjang!


  3. kak shelaaaaaa aku mau jujur. Aku nangis TT-TT unyu banget TT-TT ngeliat kue di atas itu….itu bikinan kak shela? Woa daebak! Tiba-tiba aku jadi pengen ikutan juga, tapi bedanya kalo heechul ulang tahun aku BELI kue….*hening

  4. Mski aQ bukan bias si Mr Gummy-smile, tetep m0u ngucapin . . . HAPPY P00-DAY . . .h0pe U’ll get d’best, as Yo0’s prayers . . . N buat Shela, keep writing! ! Eh sumpah, tu tulisannya ngebantu bgt buat blajar ngInggris . . . .>////< *shy*


  5. Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…… uhuk..uhuk… saking smngatnya teriak jd batuk2 gj gini…

    semakin dbaca semakin bikin speechless…
    ga tau musti komen apa lg..
    postingan ini bener-bener… huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. kereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen bangeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet…..

    Hyukppa bruntung bgt dsayangi Yoo…
    Kalo aja Hyukppa baca ini, pasti…. *mikir* emmm.. kmungkinan trbesar.. snyum2 sndiri, g bs tidur, bangga bgt krn dicintai yeoja sepintar ini, cari org yg namanya Ji Yoo atau Shela… *ngawur kambuh*

    Udah ah, udh amat bingung mau ngomong apa lg..
    That sentences are damn tremendous..

    the last…
    mian kalo sy mngotori rumah ini dg komen sampah saya..
    khamsahamnida.. *bow, petik stroberi, pulang*

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