Again! Update

Di saat orang lagi syibuk ngurusin something, selaaaalu aja update twitter! -__- Sampe ganti ava aja mesti disms Jung Haneul eonni. Tch~ Lee Hyukjae, you are really something!

After ‘The Choco Special Fashion Show‘, you showed me your precious smile. >,< Lee Hyukjae, forgiven. xD

Yea yea, you’re cool, Eunhyuk-ssi.. *angguk angguk*

You updated 2 pics but I just post this one. You have a right to get one shot for once, no twice nor thrice. :3 Keep updating, Poo! :*

Anyway, I miss yuh~ ;A;

Ah, this is my 282 posts! xD Nice number, 282, my birthday. Muahahaha~ So I will end my random posting here. ^-^

Cr: @AllRiseSilver


20 thoughts on “Again! Update

  1. anyeong chingu…aq sk ff nyaaa….
    slh satu bias aq jg eunhyuk…hihiii blh.mnt pw ff yg dprotect gk?? jebal..


  2. Eonnie! Eonnie! Eonnie! Aku boleh minta password ‘a night for you’ sama ‘still yours’ ga, eon? u,u

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