[040312] Give Up..

Hello, my friend! It’s been a long time since I used you to hurt my skin..


 Perhaps I missed you too much, last night. But thank you for divide my pain. Thank you for make the scar so I can’t forget this for a while. Dividing the pain from heart to the hand. You will never know how great it felt!

By looking my new scar, I remember what I mumbled last night. That I have to give up. Maybe I’m like that; everytime I can’t, I just have to give up. Just like that and I’m officially giving up, happy now?

Hey, friend! The scar wasn’t felt last night, but this morning I can feel all the pain. Thanks.

Ah, it’s also the first time I’m depressed til I need you, dear friend. I’m look pathetic last night, aren’t I? Crying, sobbing like a baby. What a shame! But as you know, I’m all alone, so none heard me. 😀

I give up! But, friend, maybe next time I will need you again, so… get ready! ^-^

Mm… I still feel the tears in my eyes now.