[070212] Lucky



I am lucky..

I am surrounded by luck..

For being myself, my true identity, I feel so lucky..

For being born in this family, I think I can’t get any better luck like that..

I, maybe, am not the best daughter, sister or family, but I know my family love me whoever I am. Whoever I turn into, they still love me as their best daughter, sister, and family member..

For being given some loyal friends, I feel so much lucky..

Maybe I do not have many friends like the others, but I know my-not-many-friends are the best!

Not many, but they know how to stay when I just wanna be alone. Not many, but their deep feeling are known by me. Not many, but I feel so relieved to have all of them..

This feeling is so great! Being loved like this is the best feeling ever, being needed is also jjang, being the first who contacted is good!

Thank you~ so much..

PS: I’m being a cry-baby easily, but I know it’s not a bad thing. ^-^;


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