[Kyutoria] Real Man -chapter 12-


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Changmin smiled as felt something weird in his heart. “He’s your magician, yea what else? So, how about me? What am I?”

“You are… great guardian,” Victoria emptied the cup with her last gulping tea. “My own guardian angel, the white and the great one.” She smiled widely as saw her face through his eyes.

Smiling again, Changmin stared at her face before turned his eyes to see his own face through the tea in his cup. “Guardian is not great..”


Chapter 12

Sighing heavily, Changmin lifted his head and forced himself to smile. He stared at Victoria. That girl didn’t look surprised. His silence confession was not read –at least for this girl. Gulping his saliva, he sighed once again.

“What will you do?” he asked. “To that jerk, I meant.”

Victoria released her legs as thinking for a while. “Well.. I don’t have any interest toward him, so why don’t I let him try?”

“You fall for him again.. already,” Changmin commented then laughed. “Don’t be angry~ It’s written in your face anyway..” he added.

“No, it’s not!” turning her head from Changmin, Victoria blushed. “I have to go. This schedule is near to kill me.” She said as took her brown handbag. One step she walked, Victoria turned back to him. “Ah, being a guardian is not that bad, anyway, Changmin-ssi..”

Changmin froze for a second before he could force small smile on his face. “Well.. maybe.”

“Thanks,” Victoria said as smiled softly. “For being a great guardian..”


Taiwan – 12 AM

“Cho Kyuhyun, I know you’re crazy since a long time ago, but I can’t even imagine your craziness will..” Sungmin sighed after he knew he got nothing from the man he talking to. “Yah! You hear me?”

Kyuhyun stopped his busy hands, turning his head to his hyung. “I heard you, Lee Sungmin. Stop complain..”

“And you, can you stop being crazy?” Sungmin added.

“I can’t, sorry,” lifting his shoulder, Kyuhyun back to pack his clothes. “Anyway, you will get my back, won’t you?”

Sungmin rolled his eyes then shook his head. “No, I won’t. Never. Even if you kneel down to me, I definitely will not backing you up!”

“Why? Don’t you ever feel falling in love? Don’t you understand my feeling now?” he said dramatically. Looking the not-care-Sungmin, Kyuhyun sighed –gave up. “I have to go.. and you will back me up, hyung. Or you will see your lovely pink stuffs in garbage.. soon.”

“Do you think I’m afraid? Go ahead~” Sungmin tried to win over this magnae.

Kyuhyun messed his hair up. “I beg you.. do you ever see I’m begging someone? Nope, this is my first time in this group, and it’s to you..”

“Is it how you begging?” he asked, confused. “Well.. 12 hours. That’s what you got!”


Seoul – 2 PM

The black car stopped in front of dorm. Luna and Victoria stepped out then waved their hand for a while. It had been a long time since they filmed Starking again and yes, that was exhausting. Walked slowly, they were talking about filming and schedule.

Luna startled for a second after she found their dorm door was unlocked. She turned her head to Victoria. “Eonni, Sulli said she has schedule this afternoon, didn’t she?”

“As far as I know, she did,” Victoria nodded strangely. “Did she leave dorm without lock the door?”

Shaking her head, Luna took her high-heel, grabbed it in hand. She would be ready if someone stalked to their dorm. It might be their first, but Luna surely knew how to handle a stalker or maniac.

“O, you guys arrived?” that sound welcomed them as they walked in silent. Luna and Victoria knew it was from living room. The one thing they didn’t know that there would be a man in their dorm.

Luna put her high-heel down and raised eyebrow. “Kyuhyun.. oppa?”

“Hi~” he greeted as stood up from sofa. Kyuhyun smiled widely and wider after saw Victoria with her confused-look. It was cute, for him. “Qian-ah.. hi!”

Victoria couldn’t greet him back but scolded. “You? What are you doing in.. our dorm?! Where’s Sulli?”

“Well.. she had wanted to leave when I arrived, so I said to let me here and waiting for you,” he explained coolly –too cool and ignorantly. “And she did, so here I am..” he smirked this time.

“Woaa.. Oppa is cool~” Luna praised him as heard his explanation.

Victoria glanced at her younger sister and commented. “What cool? He’s just heartless, careless, and clueless about anything.”

“Thank you,” Kyuhyun said like he got praised.

“Eonni, don’t you get it? The way oppa came to here and waiting for you, it’s totally cool,” Luna added. “Ah, anyway, I’ll leave you guys here, so enjoy~” she said before walked out.

Victoria almost yelled and held her group-mate in but suddenly she felt useless. She sighed as walked toward kitchen, totally left Kyuhyun alone. “Why he must be here? That jerk..” sighing again, she gulped water from the glass.

“Qian-ah~~~” here he is, she thought. “Don’t you think we have to talk?”

“Talk to yourself, Qian’s not here,” Victoria replied shortly –and silly. She was surprised when found Kyuhyun had faced her, still with his smirk. “What?”

He leant his back to the wall and stared at her constantly. “So, who are you? Are you the one who make Qian can’t fall for me again?”

“Ridiculous,” she commented. Sighing, Victoria rolled her eyes. She couldn’t anything but let this man went to his wish –talking, maybe. “Okay, go ahead..”

“I want you to cook, I’m hungry.. Do you know I had flight without lunch?” Kyuhyun said as blinked his eyes.

“What?!” Victoria stared at him widely. This man was totally unpredictable, she grumbled. She had thought Kyuhyun would talk about their relationship or maybe he would do some flirting act again, but this man was just… too unreadable. “Do you think I will care?”

“Do you think you’re not?” he asked back. Kyuhyun looked so damn innocent now, and yes it made Victoria sighed again.

Feeling lose, Victoria could help but made herself busy in kitchen..


“I miss your dishes,” Kyuhyun said as gulped his last fried-rice spoon. “I can’t get this when I was in Taiwan..”

Victoria rolled her eyes, “You have Ryeowook and he won’t let you being hungry or anything that related to food that suffer you, anyway. Don’t be so dramatical~ I won’t ever care..”

“You don’t care?” he asked. “Well.. you’re really really a bad actress. Don’t you think you have to quit from that drama soon before people scold you as an untalented actress then?”

“Drama?” she repeated. But soon she nodded as understood what this man was talking –or worrying about. “You still can’t let that thing go? Such a childish one..”

Kyuhyun thought he would explode with those ‘childish’ word, but amazingly he still calmed. “Tch~ that thing you’ve just said is not a good thing anyway.”

“Everything about my job are always NOT good for you anyway,” she stated, strong and straight to the main point.

“I don’t wanna start this, Qian,” Kyuhyun grabbed his mug and tried to swallow his anger. “I don’t have so much time to be spent for those stupid things that you call JOB.”

Victoria groaned as leant against chair. “So why don’t you make this simple? What do you want in here, in Seoul? I know you left Taiwan even when your schedule isn’t over yet. Can’t you just being a mature man for once?”

“Woaa~ you care? I got some good mark for you then.” he said happily. “Well.. I have Sungmin hyung to back me up, so no one will notice I’m gone–“

“Unfortunately,” Victoria cut him. “That Sungmin hyung whom you talked about had sent a message to me a moment ago, ask me to tell all of your members. Leeteuk oppa will come to drag you out from here, accompany you to the airport and will NEVER leave you before you get in to your plane successfully..”

Kyuhyun didn’t even realize his mouth was opened. “You did what?”

“Well.. you heard me, very well,” she said as smiled widely. Soon as she had enjoyed her victory, her ringing phone cut her happiness. That was Leeteuk. “Yes, oppa?”

“Victoria, can you just hold him for a while? I can’t go to your dorm this afternoon, I have a schedule. I’ll go there at… 6 PM..?” Leeteuk said in rush.

Victoria raised her eyebrow. “What?! You can’t do this, oppa~ I can’t even see him in my dorm for any second, how come you ask me to hold him until sunset..?!”

Leeteuk sighed as heard that girl’s complaining. “You can.. You MUST. I’ll take care of that jerk soon as I finish my schedule, okay? Okay.. thanks~”

“Hello? Hello?” Leeteuk hang up already, even before Victoria tried to show her aegyo. She stared at her phone screen. “What the..?!”

Kyuhyun glanced her with the corner of his eyes. “Well.. Teuk hyung really knows what he must to do.”

“He what?” she repeated, almost yelled.

“Do you think my members won’t side on me? They love me anyway,” he said confidently. Kyuhyun knew Sungmin would never let him broke the rules, but Kyuhyun also knew –very well- the hyungs in Seoul were totally on his side. “So, what are we going to do now?”

Victoria rolled her eyes and sighed. “I don’t wanna do anything.”

“But I want,” he said. “How about.. lying in the bed all day long?”

“You..” blinking her eyes, she walked to the kitchen, left him again. She mumbled, “Doesn’t it also mean we’re doing nothing? That stupid boy.. Lying in the bed? Go on, and you will turn into old ajussi, you brat.”


5 PM

Victoria walked out from her room, blinked for a while and started to looking for Kyuhyun. Suddenly that man was nowhere to be found. The sofa that he sat down on was empty. Victoria looked around and wondered, where did that man go now?

“Tch~ leave without any word?” she asked –complained to herself.

“I’m here, Qian,” that voice shocked her. Kyuhyun walked calmly. Victoria peeked over his shoulder, he must be from the balcony then. Kyuhyun sat on his previous place –the sofa, the grey one.

Victoria swallowed her saliva, knew something eased her. “Well.. I thought you give up.”

“What for? I’m not even starting yet,” he said coolly with his usual smirk. “Anyway, I need a pillow. Come here~~~”

Kyuhyun stared at Victoria and that girl was not even move for inch. So he MUST initiate first move as pulled her hand. Victoria was near to complain but Kyuhyun was one step faster. He made her –finally- sat beside him.

Without any single word as usual, Kyuhyun leant his head in her lap. “Nice pillow..”

“You.. get up now or–“

“I’m sorry,” he said as closed his own eyes slowly. “I’m sorry for hurt you. I’m sorry for my stupid mind to let you go. And I’m so sorry for confuse you with my strange act. Even though I know you enjoy my flirting and cute act–“

“Cute?!” she repeated in disbelieve tone.

“I do NOT finish yet, you little girl,” Kyuhyun opened his eyes and stared up at her face. “I’m gonna try to make you fall again. If I success with this stupid thing, I won’t ever complain again about your stupid drama or your fake husband..”

Victoria avoided eyes-contact with him. She knew her heart was beating under control, but she definitely would never want to show it in front of him. She didn’t wanna let Kyuhyun saw anything that he wanted to see.

“Well.. I’m done,” finally he closed his eyes again. “So, what’s your opinion, Miss Song?”

Swallowing her nervousness, she took breathe. “About what? Your ‘cute’ act or your stupid decision?”

“Anything is good for me,” Kyuhyun had no interest to get up from her lap.

“I think.. you still have 8 days left, so why do you have to be so in rush?” she stated. “I.. also think you have to back to Taiwan soon. I don’t wanna be the one who ruin your schedule, your job, and of course your life.”

Kyuhyun opened his eyes this time. He glared at her as felt annoying. “You have done that! You have –and still- ruined my life, and you ask me to leave now? I want to STAY.”

“Listen, Cho Kyuhyun-ssi,” she sighed heavily. “I really.. really don’t have any mood to talk about this leave or stay things. I need time, and you gave me 10 days –8 days left now- so why don’t you just use that days to comfort yourself? Or maybe use that days to forget me?”

Victoria gasped. Biting her bottom lips, she couldn’t look at the man who lay in her lap. For some reasons she was afraid; afraid if those words hurt herself.

“Well..” he said shortly as took a deep breath. “Do you think you can forget me in 8 days?” Before Victoria could open her lips, he cut, “Because I can’t. In the simple way, I can’t and I don’t wanna forget you or US, you hear me?”

Staring at her face, Kyuhyun smiled as moved his body to lean against sofa. Somehow he was amused by her innocent blinked eyes. Interesting, yet attractive.

Kyuhyun sighed then turned his sight from her. “I think.. I have to leave now.”

“W-what?” Victoria groaned as knew her respond was bad; because the man beside her was smirking. “I meant–“

“I meant I’ll leave you and go to airport now, is that what you wanted?” his smirk didn’t move. “Or.. you want me to stay? Strange.. you fall for me too fast. I’m too good-looking to be denied, don’t you agree?”

Victoria rolled her eyes. “Whatever, Mr. Too-Much-Confident..”


“Sorry, Victoria, I’ll take care this kid very well,” Leeteuk forced his magnae to bow.

Victoria smiled awkwardly and nodded. She knew Kyuhyun glanced at her, asked some help. Even though Leeteuk wouldn’t bully him –his age wasn’t the age to get bullying though, but Kyuhyun knew Leeteuk would use non-stop complain attack; it made him annoyed for an hour time to airport.

“We leave now,” smiling, Leeteuk waved and got in to his car. “I’ll make sure this kid back to Taiwan safely..”

“My ears won’t be safe anyway,” Kyuhyun mumbled as imagined how Leeteuk would make his ears deaf. Staring at Victoria, he sighed. “I’ll go now.. You can live without me here, right?” Kyuhyun smirked as mocked her. “I’ll be back soon, so you’ll feel I never leave you.”

Victoria couldn’t help but groaned. “Go now~”

“I’ll go,” he said as smiled softly. He stepped closer to Victoria, eyed her gently. Lifting his hand, Kyuhyun reached her left cheek and pinched it. “When I’m not around, you have to be a good girl.” Smiling again, he waved his hand and walked to the car. “See you soon~”

Victoria stared at the moving car and bit her bottom lips. Sighing deeply, she blinked and smiled. “I’ll wait, little boy..”


My first post in September~ How is everyone? *waving happily* (^-^)/

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