[Kyutoria] Real Man -chapter 11-


Changmin lifted his face, glanced at Kyuhyun for a while. “I have nothing.” Kyuhyun was near to cut, but Changmin went first, “If you’re sure you can take care of her once again, I DO have nothing to say.”

Kyuhyun confused. His bestfriend might be still drunk, but those words weren’t something that someone could say in this kind of situation, were they?

“Do you know something funny?” he said calmly. Kyuhyun waited him. “How much we care toward her and the way we protect her.. We’re different but we love the same person..”


Chapter 11

Kyuhyun covered his face with pillow and tried hard to remove that scene. But no matter how hard he tried, he clearly heard what Changmin said and also could remember the face when his bestfriend said those words. The conclusion was: Kyuhyun wasn’t dreaming now.

We’re different but we love the same person..

We love the same person..
Love the same person..

Same person..


“He’s drunk,” he commented, less to comfort himself. Kyuhyun leaned against the wall and took a deep breath. “He didn’t say the truth. He’s just angry, to me.”

Desperate. Pathetic. The way he comforted himself was totally make him looked stupid.

“Hey, wanna lunch?” Zhoumi surprised him by opened the door without a sound. Found that guy was talking by himself and afraid he would have a crazy friend, Zhoumi approached him. “Why? Don’t have a good time in Seoul?”

Kyuhyun lifted his head, stared back to Zhoumi. “No..” he answered shortly. But then he suddenly whispered, “When someone’s drunk, he will tell something different from what the usual he says, don’t you think it’s wrong?”

“Well.. maybe not something different like you said,” he corrected. “He just tells the truth, something like what he felt for a long time.”

“You’re kidding!” Kyuhyun declined that answer. Who wanted to accept the answer that you didn’t wanna hear, anyway?

Zhoumi glanced confusedly toward him. “Am I wrong again?” He always being the wrong one when talked with the guy in this room recently. About Qian, and now about drunk-man?

“No, it’s just…” he thought for a moment then shouted, “Yes! You’re wrong! Totally wrong!”

“Okay, my bad,” Zhoumi surrendered by held his hands in the air. “Let’s take some lunch~~”


@Seoul – 6 AM

Victoria awoke already. Since two hours ago she had opened her eyes and just sat calmly in her bed. She wouldn’t do anything now but his mind flied her to last night. The white van, the stupid guy, and the kiss.

She messed up her hair. “What the.. Qian, don’t you think it’s silly? He wants to break up, and after 20 hours he approached you and acted nothing had happened. That stupid brat..” she mumbled.

“Eonni,” Sulli opened the door, walked to the bed and sat in front of her.

“What?” she asked as saw the suspicious smile on Sulli’s face. “Why?”

After a while Sulli stared at her, she took out her phone. “Kyuhyun Oppa, he updated his cyworld..”

With her eyebrow raised, Victoria grabbed that phone. And yes, her stupid guy really updated his cyworld with some beautiful words and bright colors everywhere.

Ten days started… NOW~ written there.

Victoria couldn’t catch the meaning yet when her phone suddenly rang. She answered immediately. “Hello?”

“Hi.. do you miss me?” that voice successfully made her sighed. “I arrived in Taiwan last night, it was around… 1 AM.”

With death glare, Victoria mumbled. “Did I ask?”

“Eonni, you scared me,” Sulli who was next to her stood up and left her room. “I’ll wait you in the car~”

Victoria sighed heavily. Great. Even her lovely daughter would think she was crazy or cruel or whatever the bad things that she could think. Thanks to Cho Kyuhyun then..

“So, do you really miss me in there?” Kyuhyun asked again.

“No, thank you. Now hang the phone, I have to go,” she said coldly –at least she tried so.

But seemed like she failed, because that guy was laughing for a while. “Bad actress.”

“Yea.. that’s me. Thanks God, I’m not a heartbreaker like someone I used to know,” Victoria didn’t mean it, but yes it was heard harsh even to herself.

Someone I used to know..

What the heck were you thinking, Qian? She talked to her own self. Victoria waited for Kyuhyun now. What would he say after heard those harmful words from her?

“Hh~” she heard Kyuhyun sighed. Bad, it must be bad, she thought. “I need to being a new guy for you then.”

“You what?” Victoria widen her eyes. She couldn’t believe that guy was okay after she said those words. “Hey, you’re heartless, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m hurt, my heart is bleeding, you know?! The way you said ‘Someone I used to know’ is baaaad~” he complained. “How come you said that? But it’s okay, I’ll let it go. I still have nine days more, so take your time. You can say those kind of words on the ninth day. But it’s just when you CAN say that and do NOT fall for me once again.”

Victoria breathed heavily. She had no idea what kind of man this guy was.

“Thickness-face,” she scolded. “Don’t you have something to do? The better one than nagging on me now?”

Kyuhyun thought for a moment and smiled –or maybe smirked. “Well.. yea, I do. It’s not being called nagging, anyway. It’s flirting.” He added, “But I wanna ask you something.” Victoria listened him well. “Changmin.. did he call you? Last night?”

“Changmin?” she repeated. Kyuhyun rolled his eyes as heard she called that name. “No, he didn’t. And I do the same. I’m still mad with you guys alliance.”

With her answer, Kyuhyun could feel the wind blew his face. Refreshed him.

“I feel sorry for him,” he said proudly. “You’re angry to him, just him?”

“Forget it. I never said that,” Victoria pressed the red button in her phone. She threw that touch-screen thing and glanced at it. “Who are you? Too much confident-boy!”

“But he’s good enough,” Victoria lifted her face and found Sulli had been eye-watching her since a moment ago. “Kyuhyun Oppa is my ideal man for you~~~” she said before ran away.

Victoria giggled. “I know.. me too.”


Changmin opened his eyes slowly, but immediately closed them as well. He pulled his blanket again to avoid the sunlight that attacked his eyes. Felt useless with his sleep desire, he decided to wake up. Changmin blinked over and over, forced his eyes got used with his own room.

He looked around and suddenly felt dizzy. His head was extremely in pain. Changmin tried to remind himself if he got car accident or not last night. But then he realized he wasn’t.

Just drunk. Badly.

“Go get some food, you drunken master,” Yunho shouted as stood in front of the bed.

Changmin held his head tightly. If he didn’t remember he drunk, he must be thinking that he got car accident and hurt his head. “Hyung, who took me here?”

“Who? Kyuhyun-i, don’t you remember? You even couldn’t walk properly last night so he helped you,” he explained.

“Kyuhyun-i?” Changmin didn’t do anything but repeated that name.

He thought for a while then nodded as understand. Right. Kyuhyun asked his help for met Victoria, and he took a role as soju-mate for her manager. Stupid idea ever.

“So he must be back to Taiwan last night then,” he mumbled. But then Yunho hit his shoulder suddenly, made him shouted, “It’s hurt!”

Yunho rolled his eyes and pointed to Changmin’s phone. “Victoria called you an hour ago. Call her back soon, you hear me?”

“Qian-i?” he asked –to himself.

Changmin took his phone and checked his incoming calling. Yes, ‘Qian-i’ was there. But strangely he looked for ‘Kyuhyun-i’ and found nothing. Why did that jerk not call yet?

He felt strange about Kyuhyun but couldn’t remember why. Changmin might be losing his memory for a while. Damn that soju!

Ignoring his weird atmosphere, Changmin played with his phone and called. “Ah-Qian, you called?”



“Delay? How come you said that? I have to back now~~~” Henry could hear Kyuhyun nagged to their manager when he said SJM schedule wasn’t end yet. Kyuhyun got nothing –of course, so he sat beside Henry with mumbled. “I’ll lose another one day..”

Henry looked at him then asked, “Another one day? For what?”

“Chase after a game,” Kyuhyun answered shortly.

“Game?” he repeated, confused.

Kyuhyun refused to respond him and put headphone that he brought. Ten days decreased to eight days now. What he could do in those short time, he knew. But somehow he felt he must back as soon as he could. Those virtual-marriage-problem wasn’t over yet, and he got another one; Changmin’s shocking confession.

“Tch~ Crazy,” he scolded, didn’t realized his members were suddenly staring at him.

Zhoumi sighed and explained, “Well.. all of us know he is.”



Victoria chose the corner table in restaurant and ordered two cups of lemon tea. She stared at the thin-shiny-and-black thing called phone with a big smile on her face. Her inbox was filled by Kyuhyun’s message now, but none of them got replied.

“Why you smiling like that? Should I call the hospital?” Changmin appeared and sat in front of her.

Victoria laughed sarcastically. “Hahaha.. very funny.”

“So,” he said, “I bet you knew already about those kidnapped thing. I won’t ask for your mercy, but I swear that jerk is the one who make those ridiculous plan.”

“I know. Who else?” she commented flatly. “And you, Shim Changmin, are involved. I believe YOU got the important role. Am I wrong?”

Changmin smiled awkwardly toward her. “Well.. I’ve got the difficult one actually. I have to spend my night with a guy and two bottles of soju. Don’t you think it was bad?”

“If it was you, it’s not that bad,” Victoria drank her lemon tea. “Your head, is it near to explode?”

“Bingo! I’m having a bad time now,” he said as touched his head dramatically. ‘That’s why you called me to here, right, my friend?”

Victoria nodded then laughed. She was supposed to be angry to this guy, but she couldn’t. Imagined the pain in his head and looked at his pitiful face made Victoria burst out laughed. “I give you my mercy..”

“Nice, I don’t even need to beg,” he smiled proudly. Then he remembered about that jerKYU, “So, what did he do? Last night?”

“Ten days,” she answered.

Changmin stared at her confusedly. “Ten days?”

“He needs ten days to force me; forcing to make me fall to him, once again,” Victoria explained as gulped her lemon tea. “Don’t you think he’s ridiculous?”

With warmth sight, Changmin looked at her face. “He is. But he’s smart. You moved already, didn’t you?”

“Moved? Am I that easy?” she stated. Victoria sighed after that time, “But yes, he’s such a great magician. That stupid boy..”

Changmin smiled as felt something weird in his heart. “He’s your magician, yea what else? So, how about me? What am I?”

“You are… great guardian,” Victoria emptied the cup with her last gulping tea. “My own guardian angel, the white and the great one.” She smiled widely as saw her face through his eyes.

Smiling again, Changmin stared at her face before turned his eyes to see his own face through the tea in his cup. “Guardian is not great..”



*It’ll be my last chapter before I’m gonna leading my college life.. T^T /foreva blaming those ‘OSPEK’ things/ So, see you soon~~~ *waving hand*


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    aku ga bisa komen gmana2, jujur aja bnyak bagian yg aku ga ngerti artinya.. Yeah, my bad english.. *sigh*

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    hahahahaha then I am ur guardian, changmin!

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