[Kyutoria] Real Man -chapter 10-


Victoria raised her eyebrows, felt strange. That voice wasn’t her manager, it was belonging to–

“How was the filming, Ah-Qian?” he stopped the car to the side of road and turned back, faced Victoria for the first time.

With widen eyes, Victoria startled. “CHO KYUHYUN! What are you doin– where’s my manager?”

“He is with Changmin now, he couldn’t pick you up so I did,” Kyuhyun said calmly. Swallowed his saliva, he smiled. “I think we have to talk..”


Chapter 10

Victoria blinked her eyes. Felt surprised, she even couldn’t find her voice to answer him. Why that man was here, she didn’t know. “Don’t you supposed to be in Taiwan right now?”

“Well.. how if I say I wanna see you?” Victoria could see Kyuhyun smirked to her.

“Stop kidding! You, what are you doing here? In my car? What did you do to my manager?” she asked with high tone. “You left Taiwan, kidnapped my manager, stole my car, and now you kidnap me?”

Eventhough that girl was looked angry –and Kyuhyun thought she was cute, he didn’t lose his smirked in his face. “Yes, I miss you too.”

“What?” Victoria was near to think this guy –Cho Kyuhyun- was totally deaf right now.

“I said, I miss you too. You wanted to say that, right?” he said.

Victoria rolled her eyes and pulled out her phone. For a moment she ignored Kyuhyun’s stare and waited someone answer. “Oh, Oppa, where are you now? How did Kyuhyun– You what?… With Changmin?… I got it, maybe it’s my unlucky day.”

“Unlucky?” Kyuhyun mumbled by himself. When Victoria sighed as put her phone back into her handbag, he asked her, “What did he say? Your ridiculous manager?”

Victoria glanced a death glare to him. “Stop calling him so! At least he can understand me, or us!”

“I bet he said some bad things about me,” he mumbled once again. As his eyes met her death glare, he smiled awkwardly, “My bad~”

“He said Changmin asked him to drink together, so he’ll let you to being my driver,” Victoria sighed deeply. Her manager wasn’t that fool. She knew him, and it was obviously impossible if he didn’t know those evils –Changmin and Kyuhyun- alliance, but he allowed them. “This world is crazy..” she commented.

Kyuhyun raised his eyebrow. “It’s not.” Then he pointed to the free space beside him.

Victoria stared confusedly, “What?”

“You have to sit beside me. You don’t want me sit alone in here, do you?” he said. Before Victoria had time to open her mouth, he cut, “and I bet you don’t wanna be alone in there.”

Victoria had no choice but did what he said. She left her handbag and moved to his side. “I don’t wanna talk with you if that was your wish.”

“So,” he started again, “you prefer to adore my handsome face in silence?”

“What?” she –almost- shouted at him. Victoria threw away her sight to yellow lights in the town. For five minutes being here, with this over-confidence guy, Victoria said ‘what’ for about three times. She glanced at Kyuhyun and mumbled, “How many ‘what(s)’ again?”


@2PM’s dorm

Nichkhun entered his dorm and walked carefully to find a light button on the wall. He was surprised as saw five guys sat in the dark room. His members surely had been waiting for him.

“What are you guys doing?” he said. “Do not even turn the light on.”

Taecyeon pulled out the phone and put it on the table. “You, with your virtual wife..”

Raised his eyebrow, he grabbed that phone. Nichkhun rolled his eyes and put that thing back. “This.. Manager hyung solved it already.”

“You and her? Dating? For real?” Junsu asked full with curiosity.

Nichkhun smiled then chose to sit beside him. “Well.. do you ever see she has the same way when she look at me like I have to her?”
“No, but–“

“So you and her are NOT real?” Taecyeon cut and ignored Junsu’s confuse sight.

Nichkhun sighed. “No.”

“But this picture?” this time Wooyoung opened his mouth. “This is obviously Victoria, even I can recognize her as well.”

“Because this IS her. But that guy is not me,” he said clearly. “He’s her boyfriend, I mean ex-boyfriend.”

Junsu widen his eyes. “Ex-boyfriend?”

“They broke up after this news,” Nichkhun stared at his members’ faces one by one. “Kyuhyun is his boyfriend. I knew she had one, but I don’t know he’s Kyuhyun til yesterday. Manager hyung asked me to admit this news, so did Victoria.”

“Woaaa~ this is a big scandal!” Wooyoung shouted. “You have to replace another guy’s role. Don’t you think it’s cool?”

Taecyeon scolded and said, “What cool? Do you think it’s a drama?” Then he faced Nichkhun, looked at his face carefully, “And you, are you okay?”

“I’m good. Honestly, I don’t mind to play this role. But they’d broke up, so I’m not willing to play another guy’s role anymore,” he said firmly. “Do you think I can?”

Junho stared at him confusedly, “You what?”

“I quit,” Nichkhun smiled and looked straight to the floor. “I wanna play my own role..”


The white van stopped in the ground park area but the driver nor the passenger wouldn’t get out from their car. The driver –Cho Kyuhyun- just sat calmly while the passenger –Victoria Song- didn’t move either. They waited each other.

“You have to back,” finally she could open her mouth. Kyuhyun turned his head to her, asked. Victoria said clearer. “I mean Taiwan. You can’t be here now.”

Thought that ‘back’ word was referred to something else, Kyuhyun couldn’t hide his disappointed face.

“Can’t I just being here for a while?” he said.

“For what? Do you think it’s necessary?” Victoria asked back. “Listen, we, I mean YOU, left me here yesterday. For almost 24 hours, you didn’t even text me! The one who tell me how have you been in there is Zhoumi Gege! You hurt me. Don’t you think I have to heal myself first?”

Kyuhyun looked at her eyes and found scar in there. “Qian..”

“What?” she shouted.

“You missed me this much?” Kyuhyun smiled widely.

Once again, Victoria had to say that word, “What?”

“I thought you didn’t,” he said naively. “I was.. willing to call you, but I don’t wanna ruined your free time without me, so I–“

“Willing?” she repeated. “Cho Kyuhyun! You’re really smart! You know how to make people angry, don’t you?”

“Well.. I know I am,” he admitted. Kyuhyun grabbed her hand and said softly. “Can I being your healer?” When Victoria blinked confusedly, he took a breath deeply. “I can’t live well when you’re not around, yes it’s included your text and your voice. I was.. almost goin’ crazy in Taiwan. I was.. scolding myself when I remember I’ve hurt you, too much.”

“You..” she whispered then sighed. “What’s this.. you think I’m a toy? You think this is such a game?”

“Mm,” he admitted. “My own and eternal toy. I can let this toy go.. I need this toy for the rest in my life. And yes, it’s game. The only game that I can’t win over.

Victoria rolled her eyes and pulled out her hand from him. “Forget it!”

As she tried pulled her hand, Kyuhyun moved faster. He held her hand and kissed her lips softly. Victoria didn’t even close her eyes yet. Her heart was thumping so, no it was too fast. Victoria could feel a warmth when his lips touched hers.

And this time she HAD to admit, she also missed this ridiculous guy..

“I feel like it’s our first time,” he said happily.

“What do you want?” she asked. Saw Kyuhyun raised his eyebrow, Victoria said, “This time, are you trying to make me fall again?”

Kyuhyun stared at her calmly. “No. Not trying.” He held her hand tight. “I’m forcing. Forcing Qian to stand by my side once again.”

“Right, do you think this Qian can be forced?” Victoria said sarcasticly.

“Do you think this Qian can’t be forced?” he asked back with smirked. “One hundred days, no, ten days, gimme ten days to force you.”

Victoria sighed as saw this guy stupidity. How come one hundred days decreased to ten?

“Do whatever you want,” finally she gave up. She grabbed her handbag and left the smirked-Kyuhyun behind. Backed him, Victoria smiled widely. “What a stupid boy!”


Kyuhyun parked the van in front of a small grill meat restaurant. He smiled as saw the black car near from the van. When Kyuhyun entered that restaurant, he immediately found the person whom he was looking for.

“You jerk!” Changmin said to him as his eyes met with his. “Help me with this hyung now~”

Kyuhyun glanced at the manager. Corrected, the drunk manager. Kyuhyun rolled his eyes as found that manager was extremely drunk and couldn’t even look at him. “What are you doing to him?”

“Me? I did nothing, Kyuhyun-ssi,” Changmin poured out the soju into his cup. “Well.. I just asked him to drink, and he did it. He fell a while after his third cup.”

“And you? How many cups that you drink?” he pulled a chair and sat in front of his friend.

Changmin blinked as thinking. Amazing. He also didn’t remember. “Six.. or Seven..?”

“Oh God, I bet you’re more than that, Changmin-ssi,” he commented. “Come on, I have to take you home. Your hyung is waiting.”

When Kyuhyun tried to grab his arm, Changmin refused. “How’s she?”

“Qian? I did my best, just wait,” Kyuhyun pulled out a big smile. He was pretty sure that girl had been moving. Kyuhyun didn’t wanna think the bad mind, so he just wanted to think what he’d expect.

He just would let this good mind stayed in his head.

“Is she a toy?” suddenly Changmin asked.

Kyuhyun stared at him, amazedly. “She said the exactly same!” He grabbed Changmin’s cup and poured soju into it. “Well.. she’s not.”

“So why you pull her in, pull her out.. Take her up, and take her down..?” Changmin said while played his hand up and down. Kyuhyun sighed. This guy was obviously drunk already.

Great. “How come I bring both of them?” he thought.

Two guys were drunk and Kyuhyun was the only one who perfectly awake. He had no choice but took them back first before went to airport. Kyuhyun, with his left strength, pulled the manager to his van.

“Yea, it’s only you now, my friend,” he mumbled as saw Changmin fell asleep on the table. “Come on, move~”

Changmin opened his eyes slowly. He stared at Kyuhyun and blinked. “Don’t hurt her anymore… You can’t hurt her, Kyuhyun-ah..”

“Got it, boss!” he commented and helped Changmin to stand up.

“If you dare to hurt her again, I will apologize to you,” he said with low tone. “I can punch exactly straight on your face.”

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes and sighed. “I know, I know. Now let’s go~ I have flight to Taiwan in midnight. You don’t want your bestfriend get trouble, do you?” With extra strength and bit miracle, Kyuhyun finally made Changmin sat in his vas as well. Kyuhyun stared at them –the manager and Changmin, “I think both of you become closer tonight.”

“Kyuhyun-ah,” Changmin called him. Kyuhyun turned his head to the passenger seat. “I’ll sit beside you.”

Kyuhyun still stared at Changmin and waited him to move. With those unstable moving like that, Changmin was totally drunk. Eventhough he didn’t wanna hear Changmin complained over him, he couldn’t help but let his bestfriend did what he wanted.

“Yea, at least I have a friend now,” he sighed as watched Changmin reached the seat beside him.

For fifteen minutes he drove, there was no one tried to talk with him. Kyuhyun glared at guy beside him, and found his bestfriend was busy with his empty sight. That manager –unfortunately and successfully- had been dragged out from van and left Kyuhyun alone with Changmin.

“I’m hearing,” he said in the end. “If you want to talk with me, I said I’m hearing you.”

Changmin lifted his face, glanced at Kyuhyun for a while. “I have nothing.” Kyuhyun was near to cut, but Changmin went first, “If you’re sure you can take care of her once again, I DO have nothing to say.”

Kyuhyun confused. His bestfriend might be still drunk, but those words weren’t something that someone could say in this kind of situation, were they?

“Do you know something funny?” he said calmly. Kyuhyun waited him. “How much we care toward her and the way we protect her.. We’re different but we love the same person..”



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