I can’t be like this, can i?

Hh~ but why do I always feel uneasy that time? I know.. I realized I can’t ever replace him. At the very first time, you belong to him, not me. it’s not him that take you from me, I’m the one who stole you from him. Cih~ always pretending he ruined my life, I must be looked like an idiot. I understand now. That’s why we’re too different, rite? 🙂

Nyawa nemu..? Kalo seandainya aku yang dapet nyawa itu, kalo seandainya aku yang nyaris mati, dan kalo seandainya aku bukan aku, apa aku bisa dapet perlakuan kaya dia?

How hard I wanna be that person, you wont ever know. If I’m not exist, it might be good.. 🙂

I’m happy you could tell me that story.. I’m relieved too, I still have him alive. But why do I feel like this?

Aku egois. Maaf. From now on, I’ll try to erase this feeling and fill my heart with happiness. But now, I am empty..