[Kyutoria] Real Man -chapter 9-


Changmin finished his phone after said many things that Kyuhyun could do or not on Taiwan. For a while, Kyuhyun stared blankly at his phone screen. Changmin’s words kept repeating in his mind. Over and over.

“You just will go to Taiwan, you wont lose her anyway.”

Kyuhyun whispered. “I went from her life already, Changmin-ah. I lost her already..”


Chapter 9

The night scenery of Taiwan was same as Seoul’s; dark sky, few stars, and cold wind that blew on face. Meanwhile the nature was still moving, Kyuhyun kept staring at his phone. It has been a while since he left Seoul to Taiwan and his heart wouldn’t stop beating under control. He was totally in worried mode.

Silently he felt guilty to not tell Changmin what exactly had been happened to him and Victoria, but he asked Changmin to take care of her..?

Kyuhyun sighed as thought about what if Changmin had possibility to kill him soon.

“Keep staring at your phone won’t make it ever alive, anyway,” Zhoumi opened the door and sat after Kyuhyun. “You also keep sigh heavily, it makes you look old, you know?”

As fast as he could, Kyuhyun put his phone and took his headphone. “I’m still magnae anyway.”

“Ah-Qian called me,” he said. Kyuhyun still didn’t move, he even closed his eyes and hoped he would deaf for once. Zhoumi didn’t care either whether that ‘magnae’ would listen to him or not. “She.. asked me about you.”

Kyuhyun sighed heavily –again. “You can tell her I’m okay.”

“Well, here you are,” Zhoumi laid in his bed and started to close his own eyes. “You and her, you guys are damn stressful. I was a bit worried when she kept asking everything about you, and you look have no care here. What happened?”

“It’s not like you have to care about me and her,” Kyuhyun put down his headphone and pretended to be busy with his notebook.

Zhoumi burst laugh out then coughed. “You are waiting for her calling, aren’t you?”

“What that things for?” he lied.

“Maybe you forget, but let me remind you,” Zhoumi smirked then took Kyuhyun’s phone on table. “You keep staring at this thing, Cho Kyuhyun..”

Kyuhyun made his eyes wider then he grinned. “I’m waiting for another calling!”

“Both of you are pathetic, just try to call her if you want,” Zhoumi opened the door and stared at Kyuhyun for a while before left. “She’s still waiting..”

There was nothing he could do but took his phone back. That thing had no move; still looked peace in silent mode. Kyuhyun nodded as he sighed; Changmin didn’t know yet so he wouldn’t kill him now. And Victoria..? Kyuhyun knew that woman wouldn’t call him in the first place.

“Because she thinks I won’t answer her,” he said to himself. “But I will DO answer her if she call!”

Kyuhyun threw his phone on bed then laid himself on it. He looked so damn childish. It has not been 24 hours yet but he already regretted his decision. If this separation thingy was so hard, he might be has to considerate its effects before –to him.

Sometime he wondered was Victoria feeling the same pain as him, or..?

Kyuhyun sighed. Victoria was a mature woman. She might be not really concerned about their separation, which was mean that Victoria just would let her life keep moving as usual.

Everytime he thought about this, he got headache and rarely pressed number 2 in his phone. But when he realized it, he pressed the red key soon. Kyuhyun drowned his face with pillow as turned his phone off.

The stupid Cho Kyuhyun wouldn’t let his finger move out of control..



Changmin drove his car as silently peeked at the woman beside him. From their a-hour-chatting-show, Changmin couldn’t find anything in depressed Victoria. And it was also give him pressure too. He thought maybe both of his friends couldn’t tell him yet. Or they didn’t want to..?

“Your WGM filming place is..,” he asked as breaking their silence.

Victoria stared to the outside. “Turn left, after first green house that’s mine.”

“Got it,” Changmin was still busy with his steering wheel but he couldn’t hide his curiosity as well. “Can we just talk comfortly, honestly, and sincerely after this?”

That woman pulled out little smile on her face. “We can.. but after he tells you what’s the problem, okay?”

“He won’t tell me, you know he’s too childish sometime, that’s why I keep worried about him,” he explained. Then Changmin smiled widely, “Can’t you just being loyal with me this time?”

Victoria sighed and took out her phone. “You have appointment with Yunho oppa, don’t you?”

“I have appointment with Kyuhyun first; to take care of you,” Changmin smirked as saw Victoria’s expression. “Well.. are you ready to talk with me?”

“If I say I’m not, I think you wont leave me either,” she said calmly.

Changmin took breath and gave up. “Fine, tell me if you want, ignore me if you don’t need me..”

“Shim Changmiiiin..” she nagged. Then Victoria smiled. “I’ll tell you.. tomorrow? Since I have filming schedule and you need to approach Yunho oppa as fast as you can, so I’ll tell you tomorrow, happy?”

With wide smile, Changmin pinched her cheek. “Good girl..”

After about five seconds, Changmin lost smile on his face. A tall man with black shirt walked toward his car. 2PM Nichkhun approached them –or just Victoria.

“Your husband,” he said coldly.

“Don’t look him like that,” Victoria warned with sharp glare.

Changmin smirked then pulled out his seat belt. “Am I looked like the brat Cho Kyuhyun?”

“Well,” she sighed and reached her hand-bag. “You’re his evil twin indeed. Don’t get out from this car, I warn you.” After teased Changmin by messed his hair up, Victoria opened the door and greeted her husband. “You’ve come?”

Nichkhun peeked at Changmin for a while then nodded. “Yes. Kyuhyun-i.. didn’t come? With you?”

Victoria bit her bottom lips then forced little smile of her. “Nope.. he went to Taiwan.” Swallowed her saliva, she tried to avoid awkward atmosphere. “So, when we start?”

“Oh, in ten minutes,” he said as saw his brown watch.

That woman led their steps, left Changmin’s car and the owner in it. He kept staring at Victoria and Nichkhun secretly. Without needed any explanation, he knew something had happened between her and that brat –Cho Kyuhyun.

Changmin realized Victoria always tried not to talk about that man. And she even avoided eyes-contact with him when Cho Kyuhyun became the main topic.

By sighed deeply, Changmin took out his phone. “I will definitely kill you if you do not answer my- Oh, Kyuhyun-ah..”


“I’m sorry..” said Nichkhun as they arrived in their house.

Turned to him, Victoria blinked her eyes. “Why?”

“For messed up everything,” he said again. Then Nichkhun sighed when Victoria glanced at him. “Well.. you’ve made plan to quit from WGM, and maybe you and Kyuhyun already made another celebration party for that thing, but yea you know, I messed up your plan..”

“It’s nothing,” Victoria turned her head down and stared at floor.

“Nothing? He maybe feels terrible bad now,” he let his back against sofa then smiled. “I’m jealous with you two. Well, yes, maybe because I like you, but he’s really lucky, you know?”

Victoria pulled out weak smile. “He doesn’t feel in that way.. So no, he’s not that lucky.”

“He’s not? Both of you didn’t argue when I left yesterday, did you?”

“Nope, we didn’t,” she said. After a while, Victoria tried to keep breathing. “He let me go without any argument..”

Nichkhun glared at her, felt amazed. How came she said those things calmly? Victoria Song was too strong or might be that woman just pretended to be. After a while he understood they –Kyuhyun and Victoria- had broken up.

Swallowing his saliva, he said, “Not sad?”

“Sad? Do you think I’m not?” Victoria sighed as tried smile to him. “Well.. that’s not mean I can’t live anymore either, right?”

For few seconds later Nichkhun was looking at her, surprised. Eventhough he wanted to cheer her up, he almost thought he didn’t need to do so. That woman who sat beside him was obviously strong. Or might be she didn’t need any-comfy-things from him? Victoria Song just needed those from Shim Changmin instead.

While Nichkhun busy with his mind, Victoria stood as took a deep breath. “Let’s filming.. I wanna end today as soon as I can..”


“BROKE UP??” Kyuhyun avoided his ear from that high-tone over the phone. Shim Changmin –person who talked with him now- nearly wanted to make him deaf. “Ya! Cho Kyuhyun!”

“Can’t you stop yelling at me? You hurt my ear,” he said.

Kyuhyun could hear his friend sighed. “You and her.. broke up? That’s why you ask me to accompany her this morning? Woaaa.. I really wanna kill you!”

“Kill me later, I’ll let you to do that. Don’t worry,” Kyuhyun told him calmly.

Changmin mumbled. “Why? I’ve warned you to take care of her, and now you left her? Cho Kyuhyun, back to Seoul now! I have to punch your face!”

“I’ll give you that chance,” he said again. “Well.. how’s she?”

“Why you have to care now? No wonder she looked.. Tch~ forget it, I don’t wanna tell you,” Changmin hold his anger back and just sighed heavily. “Are you sure, to leave her like this? Ah-Qian is.. she’s not the one you have to blame on, Kyuhyun-ah.”

Kyuhyun laughed in bitter. “Honestly.. I don’t have any certainty. Those faith thing.. I don’t have it. I’m not sure, so I think I just kill myself with that decision.”

“This kid.. really!” Changmin grouched as he heard that fool answer. “If you feel so desperate, why did you do that, handsome-guy, Cho Kyuhyun?”

“Err.. maybe that time I was too angry,” he said.

As Changmin heard what he said, Changmin couldn’t say anything but scolded. “You’re fool, aren’t you? How come you leave her and now you act like this? What is she, Kyuhyun-ah? A doll?”

“No.. yes it’s my fault-“

“Of course it’s yours!” Changmin cut. “Anyway, what’ll you do then? Ask her back?”

Kyuhyun sighed then smirked. “I have a plan, and I want you to help me, Changmin-ssi..”

“Tch~ you don’t wanna dead alone so you ask me to die with you? Ah-Qian will kill me~” after took breath, he closed his eyes and sighed heavier than before. “Let see what can I do for brat like you.”

Finally Kyuhyun pulled out his smile widely. “You’re my man indeed!”


With wind blew softly on her face, Victoria tighten her black cardigan and walked out from filming site. Realized the sky turned dark, she took her phone and called. Her manager had to arrive here soon. She hated waiting when her mood wasn’t nice.

“Who’s it?” Nichkhun approached her and smiled.

Victoria put her phone back and decided to text her manager instead. “My manager, he has to pick me, right?”

“I thought it’s–“

“Kyuhyun-i? I’ve told you he was in Taiwan,” she said. “He doesn’t have any reason to call me, so do I.”

Nichkhun nodded then asked again, “If you need ride tonight, I can drive for you. No, maybe not ride, if you need friend tonight, I can accompany you..”

“Well.. thanks, but if you think I’m broken-hearted girl now, just erase those opinion,” Victoria sighed as showed weak smile. When a light shone toward them, Victoria turned her face and found her manager’s car. “My ride come..”

With no word, Nichkhun smiled and bowed. But when Victoria took one step, he grabbed her arm. “We’re just friend, right? Try to explain again.. to Kyuhyun.”

“It’s not necessary,” she said. “But thank you.”

Victoria left him behind and took deep breathe. She smiled to herself. Their problems weren’t about that. If their only problem was 2PM Nichkhun, they would break up since a long ago. Victoria didn’t really know why they turned out into this situation.

If Kyuhyun said he was tired, so how about Victoria?

Sighed heavily, she got in to the car. Her manager as usual just drove without any word. She was complaining about that a week ago but now she thought it was nice if her manager let her alone for tonight.

“Had you have your dinner?” suddenly he asked.

Victoria raised her eyebrows, felt strange. That voice wasn’t her manager, it was belonging to–

“How was the filming, Ah-Qian?” he stopped the car to the side of road and turned back, faced Victoria for the first time.

With widen eyes, Victoria startled. “CHO KYUHYUN! What are you doin– where’s my manager?”

“He is with Changmin now, he couldn’t pick you up so I did,” Kyuhyun said calmly. Swallowed his saliva, he smiled. “I think we have to talk..”



My very late update. Sorry~ *bow* But thanks for waiting, I’ll try my best as usual.. ^^;

Kyutoria moments make my mood up successfully.. XD Cho Kyuhyun, you brat~ touched her back-neck, filmed her, looked her with those gaze… You. Are. Totally. A. Brat. 8D

And I looooooveee your gaze, so softly but also shyly.. Cute~~~ >//<

That fancam, when you approached her and touched her back-neck, I talked to myself that time, “Cho Kyuhyun, are you sure you didn’t wanna kiss her?” :”>



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    • reach ending? do u hope so?
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  13. Finally…… updated
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