[Kyutoria] Real Man -chapter 8-


No, you can’t let me go.
Even though it’s hard, stay longer..
If I can see you a bit more,
I’d smile for the rest of our love..

Each of them recalled that song. Each of them felt their heart broke into small pieces. Each of them could feel the empty spot that they left. But each of them was too much afraid to call their name each other.


Chapter 8

The sunlight went through a big window in the side of her room when Victoria tried to open her own eyes.  She sat in the bed and touched her forehead, felt dizzy. The thing –the worst thing, that happened to her yesterday still could be remembered. Very clearly. Even she didn’t ask to get the detail view, she saw it.

Whenever she opened her eyes, the first thing that she did is: checked her own phone.

But Victoria wouldn’t do that today. Actually she couldn’t. How if she didn’t see what she’d expected before? Or… the most delusional thing came to her mind, how if she would see what she’d wanted to see?

“Stupid,” she talked to herself.

Instead got up and greeted her members, Victoria chose to stay in her bed. She didn’t wanna move anywhere. Same with her pain. That damn terrible pain didn’t move any inch so Victoria wouldn’t move either.

The door was opened. With bright smile, Sulli came and smiled. “Eonni, you got up already? Luna eonni made sandwich for us.”

“Luna what?” Victoria repeated to herself.

“Made sandwich~ she just prepared some delicious breakfast,” Sulli said. “Hurry up. Drag your-lazy-self down from that bed.”

Victoria sighed when her younger member left her behind after closed the door. Her eyes were closed as well. She kept talk to herself, “It’s okay, Qian. Everything’s gonna be okay. It’s just a new sheet in your life-book.”

Silently she blinked to avoid her tears again. The next second she took a deep breath and left her bed.


“Ya! Cho Kyuhyun! Cho Kyuhyun~~~~” Sungmin screamed louder and started to lose his patience. That man beside him didn’t make any move or even answered him. Sungmin mumbled to himself. “I look so stupid, talking with deaf-dumb-careless-man.”

Kyuhyun gave him a death-gaze. “What do you want, Lee Sungmin?”

“O? You can hear me and even talk now? Amazing,” he said. “Have you packed your stuff?”

“What stuffs?” suddenly Kyuhyun asked him back.

Sungmin rolled his eyes then pointed his own luggage. “We have to go, remember? To Taiwan? Super Junior M? Do you hit your own head or something? You’re strange since… last night.”

“I remember,” Kyuhyun stood up, walked to his cupboard and took out his clothes. He did that as fast as he could. Most of his clothes were in floor and looked unexplainable now. Angry, he took again his clothes and threw it to the bed.

Sungmin swallowed saliva and asked, “Are you okay?”

Kyuhyun nodded but his eyes told he wasn’t.

“You know, we can’t go anywhere if we still have something inside. That silent thing wont move if we don’t let it out,” he said calmly. Sungmin knew there were something wrong about his roommate, and mostly what happened to him was about Victoria. “If you wanna meet her before we go-“

“I don’t wanna meet anyone,” Kyuhyun answered without even turned his head to Sungmin.

“But I can see another answer,” he teased but suddenly met Kyuhyun’s eyes, Sungmin stopped his smile. “Really wrong, isn’t it? Your problem is big?”

Kyuhyun sighed and sat in his bed. “I just.. I don’t wanna talk about it, yet.”

“I got it. Take your time, we have many times in Taiwan later,” Sungmin smiled before left Kyuhyun.

And that man –Kyuhyun, still with his blankly stare. Some part inside him wondered, how deep he hurt Victoria? How deep he pulled himself into this decision? How deep he’d hurt himself?


Victoria didn’t speak a lot today. And it was pretty strange to her members. Luna looked at Sulli and Sulli looked her back. Krystal and Amber did the same. Four of them were busy staring to each other. Nothing’s wrong when Victoria left dorm with Kyuhyun. It was her best day, they thought.

“Eonni, how do you think with going to company today?” Krystal asked.

Luna added, rarely peeked at Victoria. “Eung? What’s in company?”

“How about practicing? We still have many performances since we recently make comeback, sounds interesting?” she answered. Krystal waited Victoria’s respond but she found nothing.

Victoria seemed not had any interest nor showed her attraction.

Sulli bit her bottom lips then said, “Today.. Kyuhyun oppa will go to Taiwan, Heechul oppa told me this morning, so~ if we wont go to company, wanna go to see them for a while?”

And suddenly Victoria felt her heart sank once again. She just realized that name would give her this mixed feeling. Pain and sore inside but also could recall the beautiful memories. Damn mixed terrible feeling.

Losing her appetite, she pulled her chair and left her rest members. “Let’s go to company..”


That big building was looked the same as usual. The same as Victoria’d seen for the first time when she came to. She walked in behind, let her members led her steps.  Silently hid her feeling, Victoria just stared straight without never noticed dark-browned eyes had looked at her.

Victoria was looked pale. At least that was the thing they –couple of eyes- saw. They couldn’t see another object but that girl. Not what they wanted to keep stared at Victoria without even blinked once, but someone owed them wanted to.

“Changmin oppa!” Sulli shouted the owner of those eyes. A tall man with leather jacket smiled and walked toward them.

Immediately Sulli and her members bowed to him. Changmin greeted them for a while before looked at Victoria. He raised eyebrow. “Qian?”

“Yes?” Victoria looked at him back. She wanted Changmin to comfort her, but in the other hand she couldn’t let him thinking that she was too weak. Blinked, Victoria tried to throw away that thought.

Changmin still couldn’t turn his eyes from her. “What are you guys doing here?”

“We.. we will have some practice, but-“ Luna answered but she got sign from Krystal. “But we think.. we just will walk around here. Oppa can.. talk with Vic eonni, we think-“

Krystal rolled her eye and cut, “We, personally think, Changmin oppa has to talk with Victoria eonni. How’s that sound?”

“And what’s the important thing that I and Changmin-i have to talk about?” Victoria grinned her teeth.

“I also, personally think, we have to talk, Qian,” low voice tone was heard. Changmin could feel some SOS sign from 4 girls around him. And he knew it was about Victoria Song. Automatically, it would be related to his man, Cho Kyuhyun.

Victoria sighed heavily before finally agreed to follow Changmin. Directly she gave her members with death glare.

But as soon as she’d given those gaze, all of them made love sign by their hands and whispered, “Saranghae~ Eomma..”, made Victoria pulled out small smile to them.


In the wooden chair Changmin asked Victoria to sit together, side by side. He looked around to entire the park and felt some warm wind touched his face. Spring was really coming. Spring was his favorite season, just like hers –and also Kyuhyun’s.

Changmin tried to peek at her, wished he could see some hyper reaction about this spring things. But he found nothing. He bet Victoria also didn’t realize anything. Changmin thought he was the only one that over-excited with spring now.

He sighed, made Victoria turned her head toward his face. “You wont tell me anything, will you?”

“I don’t have anything to be told,” she said, calmly.

Changmin took a breath, heavier than before. “You think you can fool on me, Qian? I’m not blind anyway. What’s happened yesterday?”

“What could be happened yesterday?” Victoria asked to him. Still in low voice, and Changmin wondered why he could hear broken tone from her.

“Today Kyuhyun will-“

“Go to Taiwan,” she quickly cut. “I know.”

Changmin sighed once again, felt frustrated. “So what’s this? None of you sincerely want me to know what exactly had happened? What am I?”

“He didn’t tell you?” finally Victoria showed her attraction toward him. She turned to him and glared confusedly.

“If you think he did, I wont try this much to talk with you,” he said hopelessly now.

Victoria was busy with her mind. Kyuhyun didn’t tell Changmin about their farewell. But why? She thought Kyuhyun always leant on Changmin no matter happened. But now, in reality, Kyuhyun didn’t tell Changmin anything. That was pretty strange.

“Changmin-ah,” she called, “wanna go to drink?”

Changmin raised his eyebrow. “It’s still a day, Qian. Don’t you have to wait until night?”

“So do you have any suggest to go? Wherever you take me, I’ll follow behind. Today I.. I will be a good girl to you, but please, stay,” she whispered. “Don’t.. leave me.”

Confused, he just nodded and gave her a pinkie. “I wont..”


A moment ago..

Kyuhyun took out his phone and looked for an important number in there. After he found it, he just silently stared at his phone screen. Considered something for a second then he decided to call that number.

“O, Kyuhyun-ah,” greeted someone through the phone.

Kyuhyun swallowed his saliva and tried to be cheerful. “Changmin-ah, I have something, and I need your help. You think you can… grant my wish?”

“Tell me,” he said. Changmin didn’t smell any suspicious thing in his bestfriend. When Kyuhyun needed a help, it meant he really needed it, so Changmin wouldn’t ask too far.

For a moment Kyuhyun just pressed his lips. Silent. Took a deep breath, he finally said. “I will go to Taiwan this afternoon, SJM promotion, so.. can you take care of Qian when I’m not around..?”

“Do you even have to ask me? I’d told you, I will be his man too, of course his second best man after you,” Changmin laughed, didn’t feel wrong atmosphere from Kyuhyun at all. “Ya! What’s happened? Suddenly you need to ask me to take care of her, you just will go to Taiwan for a while, wont you?”

Kyuhyun sighed. “Yes.”


“Nothing. Just… I just need to get your legal agreement, I think,” he said with low voice. Kyuhyun was near to doubt his own words now.

Changmin mumbled and grumbled to himself. “You wanna show off again, right? I know you have Qian, but you only have her, meanwhile I have both of you.”

“Of course you are,” finally Kyuhyun laughed. “Make sure you see her today, and please make sure she’s okay.”

“You’re weird, you know that?!” he grumbled, once again. “I will go to company this afternoon, and maybe I can see her around there. Happy now?”

Kyuhyun nodded and whispered. “I always owe on you.”

“Yes, you are,” Changmin smiled widely. Then he mumbled for another chance. “You just will go to Taiwan, you wont lose her anyway.”

Changmin finished his phone after said many things that Kyuhyun could do or not on Taiwan. For a while, Kyuhyun stared blankly at his phone screen. Changmin’s words kept repeating in his mind. Over and over.

“You just will go to Taiwan, you wont lose her anyway.”

Kyuhyun whispered. “I went from her life already, Changmin-ah. I lost her already..”



Thanks for keep reading, but seriously, I feel annoyed with some ppl here. Please do respect me!

So do not ever blame on me if one day I stop this story (even without ending), maybe those ppl wanna make their own plot or ending? Up to ’em. My mood is always bad lately and you make it worse. Thanks a lot.

PS: I wont update for a while. Thanks.



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    It’s kinda sad.. Hikss..
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    Changmin is just a good friend..
    Really love him at here..

    Btw.. What happen with you eonni??
    Fell depressed or something??

      • Qo gtu c ?? trus lanjutan cerita’y gmna ?? ttep smangat chingu ..
        aku khan fans berat y FF Kyutoria’y kmu .. bisa depresi klo brhenti d tngah cerita gak baca klanjutan y .. sabar chingu gak usah dengerin org2 yg menyebalkan itu ..
        ^O^ v fighting !!!

  2. Thank you for writing kyutoria.. it’s ok for me if u won’t continue.. i just thank you for writing kyutoria… this chapter is a bit short but great as always…

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    • Hi, onnie~ ^^
      err.. someone annoyed me here.. but I think i wont think about it anymoa, so dont worry too much, onnie.. 🙂
      anyway I’m still posting it in our forum~ u can find this story in there too~ 😀
      thank you onnie.. 😀

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    what shud I say hm~~ -_-a
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    I love those painful words actually I always love it .__.
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    • try to say nothing then I’ll take yhoong with meh~ -_____-
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