E-Famz Special Files


My special smile-makers in my life:


-Cho Kyuhyun

-Cho (?) Hyori

-Lovely Evil Generation, Cho Yonghoon

Interview Files:

Mr. Evil and Miss Evilia

Yess.. this why they MUST be called as E-family. No wonder why, they’re really the real EVIL. -.-

Miss Evilia’s version

No comment. But I love this part. xD

Mr. Evil’s version

Speechless. He’s really SOMETHING! -.-

And this is my fave one~ :3 :

YHOONG’s Special Debut!

YHOONG’s Debut (include his annoying parent again. -.-)

In the end, all of those are MY FAVE~ Posted in the really RIGHT time. I need to smile, and I got it. That’s why I keep this in my own room. I can read it when I need to smile again..

Lastly, thank you, Mom.. Same with my first onnie (in Bogor), you will never know how thankful I am cause you were there when I need someone.

Ai Onnie ALWAYS texted me when I’m in pathetic life, make me smile, gave some advices and finally I could back to my normal life.

Mom, who came with her spam tweet (I love it when you -indirectly- let me know what happened in your life, mom. ^-^), and came with yhoong, made me smile veeery widely when I think I couldn’t.

Even you guys never realize that, but I felt better back then..

Sometime I also wonder I wanna be someone like you, be there when you guys need me.. 🙂

Thank you for being there.. ~(^-^)~

PS: you really need to add some role for my lovely-evil-generation, Yhoong~ -.-


15 thoughts on “E-Famz Special Files

  1. ige mwoyaaa~~ ?
    Thank you~ yhoon forevaaaaaa~ noona~~ :*
    We’re in the same condition and we solved it together, just like our fave quote~
    down + down = UP ! And it works. <333
    hoon~ say thanks to your noona~!
    |yh : /kedip2/ xD

    • this is my special collectioooon~ 😀
      my best smile-maker ever.. thank you..

      yess~ our weapon (?) words: down+down=UP~!!
      good to see that words really works.. It’s REALLY work for me.. ^-^

      Waaaaaa~~~ yhoong-ahhh, come to noona, baby.. :*

    • oh tentu, kalo perlu ga usah gede, biar forever young XD
      udah bisa bikin emaknya gila (?)
      titip cubit pipi ? boleh~ XD saia juga titip cubit pipi umin boleh ? kya kya kya kya~~~ xD
      kelamaan~ sekarang aja (?)

  2. Hahaha.. Ngebayangin Mas & mbak evil gantian ngegadangin baby yhoon di malam hari.. Dikit2 minta susu,, dikit2 pipis,, dikit2 nangis.. Pantesan ngebuat emaknya gila (?). Cubit pipi umin??.. Weeitss bayar pajaknya dulu *looh* karna mas labuku limited edition *tsaaah* kalo sekarang aku masiiy belum siap.. Masiy ingin mencari sebutir mutiara dan segenggam berlian (?) AhahahaMIN.. 😀

  3. wah..udah ada evil junior..chukhae..
    *tabur koin*

    bru tau mbak evil uda punya buntut..
    Sama evilnya gk ya kek umma appanya?

    heuheu,,uri shela baek bgt dah.. 🙂
    sukses sayang.. 😉

    • hahaha.. ho’oh, yhoong~ :3
      GAK BOLEHH~ yhoong-i gak boleh jadi evil kaya ortunya.. ga relaaaa.. >< /kicked/

      Aminn, aminn.. 😀
      onnie juga, sukses ya buat segalanya, onnie~ ^-^

    • hayoooo~ bikin famz sendiri Teh, T-famz, tengil-famz.. *digampar*
      eh tapi anaknya kaya apa kalo bapaknya si ichul? curious~~~ bikin lah, Teh.. (?)

      salam disampaikaaann~ *peyuk yhoong*

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