[Kyutoria] Real Man -chapter 6-



He really wanted to hold back Victoria’s hand, smiled, or even smirked at her and said ‘it’s okay’ or ‘don’t worry’. But he couldn’t hide his tired face. He felt burdened when Victoria suddenly called Nichkhun in front of him. Immature, yes. But he just wanted her to lean on him, faced this news together.

Kyuhyun didn’t need any special reason for that. He was hers, and he wanted her asked him to comfort her. And also, that man –who kissed her in the pictures- was him, Cho Kyuhyun. Not Nichkhun.

He didn’t want anyone else replaced his place.. his role.. or his spot in her heart..


Chapter 6

Kyuhyun glanced at outside of window and found a black car entered restaurant park area. He turn his head and felt pressured. Without notice he already knew that car was belonging to Nichkhun. Actually he said to himself not to let his feeling ruined this meeting.

He grabbed Victoria’s hand as fast as he could, made Victoria looked confuse.

Silently Kyuhyun countdown from 30 before the door was opened. Then he found him –Nichkhun, with baseball jacket and a hat in his head. Right, that man was nearly perfect, Kyuhyun thought.

Changmin was peeking at Kyuhyun before he touched his shoulder. “Why? Being suppressed?”

“Yeah, right. He’s just good-looking,” he said, lied. Changmin knew he lied as Kyuhyun held Victoria’s hand tightly. He was absolutely afraid being lost just by facing Nichkhun like this. Kyuhyun stared at Changmin, “What are you looking at?”

Suddenly he whispered to his left ear. “Your fear.”

“What? What fear-?”

“Guys, this is Nichkhun, you.. knew him already, right?” Victoria started to introduce his ‘husband’. She ignored Nichkhun’s stare right into her eyes. “And-”

“We already knew each other, Qian. Do you really need to do that formally?” Kyuhyun asked. He felt some awkward atmosphere inside her and he hated that. So much.

Nichkhun smiled softly, facing Kyuhyun’s eyes for the first time as stranger. He might be close with Eunhyuk or Donghae, but this man –Kyuhyun, was not like them, Nichkhun guessed. Suddenly he could feel some defensive move from Kyuhyun.

“Don’t be like that, Kyu,” Changmin sounded.

It was relieved, not only Nichkhun who felt that strange atmosphere. Changmin had realized Kyuhyun had shown his dislike feeling when he pulled Victoria to stand beside him. And it must be confusing for Nichkhun.

“We can’t talk if you guys like this. I hate some awkward moment,” finally Changmin broke the silence around him. He glanced at Victoria and found that girl froze. “Take a seat, please..”

All of them did what he asked. But still, no one of them could look each other. Kyuhyun, silently held Victoria’s hand without tried to stare at her face. And Nichkhun just looked straight to Kyuhyun’s hand. Changmin sighed deeply, so this is what we called triangle?

“Can we talk now?” he asked then scolded. “Ya! Seriously, if you guys just still in silent-mode like this, nothing will get better, okay?”

Victoria took a deep breath before she bit her bottom-lips then said, “So, was it so bad?”

“Not really,” Nichkhun answered. Realized his answer was too short, he added. “Well, everyone thought that man was me, so there wont be any serious rumor. We already married, and many people want us to become a couple –the real one, so this just like their wish finally came true.”

Kyuhyun grumbled in low voice, no one could hear him but all of them knew he was in bad mood.

Slowly Victoria could feel her hand was held more tightly. She tried to ignore that and asked another thing. “How about your company? Did you tell them the whole story?”

“I.. I have some problem in there,” he said. “I told them something different.. I said that man was me, that man who kissed you is me.”

Victoria raised her eyebrow. “Why did you do that? Did you-“

“Did you do that in purpose?” finally Kyuhyun opened his mouth. He was directly staring at Nichkhun, and of course angrily. “Did you really wanna make Qian get more trouble? Or you just wanna be the tricky one, so you can hold her in your own? Something like that?”

Nichkhun blanked over time before could get what Kyuhyun said. “I thought I could help her in that way.”

“You thought?” he repeated. “Did you really do that? Thinking? You know I was that man, right? Did you ever think about that?”

“At least I do something, okay! I’m not the one who made all of this! You did!” Nichkhun couldn’t help but raised his tone.

Changmin rolled his eye before stood up from his chair. “Stop blaming, can you? I have no concern on this, but you guys really immature, you know that? If no one of you can give any good suggestion, stop blaming. And stop talking if not needed.”

“I.. I was thinking to stop filming, Nichkhun-ssi,” said Victoria. Her voice was lower than before, she had no strength right now. She was not in good mood to talk or even argued with two men around her.

“What? Why?” Nichkhun raised his eyebrow, looked at Victoria confusedly.

Kyuhyun sighed. “You need to ask? She just needs to stop, why have you asked?”

“I know. But it was before this rumor,” he said calmly. “If she stops now, do you know how people will say to her? Do you even know what if netizen found you and her? Or can you stop the scold that may attack her? You’re really weird, Cho Kyuhyun.”

“But if she still filming this ridiculous program, she also can be scolded, by your fans,” Kyuhyun tried to find right excuse.

“At least khuntoria couple’s fans will support her. If she really quit, she will be scolded, by my fans also by our fans, and maybe by yours too,” Nichkhun pointed straightly. He knew he was right. There’s no way for Victoria to choose whatever she wanted. This decision –Nichkhun’s thought, was the best one.

Kyuhyun froze. He really wanted to against his statement, but finally he couldn’t. That man –Nichkhun, was right. Absolutely right.


None of them –Kyuhyun and Victoria, tried to start talking in the car. They already trapped in their own mind. Victoria just stared calmly to the outside sight, she tried hard to keep her eyes on the view before she finally gave up and just stared at nothing.

If she stops now, do you know how people will react? Do you even know what if netizen found you? Or can you stop the scold that may attack her?

Kyuhyun shook his head over and over again. That words were still spinning and filled his mind. He wanted to protect her, but he didn’t wanna let her to keep filming. Kyuhyun tried hard to drive calmly and ignored some glances from Victoria.

She kept try to have some eye-contact with Kyuhyun but that man was really not in his mood. Changmin also couldn’t help her right now. That’s a pity that he must drove his own car and followed Kyuhyun’s behind, not far from it.

Ding~ Her phone made short voice, a message. Victoria took her phone out and smiled softly.

From: Changminie

Don’t let him ignore you, Qian~

She texted while Kyuhyun was peeking at her. It must be Changmin, he thought. No one could make her smile like that but him. Strangely, Kyuhyun never felt burdened. Maybe that burden feeling only applied to Nichkhun?

To: Changminie

I wont. Just drive safely..


@SM Buiding

Kyuhyun and Victoria was standing in front of Lee Sooman, SM’s big boss. They didn’t expect that Lee Sooman will facing them by himself. And it meant this rumor was the bad one. It was the first time they met that aging man again after they confessed their relationship 2 years ago.

Victoria looked every inch of this room. The big cupboard located in beside of his chair attracted her. She ever saw some artists files was taken from there, include hers. And that big window right in front of her now was her favorite ever. She imagined the amazing view that she would get if she was in winter or autumn.

“So,” Lee Sooman started to talk. “Something bad was happened today?”

“That was-“ Victoria tried to explain.

Kyuhyun cut. “Not really. Just.. some rumor.”

“That rumor which you called ‘just’ was already headed some news site,” he said calmly. Victoria could feel something cold touch her neck –fear. “Miss Song, your manager said that you wanna quit from WGM, is that true?”

With a deep breath, Victoria nodded. “Yes, Sir. I.. I have talked about that with my manager yesterday, and we agreed to talk with the PD later.”

“Don’t,” Lee Sooman said again. “Don’t ever try to quit, or you will get more scold. The best way right now is keep filming, make everyone believe both of you, in this case Khuntoria, are real.”

Kyuhyun blanked his eyes as didn’t trust whatever he had heard now. He really wanted to have some argued with this aging man –Lee Sooman, but his smart brain avoided him. Instead opened his mouth up, Kyuhyun chose to give his dislike gaze to floor.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Lee Sooman asked. His eyes on Victoria but Kyuhyun knew his low tone was for him.

With deep sigh, Victoria nodded her head. “It’s okay, Sir.”

Suddenly Kyuhyun felt her hand held his. Kyuhyun really didn’t like this. He already prepared their freedom –Victoria and him, without any Khuntoria nickname around them. But once again, he fell, burdened, and bitter inside. He stared down and finally nodded. “I understand, Sir.”

The meeting gave them pressured, the same one like the first time. But this was very different. In that time, they were agreed to have special relationship. But today, they felt heavy metal box was given to them.

Changmin who waited outside couldn’t hide his curiousity. “How’s it?”

“He said-“

“I wanna go home,” Kyuhyun said calmly. He released his hand from Victoria’s then walked away.

Victoria couldn’t help but stared at his back. Something tore her heart one by one when she saw him like that. Feeling her eyes got burning, Victoria raised her hand and tried to wipe her almost-fall-tears. She could feel something touched her back, she turned left and found Changmin in her eyes.

“Really bad?” he asked while looked at Victoria softly.

She tried hard to pull her smile in her lips. “No.. everything’s gonna be okay, right, Min?”

Changmin nodded. He couldn’t do anything but support her for now. Then he smiled widely. “Wanna go play? We have never do something fun lately, and I wanna do that now. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?”

“I’m not in the right mood, Min. I’ll go back now,” Victoria couldn’t really hide her sadness. She understood his feeling –Kyuhyun’s, back then. She could see his bitter clearly, and somehow that was killing her inside. Victoria had made promise with herself, she wont see his pale face anymore. And now she broke her own promise.

Changmin looked at her, grabbed her face and made it closer with his. “You will be okay, wont you?”

“I will,” she said confidently –at least that what she expected. But Changmin could see her scar through her eyes. She smiled, but her eyes told him everything.

Changmin pull his phone out and called someone. “I have to make sure that man will take you home safely.”


“You guys really need to talk,” he whispered before someone answered his call. “Ah, Kyuhyun-ah, where are you? Qian need a ride to her dorm, you will take her with you, wont you?”


Victoria knew today was her favorite. The first week of spring, soft windy day, and beautiful trees used to make her day completed. But all of those couldn’t help to cheer her up now.

Kyuhyun could feel her gaze but he tried his best to avoid it. His feeling was not good –not that good. Today was the day that he expected will be his best day. But suddenly his expectation fell one by one. That rumor, his meeting with Nichkhun, and the final decision that he couldn’t decide about. Those all already ruined his day.

None of them dared to talk. Victoria didn’t know what she should talk about and Kyuhyun was too sick of it.

“You..” finally Victoria opened her mouth. “You will be okay, right?”

“Am I look I will?” he asked sarcasticly.

Victoria couldn’t look at him, she was too afraid to see that bitterness in his eyes again. She tried to breath properly, but she thought she couldn’t. Breathing became something hard to do in this time.

Kyuhyun glanced at her face before he massaged his own forehead. “Don’t you get this situation? Don’t you know what I want when we were in his office room?”


“I wanna through this with you. I don’t mind if everyone will catch our relationship, I don’t mind at all, because that is what I wanted since the first time I said I love you,” he explained. Kyuhyun sighed then looked straight at the road in front of him. “But you don’t get it. You don’t understand.”

Victoria really wanted to say something but she couldn’t. She didn’t even know what she will say to him.

One.. two.. three.. four.. five.

For the first time in her whole life, five second was felt forever. Then she would wish she lost her hearing sense when Kyuhyun closed his eyes for a while before he said. “Let’s end this..”


Kyaaaa~ I broke Kyutoria up! xD

So sorry for my late-update. I wasn’t in the rite mood a moment ago, also I was busy with my exam. *bow*

Err.. I really mind if someone took my story-line out for his/her importance. I found one, different, but still, I can feel the same things from ‘that’ story and mine. I’m glad to know many kyutorians around me, really glad. But seriously, it doesn’t mean you can take my story-line out with different titles. It hurts me, you know?

Still need comment~~~

Thanks.. Have a nice day~ ^^


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