[Kyutoria] Real Man -chapter 5-


Nichkhun looked at that pictures and realized it’s not him. He saw Victoria clearly in this picture, really can’t be denied. But that man.. was in backside of the camera, also look foggy. Everyone who saw this picture will recognize him as 2PM Nichkhun.

But Nichkhun already know everything. That man is SJ magnae, Kyuhyun..


Chapter 5

The sun shone brightly but winter wind still could be felt. First week in this spring was not really special for some people, but it wasn’t for Victoria. She loved spring. The warm wind and peaceful day already fulfilled her mind.

No one could change her feeling about spring time. She believed some good things would be happened in spring. And yes, she knew it. WGM will be ended soon, so she wont ever see Kyuhyun’s bitter face. Suddenly Victoria smiled alone. Her head was filled by Kyuhyun’s face. That man –Cho Kyuhyun, always showed some funny face when he was jealous.

“Whom are you smiling with?” Kyuhyun appeared in her face, looked at her carefully.

Victoria shook her head then smiled. “One stupid man.” She burst into laughter after Kyuhyun showed that funny face again –flat stare, pointed Victoria directly into her eyes, and made his small eyes sharper. “Can’t you stop make that weird face?”

“What face?” he asked. Kyuhyun stared at her, “Am I really look funny? Even when my heart burden?”

“Your face is funny, really.” Victoria tried her best to stop her laughter but she completely failed. “Okay, sorry. But do you know your face is addicted?”

Kyuhyun smirked then tried to seduced her. “Well, it’s maybe because you love me too much?”

“Ridiculous,” she commented. Then Victoria grabbed her hand-bag and held Kyuhyun’s arm. “Where are we going now? Romantic lunch-dating or watching movies dating?”

“Who asked you to date? I did not,” Kyuhyun really loved make his girl angry. Victoria was cute when she was upset or felt uncomfortable –according to Kyuhyun. “It’s not a date, actually.”

Victoria raised her eyebrow, “Not? So?”

“Something is called dating when two people –girl and boy, hang out together, have a romantic time and spend their time just both of them,” he explained calmly.

“Well, yes, I already know what dating is. So we wont spend time together later?” Victoria assumed his word really well. Kyuhyun nodded without answered. Then she asked, “Who will come?”

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. “Your favorite evil..”


On the other side, Nichkhun reported that news to his company. Not really reported actually. He added some fake things in his story. Yes, he said he was with Victoria that night. And yes, he was the man who kissed her in his car.

Nichkhun released his back to the passenger side. He opened again that news. And once again, he looked at the pictures carefully.

“That was really her,” he mumbled. Then he moved to another picture which right on the corner. “But this is.. not me.”

Suddenly he grabbed his phone, tried to call his wife. Nichkhun didn’t really know what he had done by lied to his company. He couldn’t think normally. What he had thought was to help Victoria as well as he could –he didn’t even know that would help her or not.

Nichkhun looked at phone screen when no one answered his call. He wondered if Victoria already saw that news. What would she do if she knew?

Or.. what would Kyuhyun do if he saw this pictures?

“Khun-ah, what are you doing here? Prepare yourself, it’s your time now,” Seo Minjae –his manager, opened the car door and made him awake.

Nichkhun nodded then put down the iPad that he held. He will talk about this after his filming. It was better if he could discuss it with Victoria. He looked at his phone once again.

Just where the hell is she?


Victoria was in the private room of a Chinese restaurant near her dorm when she let her phone rang so badly. Nichkhun kept call her since this morning but she ignored it. Not really ignored actually, Kyuhyun forbade her to keep in touch with her husband when she was with him. So this was what she had done: listened her Kyu well.

“You like this restaurant, don’t you, Qian?” Kyuhyun asked. He never knew his Qian was looking at her phone over and over.

Victoria glanced at him once then looked to her surround. This room was not that big, at least smaller than her kitchen. But this room gave her a special feeling. The owner was Chinese, and this room is filled by red color.

She could see a big flower in the corner of this room. And the table –the square wooden table with four chairs beside it, made this room really really looked as China as well. Victoria felt she was in her real house now.

“Mm. You know it already, don’t ask,” said Victoria. “Ah, and him, where is he?”

Kyuhyun took his phone for a while then looked at his girl again. “He’s near from here, just countdown from 100 then he will be here.”

“Sounds so silly, Kyu,” Victoria glanced to the door. “I wonder he wont be here for us.”

“Why? Did something happen?” Kyuhyun asked then smirked curiously. “Ah~ You have an affair, right? With him?”

Victoria rolled her eyes then pinched his cheek. “You are reaaaally funny, you know that?”

They stared each other deeply. Kyuhyun was holding her hands now, he did it tightly. Victoria looked at his face carefully. She wanted to remember every inch of his look. The way he smiled, how his eyes stared at hers, and every single thing in his own, Victoria wanted to keep all of them in her own.

That man was belonging to her. That was she believed.

“You guys can break this room’s fortune, you know that?” heavy voice came from the door, made them turned head fast. Another man –Victoria’s favorite evil, was standing and looking at them cheerfully.

Kyuhyun smiled then stood up from his chair. “Shim Changmin!”

“You can’t do that in my eyes, so close and almost kiss like this. That makes me feel bad,” Changmin walked to him and gave big hug. He stopped in front of Victoria, stared at her softly. “Qian~~~ don’t wanna give a hug?”

Victoria really missed that voice. Something happened in the past was already forgot. This man –Changmin, broke into pieces when his girlfriend left him. And Victoria was the one he had, at least she could cheer him up when Kyuhyun couldn’t. Their relationship –Changmin and Victoria, more than friend but less than lover. Something confusing..

“You’re really busy, aren’t you?” she asked. Then she pretended to look the higher sight. “Eumm.. You’re getting taller, you know that?”

Changmin sighed deeply. “I didn’t grow anymore, Qian~ Stop make that joke.”

“Don’t talk by yourselves, I’m also here,” Kyuhyun found himself standing alone and looked at them curiously. “Are you guys tried to make me jealous?”

Victoria looked at Kyuhyun then laughed. “You always so recently.”

“Really? He was? About your marriage again?” asked Changmin.

“He always complained about that, and also, he couldn’t really put less care about it. I think he must show his jealousy side to you too, Min,” Victoria glanced to Kyuhyun who rolled his eyes. Kyuhyun knew whenever they, Changmin and Victoria, gathered together, they wont be defeated. Just something like part of one super power.

Changmin smirked then put his arm in Kyuhyun’s shoulder. “You can’t take your eyes from her, eh?”

“Look who’s talking now. You will also do exactly the same if you were me,” he answered.

“Maybe. If the girl is Qian, I think I will do the same,” suddenly his voice got softly and meaningful. Changmin took out his phone then showed something. “Ah, right, Qian, you’re really good at job or you just wanna make this jerk get jealous, huh?”

Victoria raised her eyebrow, felt confuse. “What?”

“The news? I read it this morning, but I don’t think you haven’t seen that,” he said. He pointed at some pictures in his phone. “This is you, right? You were with Nichkhun that night or..?”


Nichkhun drove his car alone –without his manager by his side. He got her call recently. Victoria Song called him a moment ago. He could tell that girl was bit panic. Of course, who wasn’t?

“So you already saw it?” he remembered his conversation with her. “That’s why I tried hard to call you, but you didn’t answer it, not even once.”

He could hear his wife felt apologize. “I was with him so I couldn’t answer. What should we do then? My company ask me to come tonight, but I think I have to talk about it with you as well.”

“Of course you have to. This lead also take my name, and 2PM,” he explained then sighed deeply. “Can’t we just meet now? At least before you talk about this with your company. If we don’t cooperate well, this rumor will getting worse.”

“Yes, I understand,” said Victoria before she hung up the phone.

A moment ago, Nichkhun received text message from Victoria. That girl sent an address of place that they have to meet in. That’s why he was on hurry now. He took the car and delayed all of his schedule for 3 hours later.


“He will be here,” she said. Victoria looked at Kyuhyun carefully. And she found another bitter expression in his face. More than that, she could see his pale one. Then Victoria grabbed his hands. “I’m sorry..”

Changmin just stared at them, felt uncomfortable with this silence. “What sorry? Come on, Qian, you can do well. This is just rumor, right?”

Although her best friend said so, Victoria couldn’t take her eyes from Kyuhyun. This time that man was reeeeaaaally annoyed. And for some reasons, Victoria felt pressured filled her mind. But on the other side, she didn’t really get it.

Why had this man got angry?

Kyuhyun massaged his neck twice. Suddenly his breathe was heavy. Something that he had done –that night, was heading up some news site. That rumor will get worse and he could do nothing on it. Soon.

He really wanted to hold back Victoria’s hand, smiled, or even smirked at her and said it’s okay or don’t worry. But he couldn’t hide his tired face. He felt burdened when Victoria suddenly called Nichkhun in front of him. Immature, yes. But he just wanted her to lean on him, faced this news together.

Kyuhyun didn’t need any special reason for that. He was hers, and he wanted her asked him to comfort her. And also, that man –who kissed her in the pictures- was him, Cho Kyuhyun. Not Nichkhun.

He didn’t want anyone else replaced his place.. his role.. or his spot in her heart..


Seems like I really love the jealousy side of Kyuhyun. Dunno, just.. that man with big jealousy is cute~ 😀 So this is my chapter 5, and become the last one before I spend my time on exam’s day.. *sigh*

Really sorry if my story is broken and failed, also thank you for those who always commented in this fanfic. As ur wish, I made Changmin appeared, as cameo..?

In the next chapter, I’ve planned some flashback scene –when Kyuhyun asked Victoria to be his girl. But I’m not really sure.. (^^;)7

Give me your comment~ Thanks.. 😀



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    • eumm.. i dont think much for the next actually. (^^;)7
      but i have some story line in my head, you must waiting a bit longer *always so* since i will face my exam. ><

      changtoriaaa~ i was drowned in that ocean recently.. xD
      but like as i said, i dont really think much for his role.. *bad author*

      thanks a lot for reading and keep comiing~ 😀

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    • yahh.. ada sedikit changtoria stuff~ xD
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      thank youuuu~~~ 🙂
      thanks for readiing and comment too.. 😀

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    • really? i dont meet many ppl who ship changtoria actually..
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    • yups~ sometime i wondered if he was a man with big jealousy.. xD
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    • ahahaha~ mom is jealous too, rite? xD
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    • eumm.. i love all couple with -toria behind it, actually~
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    • Hi~ 😀
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    • really? short? sorry~ ><
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      i dont have some feeling when i typed about khun.. .__.v
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