[Kyutoria] Real Man -chapter 4-


“Stop the filming. Ask the PD to end your WGM. You have to divorce,” Kyuhyun stared back at Victoria’s face.

“Kyu, it’s not something that you can ask easily. We have to talk-“

Kyuhyun grabbed her face closer to his. He already closed his eyes then he kissed her lips. That kiss was slow but sweet. Kyuhyun kissed her passionately but also softly. He really missed this lips. After this one, his Qian wont refuse his wish anymore. Never.


Chapter 4

Suddenly it was raining outside. But Victoria doesn’t care at all. Her mind was already under control. She knows her Kyuhyun wont stop their kiss. She also knows she doesn’t want to either. The rain was heavy but make them hold hand each other tightly.

Just when Victoria feels the air get cold, she pull herself, release her lips from that “deathly kiss”. She looked outside and realize –finally- it was raining. Kyuhyun stared at her, asked her attention.

“You try to seduce me?” Victoria blinked, she had lost her awake when Kyuhyun’s lips touched hers. This kiss is something she missed.

Kyuhyun burst into laugh. “So when your boyfriend kiss you –for a long time since he didn’t- mean that he try to seduce you?”

“Well, at least you have something to be wished, and you use my weakness to make it true,” said Victoria. “You know, Mr. Cho, you’re so tricky.”

That man smirk, hold his girl’s hand then kiss it softly. “I can be tricky when I can’t get what I want.”

“Keep talking and we can’t go home on time,” Victoria checked her phone, found it’s already late. “The rain wont stop soon. Hurry, we have to go home~”

“Mm.. how about sleep in the car? I wont go back to my dorm, and you either,” Kyuhyun stared at Victoria, blinked his eyes. “I will always turn on the heater.”

Victoria took breathe deeply. “Your wish~”


-next day-

Victoria was busy packing Kyuhyun’s luggage in SJ’s dorm while Kyuhyun left her to SM building for a moment. SJM already had their comeback and her Kyu will go to China or Taiwan –very often. That girl –Victoria- doesn’t feel good every time Kyuhyun left her side. Without Cho Kyuhyun in her eyes, it makes Victoria feel so alone. But she can do nothing.

She sighed and put Kyuhyun’s luggage freely. Suddenly she mumbled. “If I ask him to not go anywhere, does he listen to me?”

“Maybe not, Vic,” Sungmin opened his room with a big smile.

“Ah, Oppa, already in home? Where’s he?” Victoria asked directly. She over her eyes through Sungmin’s shoulder and found Kyuhyun behind him. She stood up, welcoming her man. “I don’t know when you said to wait here for a while it means that you will this fast.”

Kyuhyun smirk and hold her hand. “It’s because I have someone who waited me.”

“Vic,” called Sungmin. That girl turn head, feels curious with Sungmin. “Did you know where our remote tv?”

Victoria feels confuse while Kyuhyun rolling down his eyes. She asked, “Where?”

“It was broken, totally. Someone threw it to the floor, make everyone can’t watch tv comfortably,” Sungmin glanced at Kyuhyun, show him a dislike look.

“Just buy the new one. You don’t have to blame me everytime you can,” said Kyuhyun.

Victoria looked at her man while she lifted her eyebrow. “You really threw it to the floor? Why~?”

Sungmin laugh and messed Victoria’s hair up. “It was because of you, cutie. Don’t ever make him crazy like yesterday anymore, ever. I beg you..”

“Me? I did nothiiiing~,” Victoria pull Kyuhyun’s arm. “Didn’t I, Kyu? I was not here yesterday.”

“No, it was about.. your husband’s hug in WGM,” said Kyuhyun lazily. Actually he really doesn’t wanna talk about this anymore, but his couple –Lee Sungmin- already bringing it up.

Victoria smiled, but also can’t hide her blush. She just realized that her man really really can’t control himself because of her. It makes her happy actually. That man –Cho Kyuhyun- is loving her. She can’t take her eyes from Kyuhyun. Victoria admired him more than every girl in this world. But she doesn’t know Kyuhyun is more than admiring her –Song Qian. He is loving her..

Kyuhyun grabbed Victoria’s face and looked straight into her eyes. “Promise me..”


“Divorce, soon,” said Kyuhyun calmly. “You already know my suffered, and I ask to your loyalty. You will do it, don’t-“

Victoria touched his lips with her finger. “I will.. My comeback is soon, and I have to maintain my time. Right?”

“Good girl,” Kyuhyun praised his girl with wide smile in his face.

Victoria sighed deeply then lean her head to Kyuhyun’s shoulder. “How sad.. I will become a widow~~~”

“Yes, right.. so what should I do? Must I marry a widow?” asked Kyuhyun. He pretend to think and show his dislike look with that word –widow. Victoria stared at him angrily. But then Kyuhyun smirk. “Mm.. I love a widow named Song Qian. And if she doesn’t divorce soon, I will never marry anyone.”

Victoria grabbed his shoulder then kiss his cheek. “Really smart~”


@f(x)’s dorm

Victoria’s manager was sitting in blue sofa when Victoria talked about her wish about WGM. Her heart wasn’t stop beating out of control. That wish –divorce from WGM- is not the easy topic to be started, so she tried her best to reach this step.

“Why?” asked him. “Why have to stop the filming? Your schedule after comeback wont be that busy, Vic. So it must be another reason that pulled you to talk this with me. What is your REAL reason?”

Victoria bitting her lips and try to control her breathe. Finally she nodded her head. “Nothing. Just.. I just feel uncomfortable with WGM. And also, I got scolded a lot that time. So I think-“

“It’s not you, Vic. You wont complaint just because some scold like that,” he said firmly.

“Oppa~ can’t I just out from that filming?” said Victoria. She can’t explain her REAL reason. Her manager wont understand her –her man, actually.

Her manager shocked by Victoria’s face. That girl really wanna end this –the WGM. “Vic, you never ask much from me, so I think I will try to speak with the PD and also report this to our boss.”

“Oppa~~~ you’re the best!” Victoria smiled widely. When her manager already said so, everything will flow so. She feels all of her burdens is disappear, gone, and wont ever back anymore. Victoria can breath normally now.

She imagined her man’s face and slowly she smiled softly. She remembered Kyuhyun’s anger everytime he felt annoyed with this FAKE marriage. Kyuhyun had many hard time because of her.

Everything is okay, Kyu. Everything is gonna be okay from now on.. Victoria thought.


-the next day-

The sun doesn’t show himself yet but Victoria already awake. Not really awake, actually. Her phone is ringing badly, that thing –her phone- asked her attention by keep ringing and make Victoria opened her eyes.

“Who’s the bad people who called me in this time~~~?” she sighed and grabbed her phone fast. Victoria made her eyes smaller then pressed the green key. “You didn’t sleep lastnight, did you?”

Kyuhyun laughed in over the phone. “How do you know?”

“Because you will never awake before me,” she answered lightly. “What’s happened, Kyu? Are you okay?”

“I will be okay when I hear something from you,” said Kyuhyun.

Victoria released her back to the wall and fixed her hair in bed. “So, what’s that?”

“I love you..?”

“Stop it~ why are you like this? Don’t hang out often with Changmin, he give you some bad effects,” Victoria said jokingly, remembering her best friend. Then she took deep breath. “Okay, I love you~”

Kyuhyun smiled widely –at least Victoria can imagine his smile face. “I love you more. But actually not that. I have anything else, about WGM, what did your manager say?”

“Ah, of course he wont let me to quit this soon,” said her, lying.

“Really? I know he will not let you! He’s just get too much fun from-“

“He let me,” Victoria added. “Manager Oppa already promised me to talk with the PD and also to company. You happy?”

Kyuhyun doesn’t open his mouth up for two second before he burst into laugh. “So you will get DIVORCE? Finally! Finally your manager can do his job well!”

“Ya~ what did you say? He did his job very well. Don’t talk bad about him,” Victoria really wanna hit that man. “We can meet directly and talk about this instead you interrupted my sleep, Kyu.”

“We will~” said Kyuhyun. “I’ll pick you up at 12 o’clock. Get ready for special date with your new husband-to-be.”

Victoria smiled with Kyuhyun’s word. ‘New Husband-to-be’? She’s 25 years old but already married twice? What a funny world~


In the other place –Itaewon, Nichkhun already finished some snapshot for a magazine. He doesn’t know the deal between Victoria and Kyuhyun. All of that he knew is: his wife has a boyfriend named Cho Kyuhyun. He wondered why Victoria followed WGM if she already has Kyuhyun. Of course her company asked her. Babo Nichkhun~

“Khun!” his manager make Nichkhun back from his wonder world. He saw his manager hold iPad in his hand, make Nichkhun lifted his thick eyebrow.

“Hyung, what’s that?” asked Nichkhun curiously.

His manager, Minjae, managed his breathe first before looked at him. “Yesterday.. yesterday, you and Victoria were together, weren’t you?”

Nichkhun thought back to past. After WGM filming he and his wife was really together, but just for a while before that man took his wife away. He nodded. “Yes. Why?”

“Were you guys hang out? With car?” Minjae asked again.

“Just tell me what’s happened, hyung!” said Nichkhun firmly. He grabbed the iPad in Minjae’s hand then looked at it carefully. His face changed quickly.

[HOT NEWS] Khuntoria is really REAL?

F(x) leader, Victoria Song, has been seen in the black car with 2PM Nichkhun. This virtual couple really got into reality. They were kissing in car, that moment are finally proven by pics!

A fan who saw that couple said, “I’m not sure if that is Nichkhun, but I’m pretty sure that girl is Victoria of f(x).”

Another MBC We Got Married staff added. “That night I saw Victoria and Nichkhun talked together after filming end. They also hugged. I saw it, but I don’t know if they hang out together that night.

There are some pics we got from that night. —-

Nichkhun looked at that pictures and realized it’s not him. He saw Victoria clearly in this picture, really can’t be denied. But that man.. was in backside of the camera, look so foggy. Everyone who saw this picture will recognize him as 2PM Nichkhun.

But Nichkhun already know everything. That man is SJ magnae, Kyuhyun..



Chapter 4~! Without password. Just wanna test how far you respect me as author. Keep being a silent reader and I wont continue this story –I will keep it on my own mind. Lol.

For some ppl who asked me to make the Indonesian version of it, you can translate it by yourself actually. I’m afraid make you guys waiting since I’ll have many exam next.. >.<

Leave comment~ it means a lot for me.. Thanks, and enjoy~ 🙂



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  1. Aku suka bangeeeeeeeet 😀 kamu pinter bgt sih bikin ceritanya. Ah can’t wait for chapter 5 shel 🙂 but still focus with you exam, ok? :*

  2. Hi…. Thanks 4 your update… Wah, jadi tambah seru nih ceritanya.. Ditunggu ya kelanjutannya.. thanks ya udah masukin karakter sungmin kecerita ini.. Gmn dengan donghae, eunhyuk n siwon busa dilibatin jg gak.. Kan mereke temen deketnya nikhun juga. .. N dari member fx sendiri apa opini mereka tentang hubungan vic n kyuhyun..

    • Hi~ thanks for readiing too. 🙂

      mm.. belom ada pikiran buat masukin anak2 suju laen, mudah2an aja dehh ya. ><
      anak 2pm aja jarang nongol, anak f(x) juga belom ada rencana. hehe..

      makasihh uda komen yaa~ 😀

  3. saia skip langsung komen disini aja tq apa kaan~? ^^ *ktauan malesnya*
    Kyukyuu~ diri ktauaan~ haha.
    Aduuh,, gmna tuh jadinya? Mana netizen suka ribut lebe gmnaa gt. ><
    lanjot2.. Hwaiting! ^^

    ottokeh ottokeeeeeh~~~ ??
    pabokyu –_____-
    how could he asked vic to divorce soon~ I still love khuntoria :p /plak/
    such an evil. yes he is~

    • of course he is~ :3
      but u love this evil, rite, Miss Evilia? xD
      i could find this week ep of khuntoria, u have the link?? Shareee~
      i wanna see my Qiaaaaan~ ><

      thanks for reading, Mom~~~ :*

    • you’re welcome dear~~ :*
      ung~actually I didn’t read all of it, I skipped the kisse scene :p

      I haven’t get any khuntoria link yet, maybe I’ll check it later~~
      my tasks are killing me ;___________;

      o~ do I love him ? hm~ lemme think~ hihi :p

      • of course u have to skip it~
        i will do the same if i read bout poo, actually. kkk~ xD

        soooo many tasks lately, mom?
        hwaitiiing~ my mom can do anything~!! :*

        oh? you didnt? sure?? *sodorin babykyu*

  5. Ditunggu chapter selanjutnya haha jangan bikin kita cenat cenut nunggu terlalu lama ya kekekeke
    sukses buat ujiannya 🙂

  6. The best part : the kissing scene & when kyu said “i love widow named Song Qian. And if she doesn’t divorce soon, I will never marry anyone” <3333

    can't wait for the next chap!!

    • eum.. i felt sorry for qian, actually.
      she must be mad if i say that word~ ><
      kyu is bit weird in that scene, but i try to match it with his image.. kekeke~ xD

      thanks for readiiing~ 😀

  7. udah komen dari chap pertama ya 🙂

    jujur, saya fujoshi akut… saya otaku yang dari dulu suka di genre Boys love daripada straight couple
    bahkan pas semua orang kena virus seokyu, saya sama sekali ngga tertarik karena mereka jadi couple cuma karena tuntutan pekerjaan
    tapi begitu saya tau ada kyutoria, tentang kesamaan mereka di kehidupan mereka dan mereka emang sahabat yang nempel banget + Changmin
    ini couple pertama yang bikin saya jatuh cinta (eh, malah curcol)

    ayooo ficnya lanjutin
    penasaran sama reaksi kyu pas tau dikira dia itu khun oppa yang nyium Qian

      • Well, Boys love sama yaoi itu beda lho say 🙂
        Iya nih, gara-gara si qian kali ya jadi bener-bener jatuh sama mereka
        Tapi kyunya juga bikin cinta ❤
        Ah, kyutoria bikin gila 😀

  8. Chingu terus buat FF Kyutoria yupz !!
    please .. >~< aku udh kcanduan neeh !!
    hehehe ..
    btw gomawo atas krja kras mu ..

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    aaaa too short, I want more I want more….
    anyway I am hwayoungie at twitter….. kekekeke

  10. What a great story about KyuToria…
    I ship them, but there’s not much KyuToria FF and I’m so happy to found your story.

    I’m really curious what will happen next, Kyu is so stuborn… It’s so him!^^ But I never imagine he could be that jealous man… Qeqeqe
    What will Nickhun do, I wish he didn’t do anything bad…

    Did you post this at another place? I think I have read 1st chapter, and leave a comment. But if i’m not mistake, it’s on LJ or asianfanfics…

    I really love to read your story, so please continue…

    Fighting! \(^^)/

    Btw, read the previous comment, are you from Indonesia? Coz it’s all in bahasa ^^

    • me too~ i shipped them, sooo much. <33
      i tried to explore any side from kyu since i dont know him well, so naturally i made him as very-stubborn-jealous-man~ xD

      oh? where u found this?
      nope, i didnt post it nowhere but my own blog.
      would u please give me the link?

      okay~ i will. thanks for ur support.. means a lot for me.. 😀

      haha.. i'm indonesian. 😀

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    • haha.. kayanya semua biasnya pada suka ama sifat kekanak2annya yah.
      aku ngebayanginnya jadi agak tergoda (?)

      yup~ SR are really really making me frustrated.. -.-
      thanks for reading, onn~ 😀

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  14. Good ff! It’s getting more chaos than before. Haha! You do it well, shela 😀 you write a story that many ppl wouldnt expect before. Really unexpected. Keep going on. I love this FF ❤

    • really? i think i’m getting better to make ppl angry to me.. xD
      actually i just imagined bout them, and voalla~ this is it. (?)
      just expect to much from kyutoria, i think. 😀

      thanks for ur support~ 😀

  15. Waaaaa… Gawat gawat gawat!!!
    Gimana reaksi Kyu kalau tau berita itu. T,T
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    Author, masukin changmin jga dong. Hehehe
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    aku tggu chap 5’y…

    • changmin?
      banyak ya yang minta changmin, tapi aku belom tau peran yg pas buat dia..
      maybe later~ 🙂

      fightiiing~ thanks for readiing.. 😀
      Qian is surrounded by evil magnaes..xD

  16. wooooww…. more conflict. more conflict.
    more conflict, more better the story it is.

    for next chapter, i think that nickhun will get his tricky tricks to get victoria in his hand. and that will make kyu really and really mad ofcourse. poor kyu.
    but in the end, they untied this new scandal and Kyu-toria back again and live happily ever after. *memangnya dongeng?*

    well, thats all from me.
    can’t wait for the next chapter.
    Fighting oenni!!

    • hahaha.. you should make that story then~
      i think it’ll be interesting, put khun in antagonist one..
      well, i like the happily ever after part. xD

      okay~ thanks a lot for keep support kyutoria. 😀

  17. finally, chapter 4!!!!

    when everything gonna be okay, thought vic, and the scandal is show up…
    it’s netizen!!!! well, it’s gonna be hard, for three of them of course..
    if vic said it’s not khun, than there gonna be another scandal, but if vic said it’s khun, kyu will be sad..
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    • ooppss, the is a mistake..
      I mean then, not than.. hahahaha
      it should : if vic said it’s not khun, then there’s gonna be another scandal, but if vic said it’s khun, kyu will be sad..

    • so i finally success to make some conflict in this story, rite?
      i will try harder to make this story get better since i dont really satisfied with this one. 🙂

      thanks for your support~ ^^
      easy, honey, i wont kill anyone.. Really~ xD

  18. Mianhae…. after reading 1st chapter, Just realize that I left a comment here ^^
    Aku borong baca chapter 2-4 sekaligus, karena aku gak tau udah di update… Maaf banget, soalnya aku ga ngerti banyak soal wordpress
    Pokoknya Daebak deh wat story nya!
    Pokoknya bakalan jadi reader setia n kasih komen ^^
    Good luck wat exams nya ya!
    \(^ ^)/

  19. OHMYGOD !!!
    bener-bener shock pas terakhirnya!!
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    • haha.. kyu-nya aneh ya? xD
      mm… ga tau dehh dapet darimana karakter kyu yang gombal gitu.
      tapi gombalnya ga gombal2 amat, kurang jago diaaa~ xD

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    • i will make, but after i finish my exam. ^^;)>
      yups~ this world need maaaany kyutoria fanfic, i hope i can find another shipper who write bout them. 🙂
      thanks for comment~ 😀

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