[Kyutoria] Real Man -chapter 3-


Kyuhyun –with the extra-patience-trying take car key and grabbed his jacket. He left Sungmin behind who shouted. “Hey~ don’t be immature to her okay?”

Kyuhyun heard –clearly- but ignored that. He really doesn’t have time to hear any useless thing right now. Moreover, he wont be immature. Every mature man will act like him when they saw what they wont ever see. So his act is not the immature one, right?


Chapter 3

“So, that ‘someone’ is..? Not your manager?” Nichkhun asked curiously. Don’t know why, he’s always attracted into this girl. He wanna know all about Victoria. She is interesting, and the most important thing is she ignored him.

Victoria looked at Nichkhun for a while. “Are you really have to know?”

“Just asking, actually,” Nichkhun showed her a soft smile –smile that can’t fail to attract girl. “Is he.. your boyfriend?”

Victoria feels surprised but quickly controlled her face. “Is it really your business? Sorry, I don’t mean to be harsh but.. I just can’t share my private life to everyone.”

“Include to your husband?” Nichkhun smirk then asked, “Is it a big secret?”

With a deep breathe, Victoria turn head to him. That man –who standing beside her wont satisfied if he doesn’t get any attention from Victoria.

“Yes, my own big secret,” answered her. Victoria put pressure in every single word she said.

Nichkhun stared at her softly. “Did you never fall for me?”

“Pardon?” Victoria really doesn’t understand what Nichkhun said. She even doesn’t believe with her ears. Victoria thought that man said something wrongly. She knew Nichkhun has become a good partner in WGM but his act today is really annoyed her.

“Don’t you think everyone want us to be a real couple?” he asked –again. “And you never feel something with me? Like-“

“Crush?” she cut. Then Victoria found he smiled. She took a breath. “No, we can’t mix every single thing in our life. Job, personal life –in this case, love. And about those people, if they wanted that, it’s their right. But for me, I don’t think this one seriously.”

Nichkhun nodded his head. “But we were together for a long time.”

Yes, and for a long time too my boy get sick of it, Victoria thinks.

“But it doesn’t mean we can be a real couple, just like what the fans wanted. No offense, but I’ve already had someone,” admitted Victoria.

Nichkhun stared at her deeply. His eyes went through into hers. “Can’t you forget him?”


The road isn’t crowded although day is not get late yet. It’s still 8 PM but the cars weren’t looked hurry. Rain made the road bit slippery and no one want get stupid accident in the road like this. But there are always an exception..

Kyuhyun drove crazily. He can’t wait anymore now. This mind –serious mind that he had been thinking- annoyed him too much. His head near to explode and his chest really really burdened if he see something that he wont again. Victoria has to understand. She MUST listen to him this time.

“Qian has to know I can’t stand any longer,” Kyuhyun said to himself.

That black car entered small area. Kyuhyun glances at one house. The house looked familiar. His Qian already showed it off to him a month ago.

“Ck, so this is your home?” he mumbled.

Kyuhyun took his phone and pressed number 2. Speed dial number 2 is for Victoria. Her favorite number, her birthday date, and their same birth month. Number 2 is special for them –for Kyuhyun especially. All about Victoria already grown in his mind. Always so.

He waited for a while but it took longer than he thought.

Pick your phone, Qian~ Kyuhyun whispered.

When he looked straight in the house, he found something; something that he swore to not see again.


“So, can you?” Nichkhun asked. “Can you forget him and start to look your way in me?”

Victoria didn’t answer. She didn’t move either. Her mind totally blank.

“Even though I don’t know who he is, but personally I think I can do better,” he said.

Finally Victoria stared at his eyes. “Maybe. Maybe you can look more perfect than him, maybe you can judge you are better than him, but it’s just ‘maybe’, right? Mm.. and I think, maybe you already lose before I consider that. But the most real now is I don’t need anyone else but my boy. And you better leave me now because-“

Victoria was frozen. Nichkhun stopped her word. He pulled her arm and hugged Victoria tightly.

His mind completely blocked. He didn’t even know what he did. He just don’t like to be ignored. And this girl –whom he hugged- already block his head.


Kyuhyun can’t take his eyes from the man who hugged his girl. He hold his phone firmly. His Qian didn’t answer his call, and that man hugged his Qian –again.

“Doesn’t he have anything else to be done instead always hug my girl?” Kyuhyun mumbled to himself.

He turned on the car light and pointed it to Nichkhun. Kyuhyun stared directly to his eyes and found Nichkhun also stared back at him.

Victoria released herself then took her ringing phone. “Yes?”

“Get into car. Now!” Kyuhyun ordered then hang up his phone. He tried hard to control his breathe. At least he can’t show his anger vividly.

Victoria put her phone back and stared at Nichkhun. “Just.. stay away from me, and I will do the same.”

That man –Nichkhun- doesn’t answer. He doesn’t move either. His eyes keep follow Victoria’s back until that girl closed the car door. Then he thinks, her boyfriend is Cho Kyuhyun?


In the car

Victoria lost her brave. She can’t even look at Kyuhyun’s face at all. Instead get punished by his face, Victoria rather look at city outside of window. The light –maaaaany lights- attract her. She missed this moment. In the night, with her boy, and in this car. That time looked too long from present.

“I’m sorry,” finally she said that word.

Kyuhyun turn head at her for once. His feeling isn’t that good, so he can’t really smirk to her and say ‘it’s okay’ for now.

“Kyu, I’m talking,” she tried to grab his attention again. “To you. I’m talking to you!”

He keep ignored her. Kyuhyun make his car get faster. He doesn’t care if police notice him and drag him to the jail. Or the bad thing is same accident like what happened to him in 2007.

“Cho Kyuhyun! Stop the car!” Victoria hold her safety belt tight. But her man didn’t even hear at all. “Kyu, I beg you!”

The car entered small road before it stopped. There are nothing but his car. This road is empty but felt crowded by many lights around it. Kyuhyun didn’t turn off the machine. He keep the heater on.

“Qian,” he called.

But Victoria didn’t answer him. This girl really get shock when Kyuhyun drove crazily like that. He didn’t even listen to her. She already begged, but he ignored her.

“Are you scared? You always like speed,” he said.

Finally she turn head and stared at him. “Do you know it’s not even the right time to enjoy crazy speed like that? I know we need to talk, but it’s not the way, Cho Kyuhyun-ssi!”

“Don’t call me like that,” Kyuhyun glanced back at her eyes.

They’re both silent. Kyuhyun is too angry and Victoria lost her mood to talk with her boy. Kyuhyun waited; waited some explanation that she will say. But Victoria really doesn’t want to talk right now.

“Qian, I need to talk,” he said.

“Yes, it’s what you’re doing, Kyuhyun-ssi,” Victoria doesn’t look at him.

Kyuhyun took a deep breath. “I hate your way call me like you call him!”

“What? Nichkhun-ssi, Kyuhyun-ssi, what’s the matter?” she said while her eyes look at his face. “You always make this problem get worse, Kyu. Why you always like this?”

“He hugged you, Qian! Don’t say since he is your husband he can do that. He is fake! And I don’t care how many people watch your WGM, I can’t stand anymore,” he explained. “So please, understand me.”

Victoria stared at Kyuhyun. “I don’t even know he would do that, Kyu. Like when we were in filming and what recently he did. I don’t know at all.”

“I know you didn’t,” said Kyuhyun.

“So, what’s your real problem?” Victoria looked straight at his eyes, try to read his mind –but failed.

Kyuhyun breathe hard. “I wanna ask you something. My wish.”


“Stop the filming. Ask the PD to end your WGM. You have to divorce,” Kyuhyun stared back at Victoria’s face.

“Kyu, it’s not something that you can ask easily. We have to talk-“

Kyuhyun grabbed her face closer to his. He already closed his eyes then he kissed her lips. That kiss was slow but sweet. Kyuhyun kissed her passionately but also softly. He really missed this lips. After this one, her Qian wont refuse his wish anymore. Never.


This couple already grown in me~ I can’t think anything but this next story. Why do I ship ‘em too hard? Don’t ask, I dunno either. Kekeke~ xD

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88 thoughts on “[Kyutoria] Real Man -chapter 3-

    seenaknyaa ajaaaa minta berentiin WGM /tendang/
    ah~ kyu pengen saya amuk rasanyaa (?)

    it’s okay khun-ah, let vic umma with kyuhyun~
    and we’ll be togetherrr~~ eh ? xD /diamukhottest/

    ah~ I dunno what to say again.
    how could you make awesome english fics ? -_- I can’t make it u,u
    envy youuuu~~~~~

    • YES HE IS~~~ #plakk
      haha.. amuk aja, mbaaaaakk. Aku rido. *diamuk kyu*

      bagian ini bikin ngakak~ u’ll be together with khun??
      gapapa, asal rela diangkut ke thailand. xD

      i couldn’t~ it’s totally failed, miss eviliaaaa..
      u’re the one who have to teach me how to type english well~
      thanks for always readiiing~ :*

    • sebenernya sih saya dilema,
      disatu sisi, saya suka nickhun…shining gmanaaaaa gitu..
      tapi, disisi lain saya doyaaaan bgt liat wooyoung, =,=
      dan saia juga suka denger suaranya tvxq junsu.. <333
      kalo gini caranya kan saya galau, mau milih siapa…
      pada akhirnya saya jatuhkan pilihan ke….

      kyuhyun ?
      *ga usah, buang aja mah dia /kejem/
      milih yhoon aja deh :p

      ah, neng.. eyke jadi malu (?)
      komen eyke gapen yak~~~ =___=

      • hahaha.. ga usah panjang2, mbak.
        pan ujung2nya balik ke setan nyebelin bertingkah bebek. xD
        emang tega ngebuang bebek? i dont think so looohh~

        akuuu… ama poo doang, tapi masih doyan lirik2 changmin dan member bb laen. xDD

        i love ur comment~~~ :*

      • saia kea anak kucing berasa’nya, dibuang kemana baliknya juga ke majikan,
        apa kyu- yg jadi anak kucing yak :p

        wajar lirik2 sana sini, normal.. saia juga sering /plak/
        lah iki kok sepi, nang ndi iki readers’e ?
        msih malming keanya
        ayo cepat join~~~ /tebar bunga 13rupa/ biar rame xD

      • kalo ada anak kucing kaya mbak evil, aku mau mungut satuuuu~~~ xD
        kalo ada anak kucing kaya kyu, aku buang ke depan rumah tetangga. -.-

        hahaha.. lagi pada ga terima kalo di protect kali, jadi ngambek. xD
        mbaaak~ jangan buang2 bunga. mahaaaal kaaan~ (bunga bank)

      • ah~ mau mungut akuh, tapi aku kucing high class eh, mintanya banyak..
        salah satunya kalo makan harus makan daging kangKYUroo ato papriKYU xD

        hedeh… gitu aja ngambek ini readersnya /tepokin satu2/ xD
        jangan dong ah, nyesel loh ga baca~~

  2. Oh my God, oh my God! U really great! Haha, victoria likes speed~ blending the reality with the fiction~~ kyaaa kyaaa
    Thank u for the password~ and am waiting for the 4th chapter

  3. kyyaaaa, it’s getting chaos >.<

    I love this part :
    “Doesn’t he have anything else to be done instead always hug my girl?” Kyuhyun mumbled to himself.
    idk, but I imagine kyu say that in cute way.. kekekeke

    and the ending.. kekeke… so sweet ❤
    will vic fulfill kyu's wish with that kiss?? hahaha.. I should read next chapter to know, so make fast okay?! 🙂

  4. saya cenat cenut
    saya suka khuntoria, kyutoria, changtoria, mintoria, dll huahauhua 😀
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  5. ihhhhh sama deh ama dokidoki suka semuanya yg penting ada song qiannya tapi tapi kyutoria ini sih yg agak penuh mistery (?) hahahaha changmin juga dekat ama vic tp sepertinya berbeda ya dgn kedekatan kyu aaaaaa jd menghayal kemana-mana deh!
    makin di baca makin suka <333333 update soon ya!!

    • Benerr~~~ yang penting song qian, aku pasti sukaaaaa.. <
      kalo changmin, kayanya juga cocok. Tapi jarang liat kedekatan mereka, seandainya ada, pasti bingung mau jadi kyutorian ato changtorian. xD

      makasihh uda baca+komen yaa~ 😀

  6. Wooow… minta berentiin WGM .. hehehe ….
    Kyu jgn cemburuan doong nanti Qian nya malah lari ke pelukan Khun.. hehehe..

    Ditunggu chapter-chapter selanjutnya..
    (Smoga ada crita knp Vic jadian ama Kyu .. hehee..)

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    • thank youu~~~ 😀
      i will update as fast as i can, so i ask for ur patience. ><
      ur welcome, i just need what ppl think about my fic. So thank you for comment too~ 😀
      Yup.. they're special number~ ❤

  8. omooooo… Kyu minta qian berhenti dri acra WGM, keren dah…
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  9. Never. Who will reject him? Like what he says, it will never happen. So Qian onnie, u has to make his wish real. But Kyu pabo~ya, it is impossible to stop WGM like what u want, n u know that, right? Love is blind. I know.
    Ng… Khun makes me little annoyed here. Stop do it, boy! You will never win if u have a battle with my Kyu, although you think u’re better than him, but actually u’re not.
    Saeng~ya!!! Mianhae, I just come now, busy, crazy lecturers and damn assignments. Hehehe. Huft, KyuTorian, always. Like this couple, but also envy in the same time. ^^
    Hmm, why do you start to make ur ff in English? I feel so tired to read this language every time, but because it’s my Kyu, it doesn’t matter. Kekeke. Hwaiting for the next chapter. I’m waiting for u!

  10. idih , kyu itu cuma pelukan kali , sebegitunya kah ? gimana kalo vic-umma main film hollywood . hehe
    khun tenang ditolak vic-umma aku siap gantiin, lho (?) .
    really love your ff .

    • haha.. abis pas liat tayangan wgm yg khuntoria pelukan tu aku langsung kepikiran kyu. xD
      kali ajaaa, kali nihh yaa, dia kaya gini. :3
      ciyeee~ uda siap sedia buat khun nih, onn? xD
      makasih uda baca yaa~ 😀

  11. Hello shela 😀 i really like ur fics. But i must thank you for sending me a password via DM.

    Whoa, kyuhyun is very cute with victoria. Hope they were real, more than just a bff. Lol. But, i also feel pity to khun hehe since i’m khuntoria shipper. Gud job, shela! Continue to the next chapter, promise me, it should be more lovely! Kekeke. Ok i think its enough. 😀

    • i must be thank u too since u left comment and read this fanfic.
      thanks for readiing~ 😀

      i will try hard for the next chapter, wish me luck on my exam~
      thank youuu~ 🙂

  12. don’t stop WGM.
    if it stop, then where’s the conflict??

    but, if i’m in Kyu’s position, maybe i will say like that too. haha.. *ego*

    keep on moving oenni!
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  13. Pasti vic and kyu mulai cinlok dari MV SJM – U ..
    hwaah ..chingu knpmeraka gak jjur aj c ??
    aku rela qo klo mereka jadian bneran ..
    walau Kyu 2nd bias ku stelah Donghae ..
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  14. wow!!! Although i love khuntoria but after reading ur story i also became kyutoria shipper :XX
    may be have a fight between 2 man,right??XD
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    • i love ’em too *before i really fall for kyutoria* xD
      haha.. a fight? maybe yes, maybe no.. :X
      i hope i can finish all soon since i’ll lose many time for my study.. 😦
      thanks for readiing~ 😀

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  16. nyahaaa akhirnya dicium juga!
    Kyutoria ini emang ngegemesin deh
    kebanyakan moment atau hints mereka itu ada di backstage atau kehidupan realita mereka sebagai manusia (bukan seleb)
    mereka sahabatan yang emang bikin beberapa orang yang respek jadi penasaran sedeket apa mereka itu

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