[Kyutoria] Real Man -chapter 2-


“What’s wrong? You little bit weird today. Something happen?” asked Victoria.

Kyuhyun paused his game and stare at his girl. “Not today, it was recently happen.”

“And it was about..?”

“You, Qian.” Kyuhyun looks angry and keep his eyes at his Qian. He is waiting now; for a make-sense explanation –since he doesn’t find any reason to go home with her ‘husband’ when her REAL man is in her home.


Chapter 2

“It’s all about you, Qian,” Kyuhyun stared at Victoria. His eyes pointed straight into hers. “What were you doing with him?”

Victoria completely silent. She doesn’t really get what he is talking about. But then she realizes, her Kyu wont be so angry like this if this is not about…

“Khun?” said Victoria. “You know I was with him?”

Kyuhyun freezes and doesn’t wanna open up his lips. He sighed, stand up from the sofa and stared at Victoria deeply. He is angry now, but he can do nothing. When this feeling reach his head, Kyuhyun always look at her and say nothing. In fact, he is feeling angry anytime. Such a good fool~

“So? You don’t wanna talk with me or I have to give you my explanation?” Victoria asked. She glances at Kyuhyun and take a breath.

Kyuhyun back to her side, sit, and pretend to be cool. He try to keep breathing like he supposed to be –since he always can’t breath properly when he got jealous with his girl. He nodded, “Yes, let’s hear your excuse first.”

“Okay, first of all, I don’t have any excuse since I didn’t do something wrong,” Victoria started talking calmly. “Mm… and yes, I was with him in his car because he take me home. Why? Manager Oppa couldn’t pick me up tonight and asked me to wait but I refused it.”

Kyuhyun peeking at Victoria and show her a I-do-not-like-your-answer face. “U chose sit in his car, beside him instead waiting for your manager to take you home? What a great choice, Song Qian!”

“So what should I do then?” Victoria say that word in the higher tone.

“Well, you should, no, you MUST wait-“

“What should I do when I don’t wanna make you waiting any longer?” Victoria asked. “What should I do when I was so hurry because I wanna see you as soon as possible?”

Kyuhyun doesn’t open his mouth –he can’t, actually.  He can’t see anything but his girl’s face. Need more power to try speak softly to her. “Y-you should do nothing.”

Victoria stared at him, feel confused.

“You just have to call me, I will come for you,” said Kyuhyun. “Just like the old time.”

“Cho Kyuhyun, are you a fool?”

“Hey~ I try hard to show my romantic side to you, Qian. And you said I’m a fool?” Kyuhyun rolling his eyes and turn head to Victoria. “You’re really weird, Qian.”

Victoria smiled. “If you do that, our story wont be a secret anymore. That’s our promise, right?”

“So what? I don’t wanna make it a secret anymore. I wanna make it the real one, the most popular one, and the best one,” said Kyuhyun happily. He let Victoria hold his arm and lean on his shoulder. “What do you think?”

Victoria rolling her eyes and mumbling. “Yes, then you will be the weird one.”


Saturday, March 12

@SJ’s dorm

Kyuhyun is busy with his PSP when Sungmin touch his shoulder. “Hey, wanna watch your Qian?”

“Mm? Ah, right, it’s Saturday,” he said. Then he put down his PSP and leave Sungmin alone. “You know I will never watch that ridiculous program.”

Sungmin ignored him and stand by in front of tv while Kyuhyun was already busy with his game (again).

For Kyuhyun, there are no reason –absolutely none- to watch his girl together with another man. Unfortunately, the another man was known as Victoria’s husband. Kyuhyun shaked his head over and over. He refused thinking anything about his girl’s ‘marriage’.

Suddenly Sungmin shouted Kyuhyun’s name loudly, make his ears get burdened. Kyuhyun stand up from sofa, put his PSP on the table then come to Sungmin.

“What happened to you? Are you really have to shout like that?” said Kyuhyun. As usual, without ‘hyung’ among his words.

Sungmin said nothing but pointed his finger to the tv screen. Kyuhyun turn head into it. Just need 2 sec to make him surprised. Sungmin opened his mouth slowly. “Did you.. did you know he will do that?”

Kyuhyun can’t take his eyes from tv screen and doesn’t answer anything either.  He doesn’t move, at least he can’t.

In the screen that he looked at, he saw everything. He saw that man was hugging his girl. 2PM Nichkhun has been hugging his Best Qian. Kyuhyun knew it was a show, it was fake, and doesn’t any make sense. Not real.

But still, something burdened inside his chest. He doesn’t like that, make he doesn’t feel good.

“Kyu, are you okay?” Sungmin asked. He can’t stop stare at Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun still doesn’t move or at least try to answer the question.  Then he move aside and grabbed the remote. Kyuhyun has to turn off the tv. He MUST. But it seems too useless right now. He already saw everything that he wont. What does he has turn off the tv for?

For about 9 month he had to keep his feeling. For about 9 month he had to pretend that everything is okay. And for about 9 month he had to feel the damn bad feeling called jealous.

Instead turn off the tv, Kyuhyun made big hit sound by throwing the remote to the floor. Sungmin shocked. He know Cho Kyuhyun wont ever show his anger, but seems like it’s not for today. Sungmin admit it, his little brother has reached his limit.


Victoria walked out from her ‘house’ in WGM. With the handbag in her shoulder, she take a deep breath. Another filming has done and now Victoria just wanna go home, take a bath then sleep well. Suddenly her phone rang. Victoria smiled as see the name on screen.

“Hi~ have you dinner tonight?” she greeting brightly. Victoria can see her boy’s face in her head and smiled.

“Where are you now?” Kyuhyun, instead greet her back or answer her question, asked harshly.

“Eh? Me? In my fake house, already finished the filming and I will go home-“

“Stay in there. I’ll come. Wait,” said Kyuhyun then immediately hang up the phone.

Victoria stared at the screen and mumble. “Why did he act like that? That’s whom I called boy.” She put back her phone and started calling her manager. “Oppa, I will go home by myself… Yes, wont be too late… Thank you.”

“Don’t have any ride again?” that voice make Victoria turn her body and looked at Nichkhun who standing behind her. “I can take you-“

“No,” Victoria said quickly. She really doesn’t wanna make her boy upset anymore, so she has to keep distance from the man in front of her. “Someone will pick me up.”

Nichkhun lift up his eyebrow. “Someone?”


Kyuhyun –with the extra-patience-trying take car key and grabbed his jacket. He left Sungmin behind who shouted. “Hey~ don’t be immature to her okay?”

Kyuhyun heard –clearly- but ignored that. He really doesn’t have time to hear any useless thing right now. Moreover, he wont be immature. Every mature man will act like him when they saw what they wont ever see. So his act is not the immature one, right?


Thank you for those who like this fanfic~ thank you for support Kyutoria. 😀

Even though they’re just a “bestfriend”, but I love to see them together. So please, respect me and the other kyutorian.

Special thanks for My Grande Soeur Bebe @Annealnet. Thanks for the idea, Grande Soeur~ 😀

Will update when my exam finished~ ><


82 thoughts on “[Kyutoria] Real Man -chapter 2-

  1. GRAAAAAHHHHH~~~~~ *jambak2 rambut*
    kyuhyun jangan ngamuuuuuukkkk~~~
    ah rese’ nih bersambungnya pas yg rame /dilemparbom xD
    kyu dodol ih -__- /dilemparlpg/

    jangan sampe salah paham liat ada khun di deketnya vic~ -__-
    makanya jangan mikir jangka pendek /amuk/(?)

    • belon pernah liat kyu ngamuk kan? nah, disini aku bikin dia ngamuk, mbak~
      kalo biasanya dia ngamuk ngunci diri di kamar sambil ngelonin PSP, skrg dia ngamuknya setingkat lebih tinggi. (?)

      kan aku hobi bikin orang gregetan. *disambit sandal*

      makasihh uda tetep mau baca yaa, mbak~ 😀
      really apreciate that~ :*

    • sip sip ^^b
      hancurkan saja imejnya HAHAHAHA~~~
      iya dong ttp baca, ada kyu(?)
      aku lagi doyan liat vic~ jga kekekeke~~~
      *maklum, baru2 aj nntn wgm dari awal -_–*

      • iya, males liat dia (?)
        iya nih, baru sampe mereka jalan sama f(x)
        itu pun ga selesai krna belum minta lagi vid ama tmen –__-
        sumpah penasaaraaaan~
        responnya vic itu loh, lucu, gampang ditebak dia apalagi pas suit ditangga sblum doubledate sama adam couple. sumpah ngakak..

      • ciyeee, masa sih males?? *sodorin bebekYU*
        yakin nihh?? *maketin bebek ke malang* xD

        ketularan nihh, aku juga jadi ngulang wgm dari awal. .__.
        hehe.. aku paling suka *best ever* pas dia masak di ultahnya khun, aduuuhh~ itu cewek lucu bangeeeeet.. ><
        iyaa, yang suit2an, dia ngulang gerakan yang sama mulu masaaa.. ❤

  2. huuy ..
    mang ada yg Indo version kah ??
    please give me more kyutoria fanfic ..
    i really LOVE this couple ..
    please please please ..
    klo bisa yg pake bhs. Indo ..

  3. kyaaaa, second part, finally \^o^/

    oh, such a good girl, make people curious with what will happen next… >.<

    and I love, really love it when you also put kyumin in there.. ggaaahhh, ma favorite dongsaeng-hyung in Super Junior…

    can't say anymore, hope your exam was great and please, give me chapter 3 quickly.. hahaha

    I'm curious what kyu will do to her song qian..

    • hahaha.. sorry for make u curious, I think i’m good at it.. xD
      eum.. dunno, just thought bout kyumin when i typed this one. 😀

      i will~ and please keep ur patience to me. ><
      lastly, thanks for reading.. 😀

  4. Yeahhhhhhhh. Great job!
    I wonder how will Kyu feel when he saw Khun & Vic have a sexy dance???
    I would be fun. ((^________^))

  5. Hi!!! i really like your fic, please update soon!! btw do you know any site with more kyuntoria fanfics? i love this pairing but it seems there’s not so much info about them 😦

    • Hi~ 🙂
      I will, but like i said, when my exam is done. ><

      Since i cant found 'em as much as u search seokyu, kyuyoung or khuntoria, I typed my own story.
      i get frustrated when i wanna read their fanfic. ;_____;

      thanks for reading anywayy~ 😀

  6. ada info nieh… TVXQ
    Changmin thanks Song Qian:
    [Confirmed Message] “To the
    hard-working person from out of
    town (out of Korea), but who is
    always strong and smiling, living
    earnestly, beautiful Qian ”
    Oh my~ just Kyu and Changmin
    who call Vic, “SONG QIAN”~ ^^
    Cr: translated/ 红酒是一个不是一
    群@sina, POGA@Khuntorialurve
    and BingbingSMtown

  7. Finally i found another kyutoria fic /happytears :’) i’m a hard kyutoria shipper 😀

    oiya salam kenal sblmnya, makasih udh bikin fic kyutoria, aku senyum2 sendiri pas si kyu jealous, KYUte ❤ smoga cpt diupdate ya, aku jg lg ujian kok hehe. Hwaiting buat author!

  8. Iya aku kelas 3 jg. sbnrnya kmrn2 aku jg sempet baca ff disini, yg amore cafe itu aku suka bgt loh. jihyuk nya so sweet. <33 oiya kenalin aku sarah 😀

  9. Hi ..
    You know, i know your fanfic from Yumi (thanks to Yumi ^^)
    I’m never interesting to read any fanfic.. but yours is the first fanfic that i want to read .. Thanks for your fanfic, waiting for another chapter patiently …

    Hwaiting ^^

  10. jealous kyu!!! hahahaha imagine if this story happen in the real life hahaha
    ah yes blh minta pw utk part 3???
    ah kalo aku follow twitter kmu bakal di accept ga ya???
    I am song qian biased too^^

  11. wow , that is immature kyu . tapi berhubung kamu masih labil gak apa apa lah , tapi kasihan vic – umma . serem juga ngebayangin kyu sebegitu cemburunya . aku suka .

  12. Hallo..m gue suka bgt nih sama vic n kyu.. Thanks ya udah bikin fanficnya. Hmmm… Gimana kalo karakter changminnya dimasukin juga dicerita ini.. Biar tambah seru aja. Suka bgt sama persahabatan mereka.

  13. Gua suka kyutoria, tapi, hiks suka khuntoria juga jadi galau nih, huweee gua berharap yang terbaik buat vic-goddes. Semoga mau kyu apa khun apa changmin boleh, yang penting bisa jagain victoria.. (Walau gw berharap salah satu dari 3 orang itu beneran jadi ama Qiannie)

    • haha.. aku juga tadinya suka khuntoria, tapi diem2 gemes juga ama kyutoria, trus pingin liat changtoria yang real jugaa~ <33
      eumm.. kalo suruh milih, aku antara changkyu aja, qian is surrounded by evils~~~ 😀
      amin, amin aja lahh~ moga salah satu dari evil itu jadian beneran ama qian.. :*

      makasihh uda baca yaa~ 😀

  14. ga bisa ngebayangin kyu jealous
    kalo muka jealous ke sungmin sih sering
    ngebayangin muka kyu jealous ke ‘his Qian’
    awwww… ah jadi real couple beneran dong ❤

  15. aaaaaaaaaaaa pingin nyubit kyu!!!
    cemburuan amat sih bang? wkwkwk
    daaaaaan nickhun beneran ada hati jg kah ama vic? cinta segitiga mulai terbentuk *halah halah* #abaikan
    senengnya ada KyuMin couple nyempil~ ❤
    shela daebak!!!!

  16. its too short! I want more ::
    so crazy with this ff ..
    jinja, Its the first time I reading ff with english language,,
    and its not bad..
    I enjoyed it.. 🙂
    NIce ff!

  17. well it look like they had a triangle love.. or quartet love? keke..

    hahaha.. just kidding..

  18. Poor kyuhyunnie >.<
    ehmm aku suka kata2 yg
    "if you do that, our story wont be a secret anymore" haha
    i love kyutoria.. Makasi ya udah buat ff ini. Aku comment per chapter nih ya. Maaf kalo nyampah ._.

  19. everyone has love qianne and I was realised. Since I watched KhunToria WGM I dunno, I feels same like you If Khunnie was in love with vic, but She … doesn’t looks like him more as a partner … I like Kyutoria more kkkk

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