[Kyutoria] Real Man -chapter 1-

Summary: Victoria Song and Cho Kyuhyun are couple. Real couple. They have a lot of problems when Victoria has to ‘marry’ someone else in the TV show and Kyuhyun started feel the undeniable feeling called jealous.


Victoria glances at the man who sitting beside her. That man doesn’t move, doesn’t talk or play his PSP. And for Victoria, it’s pretty weird. She has shooting WGM 30 minutes later and looks like it answer her question.

She takes deep breath then ask that man to look at her face. “Are you really have to do this?”

“Do what?” that man asked. He can see his girl really frustrated by his act. He release his back to the chair. “I’m doing nothing, Qian.” He said with pressure in each of the word.

“That’s why I’m asking, Kyu.” Victoria stares at the man, and smile softly. “What’s today? Jealous? Again?”

“You know I will always be,” that man hold Vic’s hand then release them. “Go away.. your husband is waiting.”

Victoria laugh and take his hand into her held. “Cho Kyuhyun, we have a promise, right? Before I do this show? And you forget all of that?”

“I remember every single word that we’ve said,” Kyuhyun takes a breath. “But still, do you think I can  really enjoy looking my girl with her ‘husband’? I can’t stand anymore.”

Victoria stop smiling, she glances once again to his man. Then she really burst her laugh. “Funny. You never see the show and now you say you can’t stand?”

“Qian~ you know it’s not what I mean,” said Kyuhyun seriously.

“I know. Sorry, Kyu,” Victoria hold his hand while her eyes looking into Kyuhyun’s. “Hey, it wont be too long, right? Everything will end soon, so you don’t have to show me your pitiful face.”

Kyuhyun take his PSP in his bag then start the game. “Yes, my face is too pitiful so you can go to look your perfect-husband’s face.”

“Kyu, don’t play game when I’m talking,” awared Victoria.

Kyuhyun turn head to his girl for a while then back with his PSP. He thinks something about his feeling. Kyuhyun always doesn’t like a feeling called jealous. It kills him inside. But he also can do nothing with that feeling. His girl was ‘marrying’ another man just for TV show. And unfortunately, her ‘husband’ is too perfect.

“Cho Kyuhyuuuuun, I’m talking now,” Victoria shouted and wait. But Kyuhyun don’t give her any reaction. She takes breath deeply and stop looking at him.

Kyuhyun peek at his girl and smirk. He put his PSP to the table then turn head at Victoria. “Fine, I’m sorry.”

“Just ‘sorry’? What else?” asked Victoria.

“Mmm.. what else that you want?” Kyuhyun pretend to think. “A date? A dinner? Or-“

“You,” Victoria interrupt. “Can I ask Cho Kyuhyun in my apartment tonight? After his super busy schedule?”

Kyuhyun smirk and hug his girl. “So the wife has an affair, eh?”

“I think so,” said Victoria. “I will be home pretty late, if you don’t want to wait-“

Kyuhyun kiss her cheeks deeply before his girl has to leave him. “I will. I will be waiting.”



“Thank you for your hard work,” Victoria bows to everyone she meet in the shooting place. She grabbed her bag then take away her phone. When she see many messages and phone called, Victoria smiled. Kyuhyun must be bored in that time, she thinks.

“Go home tonight?” sweet voice surprised her. Victoria turn around her body and found Nichkhun standing behind her.

Victoria bows. “Yes. I have appointment tonight. And you?”

“Mm.. maybe I will have dinner with Wooyoung and Junho. And I was thinking about.. ask you to join us,” he said. “But your appointment must be-“

“Yes, my appointment is important,” Victoria take her coat and smile softly. “I have to go. See you..”

Nichkhun just standing with no word. He stares at her back and take a deep breath. That girl doesn’t like Yoona who always welcome him well. But that’s make Nichkhun get more confused. Does Victoria never fall for him?

Victoria is lovable but also cool at the same time. She can be someone else when she was working in front of camera and then she changes into Victoria Song easily. That’s pretty interesting. At least for Nichkhun.

“What do you mean by ‘can not pick me up’, Oppa? I’m waiting now,” Nichkhun can hear Victoria’s sound. And he knows that girl is a bit angry. “I have to go home soon… What? 30 minutes? Are you kidding?… No~ of course I can’t waiting… Okay, I will take taxi then.”

Victoria turn off her phone and start to walk when Nichkhun hold her arm. “Have problem?”

“My manager couldn’t pick me up,” said Victoria. “It’s okay actually. But I have something to do now, so I think I get more upset.”

Nichkhun smiled and show his car key. “We have a car. I will drive for you.”


Kyuhyun just waiting in the kitchen while his hand is busy with his phone. Victoria didn’t text him back or even call him. He wondered that girl doesn’t finish her job yet. Job.. yes, Kyuhyun always think Victoria just do her job.

WGM is not something that can called reality show. Cause when someone said that way, it means his Qian was really marrying Nichkhun. In fact, Victoria has him. In the real reality, Victoria has Kyuhyun. Period.

“I can’t go in?” Kyuhyun heard noisy voice from the outside and he bet it wasn’t his Qian. He walked slowly to the door.

“I’m sorry, it’s pretty late and I can’t let you-“ this one is his girl’s voice. Whom she talked with?

“It’s okay, I’m just asking,” Kyuhyun realize the voice. It’s Nichkhun’s. “So, good night.”


Victoria bows to him and watch his back until he is in the car. She sighed. If she wasn’t that hurry, she wont accept Nichkhun’s offer. Victoria already know her Kyu wont understand anything related about her fake husband.

She put in the key and open the door slowly. Victoria hopes Kyuhyun is in the kitchen so he wont hear any sound from outside.

“Kyuuuu~ where are you?” she shouted and take her high-heels into small cupboard.

“Kitchen,” replied Kyuhyun short.

Victoria feels lucky now. Her Kyu must be hearing nothing. She walked slowly to him and lean on his shoulder. “What were you doing today?”

“Nothing,” Kyuhyun keep his eyes into PSP. He doesn’t turn head to his Qian like usually he did.

“What’s wrong? You little bit weird today. Something happen?” asked Victoria.

Kyuhyun paused his game and stare at his girl. “Not today, it was recently happen.”

“And it was about..?”

“You, Qian.” Kyuhyun looks angry and keep his eyes at his Qian. He is waiting now; for a make-sense explanation –since he doesn’t find any reason to go home with her ‘husband’ when her REAL man is in her home.


PS: my very-first Kyutoria fanfic, really failed.. ;_______; (will update as soon as possible)

Cr Pict: fyeahkyutoria.tumblr. 😀


97 thoughts on “[Kyutoria] Real Man -chapter 1-

  1. kyaaaa, another kyutoria fanfic
    can’t wait for the next chapter..
    I really love kyutoria, and I only read kyutoria fanfic
    thank you for making kyutoria fanfic, can’t wait >.<

  2. pleaseeee do update soon, i can’t wait for the next episode, kkk..since it seems so natural and REAL! you’re good at it, great job..
    i really love KyuToria.. hwaiting! ^^~

  3. Wow! An English FF!
    Can’t wait to read the next chapter~ 🙂
    Conflicts will rise up soon between Kyuhyun and Victoria, isn’t it? 😀
    Love this FF! ^.^

    • yup~ make this one since all of kyutorian i know isn’t from Indonesia. 😀
      yes, i hope i can make another conflict between them in this story~ Thank you for readiing~ 🙂

  4. jujur ya eon, sebenernya aku agak jealous ama kyutoria
    jealous bgt, aku bahkan pernah nangis gara gara gosip ini
    maunya kyu sama aku aja *maaf maruk*
    tapi entah kenapa aku kok suka ya baca ff ini hehe
    lanjut yaa eon 🙂

    • maap seribu maap~ sama sekali ga maksud bikin sakit ati,
      ini dibikin buat temen2 kyutorian di twitter, makanya onnie kasih label kyutoria.
      Sekali lagi maap yaa.. jangan nangis dong.. 😦

  5. ini ffnya bahasa inggris q mesti komen pake english juga???
    ah,,, tapi males dink… XD

    pendek banget shel???
    biasanya ff bikinanmu kan lumayan panjang…
    itu kyu cemburuan amat sih,,, mestinya dia ngaca donk biasanya ngapain ama min… 😛
    di sini khun kasian bener dah…
    ah tapi gpp deh kalo kyu ama vic aja… XD

    • jyahh.. pake english jugaa dooong. xD

      yah, soalnya ukuran ff english kan pada pendek2, jadi aku juga males bikin panjang2. #plakk
      ini aja cuma 4 page, ga masuk 1/2 ff-ku biasanya. xDD

      KyuMiiiin~ alahh.. masa mereka uda berakhiiir. Curhat onn? gara2 kyumin kelewatan?
      samaan, aku ditinggal kawin ama unyuk. -.-
      makasihh uda bacaaa~ 😀

      • males ah shel…
        males mikir…
        hahahahahaha… 😀

        kamu aja males bikin ff english yang panjang…
        jadinya aku juga males komen pake english… 😀
        tuh kan,,, pantes berasa pendek banget…

        alhamdulillah uda kagak ada KyuMin lagi… 😛
        huweeee,,, iya g ngerti nih Kyu yang cinta banget ama Min apa Min yang cinta banget sama Kyu,,, kayaknya sih Min yang cinta banget ama Kyu… 😦
        kita senasib,,, untung KyuMin belum merit… 😛
        tabahkanlah hatimu nak…
        tapi q ngakak lho waktu liat fotonya…
        masa jadi bride smua,,, g ada groomnya… 😛

      • bukan males, tpi emang ff luar pada pendek2, tar aku sotoy klo bikin ff kepanjangan. xD

        kayanya si min yang cinta dehh onn. Ngiri aku ama mereka. -.-‘
        eunhae uda meriit, aku jadi selingkuhan doang~~~ ;______;
        yahh.. pas liat fotonya aku juga ngakak. Ada2 aja coba tu mahluk. (?)

  6. eonn..sya gag ngerti..T.T
    gag ding..hhe..ngerti lah dikit..
    tp mndingan sya nunggu yg indo vers.a deh..
    biar lbih nyambung komen.a lbih nyambung..ok eonn..

  7. Annyeong. . .
    Aq reader bru slm knal,,
    suka dh sm critany y wlupn b.inggrs q g’ trllu bgs tp ngertilh dkt2…
    Chingu post yg b.indo dng biar lbh ngerti gt hehe
    gomawo 🙂

    • annyeong.. 🙂
      pake english soalnya rata2 kyutorian pada bukan indo, taunya banyak yang org indo. xD
      rencana versi indo ntar abis yang ini selesai, tapi mungkin di post di FB. ><
      makasihh uda baca yaa~ 😀

  8. wah ternyata kyutoria shipper byk y… Asiiiiiikkkk*jogetgajebrgchangminkyutoria*
    author skalian aku mau promo nieh. Hahaha
    u/ pecinta kyutoria ayo gabung di fanpage ~KyuToria~, tp ini khusus pecinta kyutoria aj y… Gomawo?

  9. Awalnya saya nggak sanggup baca couple ini onn
    Beneran nggak sanggup (>_<)
    Tapi berhubung yang nulis Onnie
    Jadi saya baca deh heheheheheh
    Bagus onn
    Tapi saya sakit hati #abaikan ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    Lanjut ya onn o(^▽^)o

    • maaf yaaaa~~~~ ;_______;
      beneran deh ga ada maksud bikin kyu biased jeles ato sakit ati ato malah pingin bunuh author ini,
      tapi uda gregetan ga nemu ff kyutoria, makanya akhirnya bikin sendiri..

      makasihh banyak uda baca yaa~ 😀
      *sodorin kyu*

  10. haiii!!! I’m new reader here..
    I hve read all your FF..
    For this FF i can’t stand to not post a comment…
    Cause it’s really amazing..
    Now i jump into the 2nd story..

  11. hello new reader here~~~~
    nice! finally I found kyutoria ff! selama ini berasa sendiri krn kebanyakan ga suka kyutoria. aku sendiri sbnrnya half khuntorian and half kyutorian *LOL, Labile fan here*
    the way kyu called her ‘QIAN’ totaly <33333333

  12. komennya pake bhs indonesia ya .
    wah , kyutoria vs khuntoria . walaupun prefer ke khuntoria tapi aku gak anti kyutoria .
    keren , kyuhyun nya jeleous gitu . englishnya mudah di cerna juga .hehe maklum kemampuan english saya rata rata .

  13. may I comment your fic with indonesian language?

    well, hahaha rasanya kalo kyutoria beneran kaya gini bisa-bisa shippernya melayang ke langit ke tujuh kalo hubungan mereka kebongkar XD

  14. *sign*
    Well tadinya galau banget gara2 nemu blog kamu,
    Tapi jadi tergoda baca ff kamu, tadinya mau gak mau komen, tapi takut dosa, hehe..

    Ceritanya kayaknya seru nih! Lanjut baca part 2, meski tadinya rada sebel gr2 ad kyutoria, tapi mau jadi fans yg baik ah! Hehehe..

    Kyu dsini cemburuan banget! Haha, tapi jadi kasian sama nickhun..

    Oia, salam kenal yaa, dita imnida, 20y.o ^^

  15. ceritanya asyik…
    Cm aq sdkt lemot aj bc nya, al nya english aq agak d bwh rata2 hahaha
    tp aq ngrti lo ma alurnya hehe

  16. aaaaaaaaah~ baru sempet baca dan komen *PLAK*
    so sweet >~< kyu diisini cemburuan banget!!! hahaha pergi kemanakah tanduk sang evil? wkwkw
    this is too REAL~ too SWEET~ too NGEGEMESIN (?) hahaha xD
    *ngesot ke chap 2*

  17. Finaly I found this..
    KyuToria FF..
    kyaaa !!~
    Thanks for you to made it
    .. I can’t imagine if Kyu Jealous .. haha
    something funny

  18. im kyutoria shipper!! its first time i loved couple idol
    ur FF its very deeply and i can felt kyuhyun’s mind
    Really love this couple and i hope they get married.

  19. ohmygod! shelaaa, you make me being kyutorian! lol xD
    firstly, i don’t like kyutoria couple ._. but now… aaahh this ff can make me being kyutorian 😀 thank you for makin’ this ff, i’ll read all of them, 😀

  20. annyeong.. new reader here.. 🙂
    Huwaa… I love Kyu oppa, n i love Vic eonni too.. hehehehe 🙂
    ni ff pertama yg kubaca ttg kyutoria.. seneng bgt deh..
    aku suka bgt ma ff mu shell.. keep writing y.. 🙂

    bca next chapter na ahh.. 🙂

  21. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that’s the first Eng ver FF I had read !!! lol !!! I dunno since when I’m getting likes in this couple but both are success make me melted, kyutoria so cute !!! ^^ part 2 soon !!!

  22. wowww… how silly my kyu -_- pffft I love the scenes when kyu got jealous so much lol lol. ^^ The fanfict is good ~hahaha like that

  23. Hello, She~
    I miss Poo and Yoo so bad and here I am 😀 But, unfortunately I’m not find a new story of them. Nevermind then, because I’m still here reading another story of Bbek hehehe

    Actually, I don’t think to shipp KyuToria cause I’m already fall in love with Bbek-Hyo hahaha

    Always love your story, She ^^

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