Cried Together :D

You’re really a good listener, rite? I asked you to lay on me and you did it. Very well..

Eventhough I felt so surprise *sad, actually* when you cried in my day, I’m thinking back about many things. Just like this one: I am the one who asked you to lay on my shoulder, and you really did it.

My bday maybe the right time to share your pain, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, Poo, I was sad, but now I think I can understand. I can understand the reason that you have to cry in my day. It’s my wish: to make you lean on me when the things became too difficult for you.

Aku percaya.. kamu bener-bener bersandar di pundakku. Dengan nangis tepat di hari ulang taunku, itu tandanya kamu bener-bener dengerin permintaanku. You really need my shoulder..

Thank you, Poo~ thank you for trust me so far..


Oke, anggep aja aku cuma menghibur diriku sendiri. Tapi aku bener-bener beranggapan dia sengaja berbagi kesedihannya.. in my day. That’s painful, but also make me happy, Poo.. You really need me to cry along with you..

Miss Evilia bilang kita bener-bener SATU. Yang satu nangis, yang lain ikut nangis. Dan di hari itu, walopun aku pingin kamu senyum lebar, tapi air matamu lebih berharga. *gombal mampus*

And we cried together..

Finally you can share something with me. It’s maybe a painful tears, but still, it was the first time we can share something.. together. I’m not that sad anymore, because I know my job *as your shoulder* is wipe away your tears and stand by you.

Geez~ I feel so lucky today! My boy was crying in my day. It means he wanted to share his pain with me, just like what I want. He really did it! I don’t like his tears, but that tears was too special to me. Why? Because he cried along with me, together, in my day.

And I know, you trust me well. Thank you then~ 🙂


POO~ fighting!! And also fighting for me! You, Lee Hyukjae, if you wanna share your tears again, I’m ready. I’ve prepared myself better than before..

I won’t cry when you cry, cause you already trust me as your shoulder, so I will do my job well~

PS: I really like the song that you sang in KTR. It’s touching. My fave song, the ballad one. You really know what I want. Kekeke~ XD Your voice is so soft.. but then I realized, you were also cry that time, didn’t you? It’s okay.. everything will be okay, Poo~ You always can do your best. Always so.. 🙂

PS2 (?): radang tenggorokan kumat lagi. Kebanyakan nangis. It was your fault, Poo~ *kidding* Kebanyakan nangis ama berenang. .__. Siap mental buat besok, praktek agama=belajar ngafanin jenazah. Shela-ya, FIGHTING~!! Poo~ I love you.. <33 (?)


10 thoughts on “Cried Together :D

    • sebenernya ga ada lagi alasan nangis, kan poo uda mau berbagi ama aku..
      hehe.. dia uda jadiin aku sandarannya, itu hebaaaat!
      i’m the luckiest girl in the world~ 😀

    • haha.. abis aku nyadar dari tulisan mbak evil sihh~
      Shela+him = ONE~ bener juga, dia nangis di hari ultahku, seolah dia pingin nangis sama aku.. :’)
      semangaaaat~!! 😀

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