Just lay on me, then..

You always did your best, no one can avoid that..

You always smiled widely, no one will ignore that..

And you always be my precious man, no one can stop that..


So baby, don’t worry

You are my only

You won’t be lonely

Even if the sky is falling down

You’ll be my only

No need to worry

Hey, you~ yes, you.. someone who always can make me smile at the right time,

You’re tired, aren’t you?

It’s too damn hard for you, isn’t it?

Sometime, it’s me who always cry behind your back..

Sometime, it’s only me who can’t stand cause your hard-trying..

But sometime, I really wanna be your laying down place..

I have shoulder to comfort you, I have hand to wipe your sweat..

I have eyes to watching you, and I have heart to love you..


Just for once, release your feeling.. Be free is not forbidden, Poo~

You always there when I’m down, and I wanna be there when you have a hard time..

Don’t worry, you can lay on me forever..

I’ll be your own place to hold on, anytime..

I’ll try to stand next to you until you don’t need me anymore.. 🙂


But now, please, I beg you..

Let me be your shoulder to lay on..



16 thoughts on “Just lay on me, then..

  1. first ? Horeee~~~

    Eh , ini post-an maksud.a ap ?? #gangerti
    tapi ak tau isinya hanya untuk YOUR POO …
    ya kan ?

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