[101107] Heenim’s Fancafe

Yaolohh, mas Ichul yang paling eksis di dunia maya tetep ga lupa buat ngapdet fancafe-nya. Saluuuut~! (?)

Although the 5th anniversary for my own has already passed
But the 5 years as a member of Super Junior
It is really a very long time

Besides thank you, doesn’t know what to say (anymore)
Not only towards fans, but also towards members
And of course, no matter if it is fans or members, i should be thankful (towards all the same)

Today, also saying it during broadcast
Everyone has re-contracted

For me, it is like what I’ve been always saying, the company is good, and the relationship between (the company) and the members are really happy as well
Letting me do what I want, and letting me not do what I doesn’t want too
Won’t blame me/scold me despite me speaking things that isn’t that right, is very compatible with my personality kekeke
I said that I want to act, and they let me act
I said that I want to be on variety show, and they let me appear on variety shows
I said that I want to be a DJ, and they let me be a DJ

Because now I am a MC, that is why everyone is able to see varietyHee

Although in between, there are also some invitations because of my outstanding performances
But honestly speaking, where can you find a better company than this………..

Dragging a tired body back into the dorm, and there is the members for me
After waking up from sleep, there are the members who will eat with me,
Going to somewhere, and there will be the members who will chat and laugh with me
When bathing, shouting “Hey, help me take the towel over”, and there will be members who will pass the towel over
Smiling, crying, playing, joking with me……. The members
etc etc etc………..

Recently, really feel that living life in blissed

The heart that feels comfortable? Secured?
Once all these feelings appear
Naturally there will be more times of (me) smiling

Want to tell everyone

Hoping that everyone who are watching me, will also feel happy/blissed

Just like me feeling blissed, you guys will also feel the same
If you guys are happy, then I will feel happy too

“Because of liking Kim HeeChul, that’s why there are many things that make me feel happy”
If there are more things like that, it will be great

I didn’t use formal language to write all these, please understand (me) if you feel unhappy
Starting I wrote it using formality but felt weird/ strange and hence rewrite it again

Hopefully, you guys will be happy because of me

Source: HcKiseki
Chinese translation: 潇娅嫘 @SJ 宝蓝阁
English translation: minoko2440 @ sapphriepearls.com
Originally posted in Heechul-Petals.com


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