I’m a Fool~!

Really can’t hold my tears when I read this one. Our angel said himself as a fool? I personally wonder what happened to him? What was going on with our angel?

I was mad. I was mad to myself when Leeteuk said he is a fool. That time, I was so useless for him. I’m his “everlasting friend”, right? But I can’t do anything when he blame himself, when he felt alone and lonely. I did nothing bout that. It made me so angry to myself. What did I do to him? Nothing.

2010.08.24 02:26

..바보 알아요?..
..옛날에 동네에 바보만 나타나면 놀리고.. 손가락질하고..야유보내고..
..영화나 드라마에서도 많이 나왔던걸로 기억이 나네요..
..내가 바보가 된 느낌,,^^
..동네북 처럼..이리 치이고 저리치이고..
..난 호동이형이 좋아요,,^^ 바보한테 한번더 웃어주니까..
..난 붐 형이 좋아요..^^바보를 웃게해주니까..
..땅속깊숙이 팔수있다면 파고 들어가서 살고싶다..
..동네북이 너무 치여서 이제 찢어질거 같거든요,,
..그냥 아무것도 하기 싫다..^^완전 회의감
..역시 난 바보가봐..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


..Fool....Fool you know..

..Once if there was a fool that appeared in the village..(he)will be pointed at by people..being made fun of..

..In movies and dramas(,) there were also a lot of such memories..


..I have a feeling that I’ve became a fool,,^^

..just like the village’s drum..just being knocked once like this and once like that..

..I really like Hodong hyung,,^^give this fool another smile..

..I really like Boom hyung..^^ give this fool another smile..

..If (I) can, (I) want to dig a hole big enough in the ground and then go in and live..

..The drum(,) after being knocked on so many times(,) has a feeling of breaking,,

..no matter what I do its irritating..^^ totally suspicious feeling..

..Obviously I’m a fool..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


. . Bodoh ..
Tahukah .. apa itu bodoh? ..
.. Dulu, di lingkungan sekitar/tetangga orang akan menggoda si bodoh .. Mengejek .. menunjuk ..
.. Pikirkan yang sering muncul dalam film atau tv drama ..
.. Bodoh ..
.. Perasaan aku ini telah menjadi bodoh,, ^ ^
.. Seperti karung tinju .. Dipukul dan dipukul ..
.. Aku suka HoDong hyung,, ^ ^ Dia mampu membuat orang bodoh tersenyum lagi ..
.. Aku suka Boom hyung .. ^ ^ Membuat orang bodoh bisa tersenyum..
.. Jika aku bisa menggali lubang yang sangat dalam, aku akan menggali dan hidup di dalamnya ..
.. Memukul kantong terlalu keras dan kantong itu akan robek juga ..
.. Kemudian tidak ingin melakukan apa-apa .. ^ ^ Sungguh aku seorang skeptis (sikap yang suka meragukan segala sesuatu)
.. Aku benar-benar bodoh .. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

Credit: Park Jungsoo’s Cyworld
Translated by: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
With thanks to teukiebiased @ sapphirepearls.com

My angel~ if u call urself as a fool, so what am i?? I’m a fool too then.

I cant make u smile when u sad,

i cant give u a strength when u feel down like this.

All I can give just so much love and my wish so u can live happily and healthy everyday.
Even though I wanna make u happy, I cant do anything bout it.

The fool that cant bring a bright smile in ur face.

I was sad every read ur loneliness word, but I do nothing. I felt useless as ur “everlasting friend”
We love u, not as Super Junior leader, Leeteuk, but as Park Jungsoo~ The real Park Jungsoo. :’)

Your “Friend” (eternal friend)

2 thoughts on “I’m a Fool~!

  1. dennis park, jika kau bodoh, aku juga bodoh iya kan ? ceritakanlah masalahmu kepada seseorang, janganlah memendamnya sendiri, itu akan membuatmu sakit, dan elf tak ingin kau sakit, ara ?
    *sedih ngeliat uri leader kaya gini…. :((*

    • Uri angel bener2 bikin aku cemas. Aku nangis pas baca inii. Padahal kita ini “temen”nya, tapi dia ga mau berbagi & nyimpen ini sendiri. Aku bukan biasnya, tapi aku sayang dia.😥

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