True ELF

My first English fanfiction, so I think it must be have many weakness side. So sorry~
From an everlasting friend for my 13+2 angels whom we loved forever.


That middle man is sitting in pale face. His hand hold a sheet of blue paper. Written “your ex ELF”. His eyes are getting wet by tears which fall down from his small eyes.

“hyung…” said Eunhyuk, “you don’t have to cry. Just shed your tears. I’m so sad to look you like this”

He look up to his dongsaeng, “I was failed”

“no, you’re not” Donghae come closer, “you’re the best leader that we have got!”

“don’t you read this letter? It said that ‘Leeteuk is a liar’ and it’s true” he look down to the floor, “I’m not supposed to promise anything. They were right, I was a liar”

“ya~ why are you crying just because a simple letter like that?” Heechul stand and yelled, “they don’t know what exactly happen, so it’s not your fault or theirs. It’s just something that we don’t want to happen neither”

“but I’ve already disappointed them” he whisper, “our ‘friends’. Don’t you know how is that feel? I feel so bad”

He is standing from his chair and leave all his dongsaeng. Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun stare at his back sadly. They know what exactly their leader feel. Their sadness just a piece of his. Their exhaustion was mean nothing than his. Sometimes they feel like so bad about the problem which has happened to them. But they know their leader was the worst one.

“ottokajyo?” Sungmin take a breath deeply, “I feel so sick of this”


He is staring straight to Han river. His eyes still wet . His tears never gone from his face. The contain of his letter was really annoying him. He feel so bad.

“Youngwoon was left, Kibum is too busy for his dream and Hangeng…” he stop when that last name spelled out from his lips.

“ahjussi…” someone called him. He turn to the voice source. A girl standing next to him, “what are you doing in here?”

“mworago? What did you said?” he yelled out, “I’m not ‘ahjussi’!”

That girl laugh, “mianhae~~ what are you doing, Jungsoo oppa?”

He stare at Han river again, “molla. Just regretting what I’ve done to my friends. Do you ever let your friends down, Jiyoo-sshi?”

“na? of course~ maybe a lot” Jiyoo laugh loudly, “I’m the type of easy-hate girl”

“yes, you are” he smiling bright, “how did you know I was here?”

“just feeling” Jiyoo winked, “but more than that, I’ve already know some reaction of ELF. Some of them feel happy by oppadeul’s comeback. And the other feel disappointed. Just a little bit”

“anio. Not a bit” he said, “there are a lot of disappointment”

“ya~ what is oppa talking about?” Jiyoo get depressed because his pessimistic, “why is oppa just thinking about some people who don’t really care about oppadeul?”

He staring at that girl, “you are ELF, right?”

“geureosseumnida. Wae?” she asked.

“so, how do you feel about our unhappy form now?”

Jiyoo thinking for a while. Her eyes getting warm, “unhappy? Of course oppadeul are the unhappy people. Who said that Super Junior is a happy group?”

He spread his confuse stare, “waeyo? How did you can say the words like that?”

“everyone think that oppadeul was a big happy group. But I think, oppadeul wasn’t” she explained, “who will really happy by all of pressure around of them? By all of the schedule? By all of rumors and a thousand criticism in around of them? I’m not sure you will be happy for that”

“hahaha~” he laugh with bitter, “is it really your thinking of us?”

Jiyoo nod, “not mine. Our thinking. Your ELFs’ thinking. At least, the true ELF. Because you know what, the true friend will always standing next to you and never give up on you. And they will offer their shoulder when you need it. Arasseo?”

“Jiyoo-sshi…” his tears started to fall down for many times.

“oppa, look at me” she said, “whom is this unhappy group survive for?”

“for our Sapphire Blue wave. It’s so wonderful to see all of blue colour right in front of me” he answered, “I just want to protect them like what they’ve done for Super Junior. I thought that giving them that precious promise will be okay, but now…”

“I just asked you to whom, I don’t need to know more about your regret” Jiyoo strict, “for ELF, right? That’s enough, oppa”

“what if we really make them giving up on us? We really make them disappointed and hate us”

“who’s care? As long as they don’t know what exactly we feel, our trying to make them happy and how exactly what we’ve done for them, I won’t really want to think about that” said Jiyoo, “what I wanna do is keep my really friends’ feeling. Maybe your fake friends are a lot, but your true everlasting friend are ready to survive and support you anytime”

“so, you think I have to survive for my real ELF?” he asked. Jiyoo smile.


“hyung~ wake up” Sungmin shake his body slowly, “ppaliwa~~”

He started open his beautiful eyes and look around, “eum~~ where am I?”

“you’re in the car. You were sleeping in the car after read that sad letter, remember?” said Ryeowook.

He found his 9 dongsaengs make a circle around the car. Their eyes were staring at their leader carefully. All of them are really worried about him. They know their leader is not strong as what people’s thinking. Leeteuk, no, Park Jungsoo even weaker than anyone in Super Junior. His personality is too weak. Like a beautiful shining crystal. So pretty and luxurious. But can suddenly break if they nudge it.

“where is Jiyoo?” he asked. His eyes looking around to find that girl. Every member look at him with confuse stare.

“hyung, Jiyoo was dead last year. Don’t you remember?” Donghae answered, “look at Hyukjae, he feels so sad now”

He hit his head, “ah~ ye. She left us. Mianhae”

“that’s okay, hyung. I’m fine” Eunhyuk smile bitterly, “why are you suddenly asked her?”

“she came to my dream” he explained, “she really know when I feel unhappy or sad”

“what did she say?” Heechul asked, “she is so close to Hangeng. Before this case happened, he said that he missed Jiyoo a lot. Maybe he felt comfort to tell her everything, but when she left us, Hangeng really have no place to lean on”

“I’ve talked about that ex ELF letter. How so sad my feeling and show the weakness side of me as the leader” he answered, “and she said her feeling to us as the unhappy group”

“why did she said that?” Shindong asked, “weren’t we really an unhappy group for her?”

He nods, “anio. She just feels that we’ve received a lot of sorrow in our treasure. Sometimes she imagines how we can survive from it”

“and your answer is?” Siwon sit next to him.

“we are survive for ELF” he said, “but then she explain something which awake me”

“what’s that?” the 9 dongsaengs so curious but he just smile wisely.


“today Super Junior is standing in here to comeback in front of our Sapphire Blue” he said proudly followed by the cheers of ELF, “firstly, I wanna say thank you to all of everlasting friend who sit in the entire of the world and always support us. I know a half of them feel so disappointed to us. Especially to me. And I’m so sorry for that. I don’t know keep that promise is too hard. I also don’t want you to forgive me. I just want you to know that I was trying and didn’t do nothing to keep it for ELF”

Heechul directly speak up, “petals are the most important part of this unhappy group. We know that everyone of you must be feel so bad and through the heaviest moment last time”

“maybe even you feel so bad when thinking of us, right?” Yesung added, “we’ve made ELF so disappointed. We’re unforgiveable because make our ELF feel worried about Super Junior”

Shindong come to the front, “four years ago, we’ve started our debut with 13 members plus ELF. And we want all of you to know, we also want this group survive until the end with 13 members plus ELF too”

“unfortunately, the big storm come closer and getting bigger. It makes us against the sorrow for unaccountable times” Sungmin said.

Eunhyuk ‘s tears fall down, “do you know how we feel about the 3 members who is not here? They are not the member anymore. They are our greatest family that we’ve got. Every single day we spent together, no one will be forgettable. Every moment with them is the best and happiest moments ever”

“having a big family like that make us can’t give up on them” said Donghae, “we keep trusting each other that God will give us another chance to be ONE. To be together with our another gift too. ELF”

“it’s hard for us and must be hard for all of you too. To be honest, I feel angry when I knew that some of you feel so sick of us. But I know they must be tired with this complicated situation. For angry to you, I’m so sorry” Siwon bowing.

“we have the best man from China. Hankyung hyung. The greatest actor. Kim Kibum. And no.1 Korean handsome guy forever. Kangin hyung. The last is Super Junior has a true everlasting friend. We are the luckiest group ever” said Ryeowook, “even we have to lose everything, at least we won’t regret to have all of them and ELF”

“I won’t say much because all of the members already speak up everything, right?” Kyuhyun smile softly, “I just ask one thing from ELF, would you standing next to us? Against this sorrow together and waiting for them together as ONE?”


How about that? Would we standing next to them? To our Super Junior whatever happened to them now? If you want to know my answer, I felt some tired in this waiting. Sometimes I feel like I’m the bad ELF. Yeah. That’s true. But now, I gain the strength every inch in my heart. Strength to keep support them forever. All what I want to do is: really standing next to them and being ONE whatever happened. Why? Because I was imagining that they will ask me the same thing. How can I ignore their request?

Kangin, Kibum and Hangeng, they will always be a part of Super Junior. Just like beginning. And I hope until the ending of this story. But now, our story [Super Junior-ELF] is not finish yet. So the advanture is still waiting for us. The question is: can we survive together?


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  1. kashel, ini ada Indonesia version nya gak? agak ngerti sedikit2 artinya. tp gakeseluruhan. lg males buka kamus jugak. ><
    aku masi pelajar. 😛 *sapa yg nanya coba :3

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